Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Moto X3M - Ride the crazy bike
Monsters Wheels 2 - Race and win, upgrade your ride.
Stickman - Ride the bike with the stickman and don't crash.
Off Road Truckers - Compete in the tough races earn money and upgrade your truck.
Dream Car Racing - Build and upgrade your ride, complete all the tracks.
Mario ATV Remix - Race with Mario on the ATV.
Vex - Play this parkour like game avoiding all obstacles.
Soccer Balls 2 - Score goals collaborating with team mates, triggering switches and knocking off the referees.
Accurate Slapshot Level Pack - Get the puck in the goal using the mouse to set the trajectory.
Monster Race 3D - Drive the monster truck and win the race. Use control key to nitro.
Ben 10 Bike Riding - Make it to the finish line jumping over obstacles and stay in one piece.
Notebook Trial - A bike racing game on a pencil drawn track.
Billiard Blitz Pool Skool - Try your skills at the pool table. Pull off amazing trick shots to sink all the balls across 20 challenging levels.
Asian Driver Mayhem - A fun game for those who love speed, can react fast and dodge obstacles. Accelerate, you only have one minute to reach the finish line, it is not an easy job, but you will have to do your best, otherwise you can not access the next level. Also pay attention to the Progress bar a
Underground Racing King - Drive through 12 levels, and compete with some very tough guys, with better tuned cars then yours. As you work your way up in the levels, the amount of money that can be won, will rise too.
Skate Mania - Skateboard through the streets picking up time and avoiding obstacles
Overdrive Fury - Take a part in a car race and try to beat all your opponents in nine different tracks. Use arrow keys to drive. Finish the race first to unlock next track.
Biking In Amsterdam - Bike and collect stars and water bottles that will help you maintain your stamina until the end
Graveyard Racers - Crush the zombies in your path and try to escape from the scary cemetery.
Euro Free Kick 2012 - A soccer sports game Using the mouse shoot the ball to score goals and then defend against the adversary's penalties.
Stick Figure Badminton 2 - Try your hand at badminton. Use the arrow keys (WASD) to move and jump, space to strike.
Extreme Skater - Breeze through the forest at terrifying speeds while performing life threatening stunts to truly live the life of an Extreme Skater in this thrilling skateboard game.
Canyon Valley Rally - Race your jeep through the dangerous canyons and be first to the finish line. Use arrow keys.
Demolition Drive 2 - Set the angle of the ramp, using the mouse, so your truck destroys as many cars as possible.
Dirt Racers - Race tough and win use the arrow keys and space to break. Watch the damage gauge.
New Star Soccer - Become a soccer star. Start out in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by training hard, scoring goals and keeping your boss, team mates and fans happy.
Basketball Dare - Shoot the ball into the basket, select the exact power and angle to shoot the basketball. There are 35 exciting and challenging levels.
Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing - Become the Hot Rod champ of the world, over 24 levels, and 12 different cars. You have loads of upgrades, and can customize your car wheel size and suspension settings, to ride how you like it
Junkyard Stunts - Ride the bike in the junkyard and avoid faceplants.
Motorcycle Fun - Finish the race without tipping over.
Monster Truck Trip 2 - Customize your Monster Truck and race through desert and over cars and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced.
Super Drift 3D - Classic arcade style 3D racer, inspired by Ridge Racer, Outrun 2 and Initial D - with challenging drift mechanics. Remember to counter steer. Arrow Keys to steer. C to change camera. Space to reset car.
Air Hockey World Cup - Use the mouse to strike the puck with your mallet. Score more than the adversary.
4X4 Monster 2 - Jump in your monster truck and drive over mountains, cars and other dangerous obstacles while keeping your big truck balanced. Complete each level in the shortest time for higher score.
Monster Truck 3D Reloaded - Drive the track and avoid gaps and obstacles.
Basketballs - Pass the ball to your team members and score.
Five Trucks - Race, win money and upgrade your truck to win more races.
Dune Dash - Drive the car over the dunes without crashes.
Micro Soccer Football - Win the match scoring as many goals as possible. Move and jump with arrow keys. Down-arrow to change the active player
Hot Bikes - Ride you bike over the obstacles using arrow keys. To start the game upgrade your bike and select the map with the races.
Just Shut Up And Drive - It's fun to drive fast. Earn points for every opponent you overtake and eventually win the races.
Mario Kart Racing - Ride Mario's kart with arrow keys and collect all the coins.
3D Neon Race - Ride your neon bike in the 3D track. Use arrow keys, space to nitro.
ATV Destroyer - Demolish houses, smash cars and collect explosive bottles as you all the levels.
Pepsi Max - Drive the Pepsi truck and do stunts to gain more points.
Super Drift 3D - Classic arcade style 3D racer, inspired by Ridge Racer, Outrun 2 and Initial D - with challenging drift mechanics. Arrow keys to steer, C to change camera.
Motocros - Ride the difficult track and arrive unhurt at destination.
Desert Rage - Ride the bike without crashes and collect the bonuses.
Super Mario Moto - Ride the bike and collect the coins.
Star Stunt Biker - Ride the bike with the arrow keys.
Moto Drive - Ride the bike with arrow keys.
Easter Truck - Deliver the Easter stuff to the destination. Drive and balance with arrow keys.
Bart On Skate - Use arrow keys to move, brake and balance. Spacebar to jump.
Judgement Day Bike - In a bleak future ride your bike catch and detonate the grenades.
iStunt 2 - Side arrow keys to control the skier. Collect the speed boosts and stars.
RPG Rider - Move and tilt forwards and backwards arrow keys.
Mountain Madness - Ride the bike using the arrow keys.
Blend Rider - Move and lean with arrow keys.
Mario Bros Motocross - Use the arrow keys to ride, collect the coins.
Monster Hummer - Ride the hills with arrow keys and don't crash.
Snowboard Rush - Collect gold coins to purchase items and stunts. Hold up/down keys to speed up. Keys 1-5 to perform stuns.
Ice Rider - Ride your bike on ice road and perform stunts. Move and balance with arrow keys.
Stunt Run - Drive your monster truck and arrive at the flag jumping, flipping, and crashing through ten levels of awesomeness.
Highway Justice - Drive with arrow keys in pursuit of the targets to be destroyed.
Christmas Runner - Run for as long as you can, avoiding obstacles. Click to jump, spacebar to roll. Upgrade your running, jumping skills
Uphill Rush 3 - Run the bike and do stunts. Arrows to accelerate, reverse and lean, spacebar to do jump/stunts
Neon Race - Race like a pro, smash into the red vehicle but avoid the purple ones. Earn cash and upgrade. Drive with arrow keys, X to turbo.
Exit Path - Run, jump and crouch with the arrow keys.
Running Ink - Run the parkour style levels. Move and hold on to the walls with arrow keys, jump with spacebar.
Coaster Racer - Race on a roller coaster using the arrow key. N nitro, M freestyle.
Stunt Mania 3 - Press and hold the corresponding key while in air to perform stunts.Be sure to release the key before landing. Left/right arrow to move the bike,up/down to lean, spacebar to turn back.
Neon Rider World - Ride the bike on the color of the path. WASD to move and balance, arrow keys to change the color of the bike to match the road.
Bike Champ 2 - Use the arrow keys to move and balance the bike. Be the champ!
Upstream Kayak - Up arrow to use the paddle, spacebar to jump, tricks keys 1 thru 4, side arrows to rotate kayak.
18 Goal Golf - Combine football (soccer) and golf and this is what you get...a football in the hole.
Blast Up - A click of the mouse provokes a blast that moves the ball towards the pins that you need to knock over in order to finish the level. There are all kinds of obstacles that you need to avoid.
Super Mario Cross - Ride the bike, collect coins, do stunts. Move and lean the bike with arrow keys
Backyard Sports Sandlotsluggers - Choose your player and start from hitting a homerun.
FOG Golf - Use the arrow keys to view and navigate the golf course. Choose the appropriate club. Press the spacebar to start your swing and press again to select the power.
Icy Tower - Jump up as fast as you can. Arrow to move and space to jump. Make high jumps in quick succession to activate the combo mode.
Desert Rider - Move and balance with the arrow keys. Enter to change direction. Game will be saved when you reach save points.
The Flood Runner 2 - Run, the flood is behind you! Jump or double jump with mouse click or spacebar, when the wings bar is green you can fly.
Atom Heart - Ride the bike, kill some zombies, and have fun. Arrow keys to move and tilt the bike.
Neon Rider - A Tron-inspired multitrack motorcycle riding game. WASD to move and lean.
Ski Maniacs - Ski your way to victory with different characters in different environments. Unlock more levels. Arrows to move and lean.
Winter Rider - Control your bike with arrows to go forward, brake, and lean.
Curveout - Control the paddle with the ball. The more you lose, the harder it gets.
Fluxball - It's Pong with a twist. Create fluxes, or waves, by clicking to control the direction of the ball.
Rave Rider - Ride your way through the levels battling treacherous conditions. Collect goodies and upgrade your car. Arrows to move and lean, space to jump, Z for nitro.
Taz Football - Score touchdowns, avoid or jump on defenders' heads. Arrows to move, space to jump.
Destroy the Wall 3 - Thrust the ball with the mouse in order to dump the specified number of balls.
Cyclomaniacs - Race against different characters, on different bikes. Do tricks, get boosts, have fun.
Ragnarok - Build your hero and test your endurance by defeating as many enemies as you can.
Stick Figure Badminton - Online badminton has never been this fun. Play in fun or advanced mode. Arrows and mouse to play and hit.
King of Drift - Choose your route and compete in the race. Drift your way to victory.
Retro Rally - Steer your car with the cursor, pick up gasoline on the way to boost speed. Finish first or second to advance.
Crazy Mustang - Drive fast! Up/Down arrows moves the Mustang, Left/Right arrows control it in the air.
Beach Catfight - Fight with the pugil sticks and knock off your sexy oponent. Arrows to attack, space to dodge
Drunk Rider - Drunk as a skunk but still racing. Arrows: all functions (throttle, brake, lean)
BMreX - T-Rex bike racing! Arrows to move, space to jump, collect all the goodies.
Golf Man - Aim and swing with the mouse varying the strength of the shot. Side arrows to move.
Portal Defenders - Beat the weirdos with your wooden spoon--kickass! Arrows to move, A to attack, D drop the grenade, S to jump
Canabalt - Just keep jumping! See how long you can last. C or X to jump.
Stunt Dirt Bike - Complete the levels on the different off-road vehicles. Arrows to move and lean.
Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker - Play classic snooker. Get the balls into the pockets.
Steampunk Rally - Use the arrows to move forward, backward and lean the vehicle
Prison Pockets - Prison-style billiards. Get all the balls in and win cash.
Stunt Mountain - Use the arrow keys to move and regain the position. Space to stand.
Motocross FMX - Move through the courses with the arrow keys. Do tricks by pressing 1-7.
Tennis Game - Play a simple game of tennis. Space to hit; arrows to move.
BMX Tricks - Perform acrobatics and score: pedal F, brake A, turn Up/Down arrows, crouch/jump Space
Soccer Ball - Score goals adjusting the direction, effect (the swing) and speed
2D Air Hockey - Classic air hockey; first player to score 7 goals wins.
State of Play Baseball - Play in the bottom of the ninth pressure mode, or a whole game. Pick your team and win!
Bike Master - Master the terrain on your dirt bike. Arrow keys to move and balance.