Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Reach the Core - A mining game where you can upgrade your gear and earn more funds.
Keeper of the Grove 2 - Defend the grove and the gems by placing defenders.
Mainland Wars - Send the troupes to the adjacent countries and conquer them
Sentry Knight 2 - Defend the fort wave after wave, upgrade weapons and defenses.
Urban Unrest - Destroy the evil robot by swinging your weapon. Upgrade it when you earned enough money.
Galaxy Siege 2 - Add modules to your starship and conquer all the planets in the Galaxy
City Wizard - Form groups of three or more like-objects to merge them as you work to build cities on each hexagonal playfield.
Viking Warefare - Place the defenders strategically to defend the attackers by sea and lang
Tesla Defense 2 - Use the Tesla tower and land and air defenses to stop the attackers. Upgrade them frequently.
Last Line Of Defense 2nd Wave - Defend yourself against the waves of attackers. Upgrade your weapons and defenses.
Cotrol Craft 3 - Capture the enemy towers by sending troupes with the mouse
Magical Glory - Defend your castle by upgrading the defenses and weapons.
Building Rush - Run a profitable building transportation business.
Apocalypse Transportation - Deliver supplies medical and ammunition to various bases and upgraded your transporter.
The Three Towers - Stop the bugs' invasion. Control one of the towers with the mouse. Upgrade and repair any of the others by dragging the purchased item.
Dino Assault - A strategy game of defense. Stop the dinos that want to steal the apples.
Earn To Die 2012 Part 2 - Continue to upgrade your ride to crush zombies and arrive at the destination where the plane is waiting for you.
Royal Offense - A game of strategy. Earn money from taxes and buy army. Defend and conquer various fortifications.
Awesome Zombie Exterminators - Upgrade your shield and weapons and destroy all the zombies.
Airborne Wars 2 - Conquer the enemy bases by sending various types of troops.
Tower Empire - Place your defending tower strategically and update them to stop the attacks.
Assembots - A modern take on a classic puzzle game. You must guide you robots from their work place back home to safety after a long shift at work. Use the robots skills in engineering to bash through wall, blast through rocks, dig down through earth, bridge over ravines an swim through lake
Four Princesses of King Zentibold - A strategy game that needs your speed and skill in order to create armies of at least 3 similar warriors.
Infection Wars - Your body is under attack from a vile infection, in Infection Wars it's your job to battle this infection in all the main organs, from the heart to the brain.
Fallen Empire - Buy and upgrade the towers to defend against attacking monsters.
Control Craft 2 - Send your troops from one tower to the other and attack the enemy.
Shotgun Vs Zombie - Move with arrow keys and shoot with X, melee with Z. Upgrade your weapons.
Monstercraft - Combine monsters in the lab and test in battle in the arena or on the hunting ground.
Nuclear Plant 2 - Grow the plant, run the research facility, defend yourself against monster while upgrading your weapons. Simple, isn't it?
Jonny Backflip - Ride your bike as far as you can by upgrading its capabilities.
Steampunk Tower - Buy weapons and defend the tower of incoming attackers. Upgrade then when you can.
Notebook Defense - Place towers, and upgrade them to defend your base.
Synchronoir - Battle the organization to release the light.
Bridge Builder - Using the funds for each level build a bridge that will allow the truck to cross the river. Click red arrow at the end and then change the color of the traffic light.
Monsters TD 2 - Place your defenders strategically and manage your funds wisely.
Pocket Platoon - Form and command a platoon to attack alien enemy army.
Last Battle - Shoot the attackers. Upgrade your defenses and weapons.
Deep Sea Hunter - Dive and catch sea creatures, upgrade your sub when you have funds.
Incursion - Place your warriors and defend the road.
Tesla Defense - Place towers strategically and zap your enemies.
Earn To Die 2012 - Buy a car and earn cash to upgrade it. Ride all the way to the chopper to succeed.
Papa's Hot Doggeria - After missing out on a season baseball pass, your only way to watch the games is to take a job at the stadium's hot dog store.
Blackjack 3D - Sit down at the blackjack table and challenge other players in multiplayer mode.
Clash Of The Worlds - Create an army of various types of fighters and defend all paths.
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground - Bring all the sheep home, select it and control it with the arrow keys.
Carveola Files - Contain the zombie outbreak using the resources you have. Place your soldiers strategically and upgrade the weapons when you have funds.
Hordes and Lords - A tactical wargame with high quality graphics in medieval setting. Send your troops and eliminates the hordes.
Cloud Wars - A strategy colonization game. Click and drag from your clouds and take over all the others on each level.
Jacksmith - A time management game in which you have to manufacture weapons. you have to know the materials and the operation you need to do to provide a good quality weapon.
Takeover - Play this game of strategy and resources allocation. Win the battles managing the types of warriors you buy for your money.
Airborne Wars - A strategy game in which you have to defeat the enemy but attacking their bases on land and air. Pull from your bases to the enemies using the mouse.
Nuclear Plant - A (very) addictive game of shooting and strategy. Develop skills, defend yourself against monsters and grow the plant.
Awesome Tanks 2 - More complicated missions, better upgrades in this sequel of the tank shooter game.
Tower Force 2 - A defense strategy game where your mission is to build defense towers along the paths to stop the enemy invasion and protect your base.
Fairytale Annihilation - Defend your helicopter from the attacking fairies. Use the mouse to shoot and arrows to move and jump. Down arrow fixes your helicopter and you can do than between the shootings.
Endless Wars 5 - New missions, new guns are awaiting you. Move with WASD, shoot with mouse,space alternate attack, F grenade.
Zombie Situation - Kill the zombies as they come at you. Move with arrows, shoot with spacebar. Upgrade your weapon.
Cube Tank Arena - Control your tank with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse and win all fight, destroying the boss on each level. Press spacebar to go to the shop and upgrade.
Knights War - An addictive strategy game. Fortify your defense and place gold mines behind defenses.
Mummy Blaster - Place strategically the dynamite pack and blast it to destroy all mummies.
Empires Of Arkeia - A fun game of strategy. Send your troops to conquer the enemy. When the blue bar is full you can launch an attach on all lines.
Epic Friends - Use your upgradeable friends to destroy the enemies. Don't let the enemies get to the bottom
Glide - Using the mouse shoot the colored circle over the same color star in order to complete the level.
Billy The Pilot - Use the mouse to move the catapult. Drag and release mouse to shoot Billy in the air. In air use WASD to move your plane if you have enough fuel Use spacebar to boost. You need to purchase the booster first.
Paladog - The dog knight starts on a quest to defeat the demons. He summons the armies and uses various spells.
Pirateers - Destroy navy ships, battle pirate ships, rob merchants, visit treasure islands and uncover lost treasure, the Neptune's Eye. Move with arrow keys (WASD, numeric keys select weapons.
Nano Kingdoms - Command your armies in the Nano Kingdom in this strategy game you must help the king defeat his son Alexander, who became evil and crazy for power, and a huge threat to everyone
Defense Underwater - Defend your sunken treasures against divers.
Black Sails Game - As a pirate ship captain go and destroy all other ships, earn gold and purchase more ships. Plot your intercept trajectory using the mouse and click end turn.
Kill the Heroes - Kill the Heroes invading your facility. Place defenses, research upgrades, and try different strategies to defeat all the Heroes.
Heroestick - Create an army of various warriors, mine and cultivate the land to earn money and grow food. Win all the battles and conquer the world.
Bug Invasion TD - Protect your plant against the bug invasion by placing defenders strategically
Papa's Pancakeria - Manage successfully your pancake restaurant.
Ducklife 4 - Train your duck to become the champion of duck-racing. Earn money and buy upgrades.
Fairway Solitaire - This game combines solitaire with golf to create a solitaire experience unlike any other.
Mushboom Level Pack - Blast the mushroom off the platform using various bombs.
Deadzed - Shoot all the zombies and don't let them damage your defenses. Upgrade your weapons, and defenses, and optimize your teams.
Stop The Bus - Starting with 3 bus tokens play and get as close to 31 of same suite or 3 of the kind. Stop the bus when you think you might win.
Bubble Domination - A conquer strategy game. As the blue bubble, you have to colonize the grey ones and conquer all the others. Click on your bubbles and drag to the one you want to attack.
Clockwork Maze - Rotate the maze platform, trigger devices and help the character arrive to the exit.
Fizzy Frenzy - Manage the soda cans factory.
Shadow Regiment - Spearhead a secret war against the White King's tyranny with stealth, cunning and high explosive. Arrows to move, Z,K action key, X,L use power.
Canoniac Launcher - Use cannons, weapons, upgrades and bombs to launch yourself as far as you can.
Home Sheep Home 2 - Bring all the sheep home, using arrow keys. Switch the control by clicking on each one of them.
Theme Hotel - Develop your hotel business by building and managing resources to create a 5 star hotel.
Long Way - Western style strategy game. recruit and upgrade cowboys to protect your cattle.
Necronator 2 - The Necronator and his army of darkness have returned! Gather your army and prepare for battle, once again war is upon us
Zombie Boom - Blow up zombies by placing the bombs in the right place.
Shore Siege 2 - Build your defense system and defend the piles of gold from the glob monsters.
Earn To Die - Buy a car and earn cash to upgrade it. Ride all the way to the chopper to succeed.
Epic Rail - Click on junctions to change direction. Guide trains past stations to drop off all matching color passengers. Don't crash.
Submarine Tactics - A strategy game similar with battleship game. Try to sink enemy submarines before they sink yours.
Nuts And Bolts - Have the robots check the construction of the tall tower. Follow the in-game tutorial.
Rebuild 2 - Reclaim a city from the zombie hordes while managing supplies, housing and morale. Use the mouse and the WASD to move the map
Demonrift TD - Defend the kingdom of Emaeron from demonic surge. Place fighters strategically and upgrade them.
Warlight - A strategy game where you try to conquer the world. Play with the mouse.
Verminator - Your goal in each stage is to get rid of all the bad rats by placing cheeses strategically.
Sarens - Your mission is to defend the castle against attacking stick figures. Start with a basic weapon that you can later upgrade.
Port Pilot - As the new harbor master, your job is to guide the ships into the correct docks to unload their cargo safely. Be careful what routes you plan for the ships as the lanes can become really busy. Use the mouse to click on a ship then drag a path to the colored docks to unload.
Eggsplosive - Click on or near the chicken to hit at least the required number of pigs and cow with eggs and giblets.
Rise Of the Colony - Build a tower and equip it with a cannon to defend against air attack
Castaway Island TD - Transform the trees in tower defender, manage your funds wisely
Mini Robot Wars - Robot combat competition. Train and upgrade your robot to become a champion.
Papa's Freezeria - Just started a job at an ice cream shop on a laidback tropical island, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie's customers arrive on the island for vacation. Use the mouse to switch stations, move tickets and sundaes, and drag toppings. Check the in-game tutorial.
Matriarch - Build ships operate the main cannon to kill invading spaceships. Upgrade your weapons, shield and repair damages.
The Osiris Conflict - Command your soldiers to destroy the enemy in this turn based strategy game.
Robots vs Zombies - A combination of tower defense game with a mobile unit shooting game. Use the funds to purchase defenders and then participate in the shootings.
Soldiers Raid Osama BL - Control the soldiers and find the way to kill Osama
Mega Miner - Mine minerals and sell them for cash. Upgrade your equipment to dig deeper.
Conjure - Use different elements to destroy the enemy wizard's army and castle.
Run From the Sun - Click to send the rocket from planet to planet away from the Sun storm. The rocket can only jump a limited distance.
Underground Invasion - Defense shooting game: protect Warcoder City sewers to prevent the invasion of strange creatures. Get cash and improve your skills.
Dude and Zombies - Kill the waves of hungry zombies and repair your car quickly to get out. Move and jump with arrow keys
Penguin Overlords - Send you army of penguins to eliminated the invading turtles. Upgrade and increase your army as you play.
Pothead Zombies - Shoot all incoming zombies. Upgrade your weapons.
Iron Overlord - Your mission strategy battle game is to build fortresses, train your army, and destroy enemy's castles. click to send various types of troops to battle.
Galactic Defender - Place strategically your defender ships to stop the enemy.
Pirates of Teelonians - Lead your pirates on the Poop Deck to stop the enemy pirates from taking your precious booty and treasure! Deploy new troops and stronger warriors until you have achieved victory
Billy Bob Bash - Hit Lite Beer to send him flying as far away as you can. Upgrade your skills when you have enough money.
Bug Wars 2 Recolonize - Defeat and conquer the other bug colonies. Drag towards the enemy with the mouse to send troops.
Grey Wars - Defend the cows and prevent the aliens stealing them. Place your turrets and upgrade them often.
Traffic Command 3 - Manage the traffic without accidents.
Zombie Cage - Shoot all zombies before they destroy the cage and kill you. Between levels upgrade the weapon and repair the cage.
Papa's Taco Mia - Help Mitch and Maggie take orders, cook meats, and build tacos in Papa's Taco Mia! Unlock over a dozen toppings and sauces as you work up the ranks
Maya Boom - Place the bombs with the mouse,then press spacebar to detonate.
Defend The Village 2 - Drag and throw the enemies around until they die. Don't let them attack your village.
Truck Loader 2 - Load the boxes in to the truck using the magnet. Move the loader with arrow keys.
Cursed Treasure Level Pack - Protect your gems with specialized towers. When you run out of land you can clear more, if you have enough money.
Cruiser Battleship 2 - Fire missles blindly at the enemy territory where you think there might be ships and destroy them all. Place your ships strategically.
Mummy Defense - Defend the Mummy against land and air attacks by placing pyramid weapons. Destroy the enemy Pyramid by generating warriors.
Farm Mania 2 - Earn and manage the funds from the farming activity.
Star Forge - Click on the Forge to produce various weapons, shields and explosives and then spread them around strategically to defend the area.
My Little Army - Defeat the enemy hero by generating fighters as you accumulate mana.
Monster Castle - Protect the monster queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Place defenders strategically.
Pigs Can Fly - Using various colored cursors drag the pig to the potion.
Protector 4.5 - The follow up expansion to Protector 4 brings with it a whole host of new content. Featuring 7 new storyline campaigns and several individual storyline quests, Protector 4.5 has chest loads of exciting new quests.
Huje Way - Objective: get all the hujos in the house. They will follow the mouse pointer. Create a path and press the play (green arrow).
Splitter Pals - Split the wooden objects to make the character drop to the brown ball and collect all stars. You have a limited number of cuts.
Hedgehood - Move the magnets to deflect the trajectory of the arrow and take away all the apples.
Carveola Incident - A task force consisting of mixed allied and former enemy units is sent to investigate a strange sightings near a mysterious deserted trench line. There, Kirley and his men encounter their worst nightmares and are ordered to defend the trench at any cost.
The Legend of the Golden Robot - Take on the role of Indigo Steve in this epic adventure. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest. Use the mouse to guide Steve.
High Teas - A strategy game of buying and selling opium and teas in the South China Seas
Rock And War - Start energy generators by placing a soldier inside then defend against the incoming rock people.
Traffic Command 2 - Manage the traffic by clicking on the traffic lights. Click on the disabled vehicles to remove them from the street. You have to let a certain number of cars in a given period of time to be successful.
Perfect Balance 3 Last Trials - Place all given objects in perfect balance and don't touch any of the bombs.
Caldera Legends - Place on the grid the magi and other fighter and defend against the attacks. See the in-game tutorial.
Outpost - From your base conquer the enemy colonies to total domination for each level. Use your mouse to point where you want your troops to be sent.Click+shift to send them continuously.
Age Of Defense 3 - Unleash the type of fighter you want by clicking on the icon. Move the mouse left or right to see the whole battlefield.
Ninja Game - Reach the portal on each level by jumping, clinging on obstacles and avoiding traps.
Tesla - Zap the enemy army with the Tesla coil. Manage wisely the charge, and upgrade when you can.
Desert Moon - Survive 5 days on the hostile planet. Place the fighters and select the area to cover. Press E to see all areas. Use the new unlocked weapons to fight the ever increasing waves of monsters.
Controlcraft - Battle and conquer enemy bases in this strategy game. Click and hold the mouse button over your buildings to select it. While still holding move the mouse to building you want captured and release to send 50% warriors. Release+ctrl to send all warriors.
Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack - An amazing puzzle game. Don't waste the liquid. Use mouse to drag and drop the connectors and pots. Spacebar to start liquid.
Penguin Attack TD 3 - Stop the penguins attack by placing weapons in their path.
Paper Train - Control railway traffic without crashes. Stop, start and switch tracks by clicking at intersections.
Scrap Metal Heroes - Customize your own robot army and rise to become world champion! Build battle robots out of nearly 200 different parts.Select robot types with number keys and then click on the arrow buttons to send them out.
Dash Or Crash - Manage the traffic safely. Click on vehicles to speed them up, slow down or stop them.
Traffic Command - Manage the traffic by clicking to flip the color of the lights. Keep the drivers happy and the traffic flowing without accidents.
Papa's Burgeria - Run the kitchen at Papa Louie's new burger shop! New customers and old favorites will visit the Burgeria, and you'll have to take orders, grill burgers, add toppings, and serve the sandwiches to the waiting customers.
Magnetic Rush - Try to get both magnets into the targets by making them attract or repulse each other. Up arrow to attract magnets Down arrow to repulse them.
Zombie Trailer Park - Defend your trailer park against the zombie armies. Create an economy that can generate an income to buy weapons and fighters. As an extra you accumulate Yee-Haw powers that can crush the zombies.
Last Flower Defense - A nice tower defense game with a twist: invisible waves (use the R-200 tower). Defend the last flower on Earth from extinction.
Prizma Puzzle 3 - New prizma puzzles. Advance toward the finish, collect as many stars as you can, but calculate your moves and energy level.
Liquid Measure 2 - Route water to the pots to fill them all. Move the pieces to the right place to control the flow. New items are available: overflow pots, water splitters, pots and tanks of many sizes. Mouse to drag and drop, space to start/stop water.
Bloons TD 4 Expansion - Strategically place the balloon popping weapons get points and unlock new weapons. Survive all the waves.
Blow Things up - Strategically place the bombs on the screen with the goal of knocking off the bad guys without taking out the good guys.
Desert Rifle 2 - Kill all attackers wave after wave. Upgrade your weapons and purchase ammunition, armor and other equipment. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Black Devilfish - Command your submarine as you take out pirate ships and fortified islands and their cannons.
Bowel Physics TD - Place the defenders along...the bowel and stop the microbes.
Slice Fortress Defense 2 - The second installment of the Slice Fortress with more levels. Place your fighters and defend the fortress against the waves of attack.
Trafficator - Manage the traffic, click to stop cars from running over people and don't create traffic jams.
1 Will Survive 2 - A strategy game. Build the infrastructure, create an army and attack your enemies and defeat them. All this with limited funds
Vegas Traffic Mayhem - Click to control traffic lights. Manage the traffic without accidents.
Sift Heads World Act 6 - After having their HQ destroyed, Vinnie and his gang try to find the culprit and stop them for good. But the guys will find out that more than one clan is behind this attack! Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro will have to combine their forces and go on the offensive to get to the bottom of
Madness Premeditation - Plan the attack routes (move with arrows/WAS), mark attack nodes (clicking with the mouse) and then press action. You might need to tweak your moves...
Bridge Tactics - Place the dynamite and detonate it at the right moment to kill and destroy the bridge.
PC Defense - Stop the virus army overpowering your motherboard. Place weapons on the path and upgrade them when possible.
Crate Crash - Apply an impulse near the crates to make them explode. Try to do that in as little click as possible.
Ultimate Douchbag Workout - Tired of being laughed at? Tired of being rejected by the ladies? Mouse to select options. Arrow keys and spacebar for game plays.
Car Chaos - Avoid crashes by clicking on various cars to make them go faster, slow down or stop.
Penguin War - Click on the panel to send penguins to conquer the enemy. The money is limited though.
Recoil 1.3 Noobs - Using arrow keys get the spring to the exit of each level.
Sift Heads World Act 5 - Episode "An Exotic Job"! Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro go in the Amazonian rain forest for a lucrative job but local mercenaries will get in their way. Fight them off.
Bitmap TD Plus - A tower defense game with a clear interface. Drag towers and place them strategically.
One Step Back - Get your character to the exit without running into your other selves. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Sometimes is better to go two steps forward and one step back.
Spectrum TD - A strategy games of defense towers in various colors. Unlock more colors while you play.
Furfur and Nublo - Furfur and Nublo must cooperate in order to reach the exit. Move them with arrow keys and spacebar to switch from one to another.
Little Stars for Little Wars Players Pack - Here is the players pack of this galactic strategy game. Conquer all stars in the system. Use the mouse to direct the ships to a star
Acorn Defense 3 - Epic battle between the squirrels and acorns. Place squirrels and defend the path against acorns.
Airport Madness 3 - Click on each airplane and decide if you let it land (or circle around more in the air). Click on the planes on the ground and direct them to the runaway and avoid crashes.
Blobble Wars - Use strategy, especially in the more difficult modes, conquer the enemy by redirecting blobbles towards them.
Over Web - Get the spider into the web. Move it with arrow keys, mouse left button draws a web that can help the spider achieve its goal.
Take It Down XP - More levels in this game of physics. Click on elements to make them disappear. The worker should never touch the ground.
Sea Journey - Match at least 3 objects by swapping them with the mouse. Collect gold coins and jewels to purchase devastating new abilities, and upgrade your ship as you journey
Rise 'n Shine - Click and drag a star to shoot it. Bump into others to wake them up all.
Construction Fall - Use the balls to break the construction below the dotted line. Using the mouse set the strength and direction of the hit by clicking once and again to shoot.
Sift Heads World 3 - Revisit Chicago and its dark and sombre areas of the underground crime organization. Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are wanted by the Chicago Police. 13 main missions and 7 secondary missions!
Friendly Fire Tower Defense - Place the towers or bomb to defend your path. Survive successive waves of attack. Upgrade as often as possible.
Traverse - Move your ship with arrow keys on this puzzle board to arrive at the exit (pulsating white blob) in as little time as possible.
Age of War 2 - A mix between a defense and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy. You can evolve and also unlock new units. The more evolved you are the more powerful you become.
Roaches - A funny, but gross, tower defense game. Place weapons and defend your lunch from roaches.
Space Invasion Tower Defense 2 - Protect your space path with weapons placed strategically. Upgrade your skills and buy gems from the skills shop.
Swords and Sandals 3 - Challenge the gladiators in the arena, win matches and build your hero into a champion.
Balloon in a Wasteland - An awesome strategy and shooting game. You have to survive the attacks of the creatures, fix the balloon and leave. In the meantime, purchase weapons, repair and health kits and when possible sleep.
Little Stars for Little Wars - Objective: Conquer all stars in the system. Use the mouse to direct the ships to a star
Eukarion Tales - Marcus the Knight - A complex yet fun adventure RPG game. Use the mouse to interact with the game. Fight the creatures, collect weapons, and gain special abilities.
Castle Fight - A new twist to the castle destroying game: the enemy fights back. You have to destroy their generator, while building a defense for yours. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
War with Paper - Protect your base from the incoming troops. Upgrade and repair after each wave. 1-4 switch to various weapons.
Azgard Defense - Play another defense strategy game: place towers that defend against successive waves of land or air attacks.
Blob Tower Defense - Build tower defenses to prevent the enemy from reaching on the other side. Use each tower's capabilities in your advantage to survive as long as possible.
Nob Wars: The Elves - Lead the elf army, summon centaurs (B) and humans (V). Move with arrows, down stops army, Z shoots arrows.
Penguins Attack TD 2 - Place basic towers, fire blobs, chemical sludge and shock towers and ruthlessly destroy penguin waves.
Easter Island TD - A classic tower defense game with a new twist: after upgrade some towers become mobile. Use the volcano to wipe out all the enemies in an emergency.
Da Vinci Cannon - A nice shooting and skills game whose objective is to destroy castles. Adjust the inclination and strength of the cannon in the left lower corner.
Toy Tank Arena - Inspired by the original tank game. Destroy the other tanks and maneuver around the Lego blocks to find the end. Move with arrows, shoot with mouse.
Taberinos - Hit lines to remove them, clear all before running out of shots
My Pet Protector 2 - Start with a young boy whose village was destroyed and build him into a hero.
Pathillogical - Guide the arrow to the yellow circle using arrow keys or WASD. Make a clever use of the blocks and bouncing corners.
Penguin Diner 2 - It's hard being a waiter. Try it: place customers at tables, take order, bring the order, take money and clean, all in a limited time.
One Button Bob - Get Bob through the levels. All you need to do is click. Different function on each level.
Slice Fortress Defence - Place your archers, swordsmen, magicians in the fortress. You can delete and upgrade, click on red hearts to extend your lives.
Neo Rider - Drive through the 3D tunnels and avoid incoming objects and falling off the platform. Use arrow keys to drive.
Tetrisnake - A clever combination of Tetris and Snake. Use the arrow keys.
Reclamation - Reclaim space from the worms and bugs by guiding your ship with arrows. Avoid bumping into the creatures.
Traffic Police - Clear the traffic avoid crashes. Click on the traffic lights.
Touch - Guide the Red Worm to the destination, and collect the leaves. Click the mouse to create guiding blocks.
Poppable Cascade - Pop groups of at least 3 balls. Fun twist: different sized balls and accurate ball physics.
Weapon - Shoot the enemy to defend the 'copter. When you have enough funds you can upgrade weapons the gear.
Creeper World - Get energy and build weapons to fight the Creeper in this incredibly addictive strategy game. Follow the tutorial.
Cargo Bridge - Use your skills in engineering to design bridges. Make them strong enough, but stay within your budget.
Lord of War 2 - Place defending towers and do not let the enemy pass. Upgrade when funds available
Libra - Place the pieces (wood or brick) on the balance. Keep it always in balanced. Follow the tutorial
Civilization Wars - Similar to a game of Risk; create civilizations, then conquer and expand them.
Sandcastle - Choose your weapons before each battle. Use the mouse to set the angle and the force of the shot.
physBallz - Click with the mouse and connect as many balls in an uninterrupted chain
Airport Madness 2 - Manage flights at a busy airport. Click on each plane and choose the appropriate action.
Circle - Get the prize by jumping from center circle. Avoid being hit. Arrow to move and jump. It takes skills!
Parking Perfection 3 - Follow the instructions and handle the car without crashes
Back2Back - Action, strategy and shooting in one package. Protect the fortress by building units that shoot, throw flames, etc. Collect orbs for upgrades.
Droptris - It's a construction-themed Tetris game. Arrows to rotate and drop.
Nitroballz - Click, drag and release the ball until you get it into the hole. Collect the yellow balls for bonus points, but avoid the green ones.
Stones Masters - It's a puzzle adventure game! Defeat your enemy by grouping at least 3 stones with the same symbol.
Mothership Warfare - Destroy the enemy mothership by changing the force balance. Change the hatch/road with Up/Down arrows. Select current unit with Left/Right. Space to send the unit.
Toy Blocks Balance - Stack up the blocks in different shapes and maintain balance for a while.
Hit the Road 2 - Manage the traffic lights so there are no crashes.
Continuity - Rearrange the tiles to put them in the order that you need to complete the levels. Use space to switch from tile view to play view.
Christmas Cannon Blast - Santa's shooting elves from his cannon! Launch the elves and get them through the levels to the target.
Age of War - Buy and train troops and weapons and protect your cave from the enemy cavemen
Astrobase Defense - Strategically place your turrets and lasers to defend against incoming spaceships.
Ricochet Kills Players Pack - New levels to the original ricochet game. Kill by ricocheting your bullets against the walls and other objects.
Shun 2 - Use to mouse to maneuver and avoid everything that flies for as long as possible. Get new skills in the process.
Dynamite Blast - Blast bridges, towers and vehicles by placing the dynamite in the right places.
Quadratus 2 - Use arrow keys to move the blue block, get it to the green zone and avoid the red walls.
Minefields 3 - The 3rd of the Minefield, includes a level editor. Place the tools in the field in order to reach the target
Super Balance - Press and hold the mouse to grow an orb. Release the mouse to add new weight. Try to set the same amount of weight on the both sides (the difference must be less than 40 kg).
Battlefield 2 - Take on missions, shoot the enemies, and complete your objectives
Park My Plane - Use the arrows to park the planes to their designated terminals, and then bring them back on the runway for takeoff
Jumpie 2 - Use the mouse to exert the right amount of force and the correct angle to shoot through the ring
Block Tetris - It's Tetris. But with apartment buildings! And in 3D!
Big Bank Robbery 2 - You need thinking and skills to rob the banks. Arrows to move, avoid sensor and move fast, time is limited
Bloons TD 4 - Place your shooting monkeys and have them pop the balloons along the route. Lots of levels of difficulty.
Yo-Ho-Ho Cannon - You're the captain of a ship directing your cannon operators where and how to hit the targets. Mouse to adjust trajectory and shoot.
Traffic Trouble - Prove that a human can do a better job in managing traffic.
Trapr - Don't let the bird escape. The bird is really clever, or "cleaver" as the authors of the game put it.
Drop 3 - Pair at least 3 of the falling shapes to make them disappear.
Galactic Colonization - Terraform an uninhabited planet and conquer the enemy, by strategically directing resources
Palisade Guardian 2: Modern Combat - Even more intense shooting action in this sequel to the original. Includes 6 new types of weapons. Click to fire, space to aim, R to reload, D/F to switch weapon
Flat Moon Cannon - Shoot with the cannon adjusting the trajectory
Billiard Blitz 3 - Even more cool pool action.
Gibbets - Use the arrows to shoot the ropes and free the men condemned to the gallows
War of Guns - Place your Tankers, Robos and Traps and destroy everything that moves
Steam of War - Strategically move your tanks to conquer territories, increase your army when you have funds
Stabilize - Drop objects on the platform, but make sure to keep it balanced!
Cosmic Crush 2 - Point your planet towards smaller objects. Engulf them to grow as big as you can.
Tank Destroyer - Fight and blow up other tanks. Arrows to move, F to launch rocket, space to place mine
Tsunami Wall - When the levee prepared drop and stack objects to protect your house
Sonny 2 - Action-packed adventure fighting game. All you need is the mouse. The rest of the instructions are in the game.
Time Fcuk - It's a weird time-travelling future game--fun! Arrows to move, space to jump, A to switch dimensions
Cyto-Life - You are a cytoplasm; grow and evolve, gathering food and killing enemies
Biobots - Strategically place the biobots (that recycle garbage), fight pollution
When Penguins Attack - Penguin troops landing on the beach. Place turrets and attack towers to make sure they die.
Flash Portal - Open two communicating portals with the gun (use the mouse). They will lead you to your exit.
Golf Man - Aim and swing with the mouse varying the strength of the shot. Side arrows to move.
Battle Gear 2 - Choose your own war, acquire troops, and destroy the enemy stronghold
Ricochet Kills - Kill by ricochet, aim and shot with the mouse
Pandemic Swine Flu - Manipulate money and media during operations designed to fight the flu
Secure the Deck - Use arrow keys to fly the Seahawk. Use down arrow to slide, Space to release. Get all boarding crew members into position.
Defense - Stop monsters by building defensive towers
Puffball Hunter - Shake the trees, collect the puffballs in barrel, accumulate funds, purchase helping devices.
Endless War - Just keep fighting and killing. WASD to move, click to shoot
The Wheels of Salvation - Jump from wheel to wheel and make it to the top. Click to jump, arrows to move along the wheel.
Stick Wars - Create army backed by miners, defeat enemy. Use arrows (WASD) and mouse to aim and shoot.
Red Moon - You and your beloved conspire to take over the kingdom using your powerful samurai skills. Strike at the kings guards using your razor sharp sword as you weave in and out of them. Take the short tutorial for instructions
Shields of Gemland - Collect gems and stars and upgrade your cannon to survive in this varied and epic adventure.
Finding My Heart - Earn your wife's forgiveness. Click on different things to interact with them and get new emotions.
Hungry Shapes - Feed the different shapes. Green shapes are not hungry, yellow needs one burger, and red two.
More Bloons - More balloons to blow up--hit them with your arrow.
Bloons - Shoot the arrow at the right angle and strength
Snow Virus - Strategically place weapons and upgrade them to stop the enemy's progress.
Strategic Mayhem - The First Battle - Strategically deploy troops, tanks, and destroyers, add defense towers for your base. Arrows to scroll. Mouse to deploy military assets.
Black Navy War - Form your fleet with the available funds. Destroy the enemy
Spin the Black Circle - Lead the ball to the portal. Spin the maze and gravity will do the rest.
1066 - 1066 is a turning point in history, particularly the Battle of Hastings and ensuing Norman conquest of England. Arrange and command your forces and defeat enemies. Use your mouse to form your armies.
Demolition City - Place dynamite in the correct place so the building collapses
Bridge Craft - Help build the bridges for the little creatures
Glass Block - Destroy as many blue blocks as possible while preserving the pink ones.
The Funny Construction Site - Point and click on different objects around the construction site, combine them to trigger different events.
Girlfriend Escape - A girl is locked in a room to keep her from meeting her boyfriend. Help her!
Square Team - Get one of the cubes to the exit. Select a cube to move it, jump with the arrow keys.
Avalanche - Watch out for the rising waters. Climb the falling blocks, but don't get hit or stuck!
City Invasion - Destroy enemy Headquarters, set up your army. Use arrows to move and mouse to shoot.
Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker - Play classic snooker. Get the balls into the pockets.
Magic Destruction - Protect the gold from the enemies. Use magic and spells.
Prison Pockets - Prison-style billiards. Get all the balls in and win cash.
Totem Destroyer - Click to break the blocks and bring the totem down safely
Star Dominion - Create buildbots in order to mine resources.
Shadez - The Black Operations - Create Black Ops units with the available funds. Defeat the enemy.
Deal or No Deal - Play the classic TV game, hunting for the ultimate prize.
Governor of Poker - Buy houses, play poker, make money.
One Will Survive - Purchase military building and personnel. Destroy the enemy.
Canyon Defence - Build the ideal defence system by using wisely the available towers. Purchase towers by selecting them and showing where you want them placed.
Phage Wars 2 - Create the most powerful virus ever. Look at the readme and play around with the classic Mac OS
World Wars - Similar to the board game, Risk. Eliminate all other armies and take over the map.
Tanks - Take down the enemy tanks. Arrows to move and rotate the cannon, space to fire
Shopping Cart Hero - Ride the shopping cart and try to not die. Earn money and upgrade. Use arrows to move and stabilize.
Autobot Stronghold - Click or drag the autobots into the city map to add your defenders
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 - Use the mouse to point at targets and destroy the zombies.
Frontline Defense - Place your towers and protection posts to defend against your enemies.
Sneeze - Infect the masses. Arrow keys to move and space bar to sneeze on your victims.
Fat Slice - Drag your mouse through the shape to cut it down to the required size. Don't let the balls escape though!
Stackle - Take blocks from the tower and put them on top, but don't topple the tower!
Civiballs - Use your sword to cut the chains and release the balls and have them reach their appropriate urn.
Meeblings 2 - Use the meeblings' special powers to get all the little guys out.
Learn to Fly - Get your penguin as far as possible. Use your points to get power-ups.
Speed - Put the cards in sequence, up or down, as fast as you can.