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Ricochet Kills 2
Ricochet is back with more shadowy figures to kill. Choose wisely your shooting angle.
Category: shooting skills
Get the ball through the green zone when the walls part. It's about timing, skill, and luck
Category: puzzle
A Pacman without the maze. Use the mouse to collect all gold coins. The blue coin will allow you to become the aggressor.
Category: action adventure
Sniper Defender
Snipe from the tower and protect yourself.
Category: shooting
Ricochet Kills Players Pack
New levels to the original ricochet game. Kill by ricocheting your bullets against the walls and other objects.
Typing Defense
A game of typing speed and accuracy. Destroy the asteroids by typing their name. Collect upgrades and special weapons.
Category: skills
Just keep jumping! See how long you can last. C or X to jump.
Category: sports racing
Smiley Collapse
Navigate your way down through the rising platforms; don't hit the top. Use the arrow keys.
Category: arcade
The stick man must dodge the falling shapes. It's a survival game.
Category: action
Ricochet Kills 2 Player Pack
With a limited number of shots kill all the figures either by direct shot or ricochet. Point and shoot with the mouse.
Category: shooting
Hi Roads
Awesome 3D game. Roll the ball along the path with the arrow keys, space to jump. Don't crash into any obstacles!
Category: action racing
Blosics 2
Choose a type of ball then knock over the structure and complete the required number of points. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Category: puzzle shooting
Tank Destroyer
Fight and blow up other tanks. Arrows to move, F to launch rocket, space to place mine
Hit the Road 2
Manage the traffic lights so there are no crashes.
Category: action strategy