Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Stick Squad 3 - Complete missions, earn money, upgrade weapons.
Stickman Downhill - Ride the difficult track and arrive safely at destination.
Urban Unrest - Destroy the evil robot by swinging your weapon. Upgrade it when you earned enough money.
Kawairun - Avoid obstacles and beat the record. Up/down arrow keys.
Off Road Truckers - Compete in the tough races earn money and upgrade your truck.
Monsters Wheels - Welcome to racing with monster trucks: boost them up to crazy speed, perform stunts, earn money and upgrade your cars.
Max Dirt Bike 3 - Finish the race in one piece
18 Wheeler 3D - 18 Wheeler 3D is one of the most challenging truck sim games around! Drive your way through ten levels, testing your driving skills to the limit. Weave through tight streets, crowded corners and sharp turns as you make your way to the parking bay.
Red Road Rage - You joined a team of zombie destroyers. There is a cook who prepares meat, a girl shooter who kills the zombies - and you are a driver.
Coaster Racer 3 - Race your buggy, bike, and F3 car over crazy floating coaster tracks.
Arcanorum - Fly around in medieval time and attack enemies by circling your ship with the mouse.
Dancing With Shadows - Avoid the dangers and steal the goods.
Forklift License - Time to learn how to drive a forklift truck! Work your way through each level to get your forklift license. Arrow keys to move and WS to lift and lower the fork.
Run Run Ran - Run, slide, jump, shoot, beat the boss. Transform into werewolf and upgrade the length of the transformation.
Renegade Racing - Perform stunts and complete your missions and try to win all the races.
Bike Trial 3 - Ride a trial motorcycle over a variety of obstacles. Try to get through all levels without falling off the motorbike.
Skateboard City 2 - Be a skateboard champ.
Heavy Loader 2 - Load the truck using the crane and then shift control to the truck. Make sure it gets safely to unloading area.
Sun Hop - Click to jump from planet to planet reach and light the Sun.
Dream Symphony - Use the mouse or the arrow keys. Its a music game with 30 types of animals, 4 completely different locations, a lot of sounds and 4 epic ingame tracks. Game change a color and music while you playing.
Take Flight - Use the mouse to guide the airplane and pick up fuel tanks, coind and avoid obstacles.
Sahara Biker - Sahara Biker is a complex bike game with multiple levels and bikes to ride after you unlock them from the game.
Catch That Train - Park the car on the train in the time you have without damaging it too much.
Truck Loader 4 - Load the boxes in to the truck using the magnet operated by the mouse. Move the loader with arrow keys.
The Most Wanted Bandido - Jump over obstacles, fight bandits and become the most notorious bandit!
Driving School GT - Drive the car fast and don't provoke accidents
Airplane Road - 3D airplane flying game. Fly an old airplane around the track and compete with other pilots.
Ben 10 Bike Riding - Make it to the finish line jumping over obstacles and stay in one piece.
TU Unleashed - TU Unleashed is a great flight simulation game of the Tupolev plane series. As a pilot its your job to transport passengers to seven tropical islands.
Cargo Bridge 2 - Test your engineering skills. Using the mouse build a bridge and push the cargo to your home.
Billiard Blitz Pool Skool - Try your skills at the pool table. Pull off amazing trick shots to sink all the balls across 20 challenging levels.
Run Robo Run - As robot running to escape from the factory, collect the powerups and avoid explosives.
Dynamite Snake - Complete the maze by guiding the dynamite snake to the exit path. Move fast before the explosion kills you.
Save The Dummy - Click to remove the red objects and let the dummy fall off the stage. Finish this as fast as possible to earn the maximum number of points and stars.
Flood Runner 4 - Run and avoid obstacles jumping from platform to platform (click the mouse) before the flood reaches up with you.
Redneck Truck Parking - Your job is to park a Redneck's truck. Not an easy job for you, the parking-lot is a mess, and the other vehicles are left there by the owners, of course in the middle of the road. Not only this, obstacles and crates stay in between you and the spot where you are supposed to park
Moontype Episode 2 - Type accurately and fast the name of the approaching objects and press enter to destroy it.
Skate Mania - Skateboard through the streets picking up time and avoiding obstacles
Rally Masters - Choose your truck and drive over mountains and other obstacles. Try to beat your opponents to get higher score. Use arrow keys to drive and balance the truck.
Cube Tank Arena - Control your tank with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse and win all fight, destroying the boss on each level. Press spacebar to go to the shop and upgrade.
Ultimate Assassin 3 Level Pack - Be an ultimate assassin in this stealth game. In every level, your mission is to kill the target and leave the place without getting killed by the guards. You have 2 special abilities: speed and invisibility. You have to think fast and use the environment to succeed.
American Muscle Car Parking - Park the muscle car without crashes in the designated spot.
Biking In Amsterdam - Bike and collect stars and water bottles that will help you maintain your stamina until the end
Sketchman - As you run jump over obstacles and shoot your enemies.
Cover Orange Players Pack 3 - Cover the orange by strategically dropping the given objects to protect it from the deadly rain
Euro Free Kick 2012 - A soccer sports game Using the mouse shoot the ball to score goals and then defend against the adversary's penalties.
Speed Friends - Compete against other cars. Win the race to unlock new tracks.
Stick Figure Badminton 2 - Try your hand at badminton. Use the arrow keys (WASD) to move and jump, space to strike.
TU-95 - The flight simulator of the larger Tupolev plane. Use the arrow keys to move, F to modify the flaps, G to operate the landing gear.
Extreme Skater - Breeze through the forest at terrifying speeds while performing life threatening stunts to truly live the life of an Extreme Skater in this thrilling skateboard game.
Risky Rider 5 - Ride and perform stunts to score points and upgrade your bike.
Demolition Drive 2 - Set the angle of the ramp, using the mouse, so your truck destroys as many cars as possible.
GTO Drift - Guide the race car using the magnet. Collect the stars and reach the finish line without crashes. Upgrade your car when you earn money.
Police Car Parking - Park the police car at the crime scene without crashes.
Moto X Madness 2 - Ride your bike and perform the craziest stunts you dare.
New Star Soccer - Become a soccer star. Start out in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by training hard, scoring goals and keeping your boss, team mates and fans happy.
Rich Cars 2 - Shoot your way to the finish line while being chased by the police.
Train Mania - Load the cargo in the wagon and transport it to the destination.
Brick 2 - Control the brick with the mouse or keyboard. Get the brick at final flag, collecting as many stars as possible and avoiding all enemies.
ATV Offroad Lightning - Grab the throttle and go as fast as you can to score huge points with massive air. Use your nitro at just the right time and go even bigger.
Hanger 2 Endless Level Pack - Here is the best levels of the second installment of the Hanger. Swing with the arrow keys and release the cord with the spacebar. Stay alive until the end with as many body parts as you can.
Basketball Dare - Shoot the ball into the basket, select the exact power and angle to shoot the basketball. There are 35 exciting and challenging levels.
Ion Drift Epsilon - Drive and stay on track in your hovercraft.
New York Shark - Control the shark that terrorizes, eats and destroys everything in the waters around New York. Dive deep and come back up for a super jump. Arrow keys and A/Ctrl for a bite.
Junkyard Stunts - Ride the bike in the junkyard and avoid faceplants.
Motorcycle Fun - Finish the race without tipping over.
Bomb Transport - Drive the truck, and don't lose the bombs and deliver them to destination.
Super Drift 3D - Classic arcade style 3D racer, inspired by Ridge Racer, Outrun 2 and Initial D - with challenging drift mechanics. Remember to counter steer. Arrow Keys to steer. C to change camera. Space to reset car.
Tequila Zombies - Choose your weapon and kill zombies. Upgrade your weapons as you go. use down arrow to pick up the power ups.
4v4 ATV Offroad - Drive your ATV over hills and valleys and arrive fast and undamaged
Speedway Challenge - Race around the track as you earn money to buy new cars
Stickman Freeride - Ride the bike with arrow keys, jump with space. Upgrade your bike. To start click on map and choose the level.
UFO Mission - Abduct the sheep on the farms. To pick them up you need to float above them and slowly descend. Avoid hitting the walls or objects.
Number Ninjas - Each level has an equation that needs to be solved, shown in red at top left corner. Find the correct weapon and defeat other numbers.
Burst Racer 2 - A cool racing game. Play the single mode or multiplayer (up to 4 players). Drive cars, tanks, trucks, boats, planes and formula 1 cars.
Air Hockey World Cup - Use the mouse to strike the puck with your mallet. Score more than the adversary.
Jet Velocity 2 - Race ships across futuristic race tracks and unlock new ships!
TU 46 - Pilot the TU-46 without crashes. Upgrade it when possible. Watch the in-game tutorial.
18 Wheeler - Put your truck driving skills to the test. How quick can you park the 18 wheeler.
Cargo Fire Truck - Drive with this cool firefighter cargo truck and deliver the fire fighter items as quickly as you can.
Fizzy Frenzy - Manage the soda cans factory.
Christmas BMX - Santa rides the BMX to deliver gifts and must do stunts to earn points.
Volcania - Use imagination and skills and find the exit in each level.
Bubble Struggle 3 - Shoot or avoid the bouncing bubbles New levels, new weapons and new powerups. Arrow to move space to shoot.
Uphill Rush 4 - Race all types of vehicles and upgrade whenever you have enough funds.
Cars Vs. Zombies - Click on the car to start it and smash zombies and then stop it.
Slam Drift - Steal the ambulance and go for a joy ride, make the police earn their paycheck for once. Survive as long as you can and go for the high score.
Ouka - One rule for the entire game: click on the flower blossom symbol to continue.
Flight 3D Acrobatics Training - Pilot your plane and perform all the acrobatics required in each level.
Armed With Wings Culmination - Pursue the elusive Vandheer Lorde by controlling the shadowy protagonist with the arrow keys. Swing your sword with the A key, tapping 3 more times in succession for a chain attack. Continuous strikes build combo points and fill the bars to enable your special attack (S,D,W keys)
Fall Damage - Use the walls to slide slowly and don't crack your egg shell. Use space to activate the parachute.
Freeway Fury 2 - Speed on the freeway and then jump from vehicle to vehicle. Arrow to steer and hold Z and arrow to jump.
Feed Us 2 - Get to the top of the food chain by completing challenging objectives.
Mad Bomb 2 - Destroy the zombie using the bomb. You control the bomb moves with arrow keys. Ignite the bomb and then close on the zombies to blow them up.
Asleep Walking - Stop or start the sleepwalker as to avoid dangers and obstacles. Space or click to control the walker.
Mario Castle Defense - Buy weapons and defend the castle against the waves of enemies.
Open Sails at Golden Isles - Guide your ship through the maze, collect the gold.
Pixel Physics - Use the ball to aim and shoot at the blocks and get them off the platform to score at least the minimum required to pass the level.
Candy Delivery - Load the truck with candy and delivery at destination.
Halloween Motorbike - Ride the very unstable Halloween bike, doing stunts to get points.
Handless Millionaire - Be faster than the guillotine and get the big prize
Toy Car Parking - Park the toy car without crashes.
Hanger 2 - Use arrow keys to swing and space to send and release the rope. Careful with the body parts!
Viking Delivery - Load the viking weapons on the back of your truck and take them back to base.
Save the Moon - The moon has exploded, it's your mission to rebuild it. Using cheese.
A Small Car 2 - Complete every race in the shortest time possible.
Temple Rider - Drive your car through the platforms and loops in this fun futuristic racing game.
Run Ninja Run - Using the arrow keys jump and duck to avoid obstacles and stay alive.
Crazy Topy - Ride Topy with arrow keys, jump with space shoot with the mouse. Overcome all obstacles and upgrade.
Goosplosion - Remove as many goo balls from the playing field as possible. Collide your balls with goo balls to cause chain reactions
3D Furious Driver - Choose your setting and drive and win the 3D races.
Box 10 Rampage - Fight and win. Arrow keys to move, A to jump, S to shoot, D to punch.
Night Racer - Ride the bike through the night. Use the arrow keys to move and tilt the bike.
Ship Loader - Stow all the crates in the hold using the crane. Click to activate the magnets.
Notebook Drift - Choose your car and drive it using magnets. Collect all the stars.
Cyclomaniacs 2 - 20 riders and bikes to unlock, 26 tracks, 70 achievements, and 20 bike horns. Arrow keys to control the bike, X or spacebar to bunny hop, B to use your horn (if you have one)
Vexation 2 - Using arrow keys arrive to the green square exit. Each level is more difficult than the previous.
Super Drift 3D - Classic arcade style 3D racer, inspired by Ridge Racer, Outrun 2 and Initial D - with challenging drift mechanics. Arrow keys to steer, C to change camera.
Lethal Racing 2 - Race your vehicle through various levels to try and beat the time limit to win! Collect coins for extra points and upgrade your truck at the end of the level.
Tank Blitz Zero - Move with arrow keys, space to launch rockets, shift to switch weapons.
Hurry Up Bob 2 - Move up from platform to platform with arrow keys to avoid the acid bath.
Mario's Basketball - Score as many points as you can. When you score with a star you get double points.
Cat In A Cape - Despite the name the character looks so much like a monkey and behaves so much like Mario.
Never Lose Rope - Move and jump with arrow keys, click to launch the rope with the hook, balance and climb higher obstacles.
Rolling Hero 3 - Using the arrow keys roll the platform and get the hero to the exit on each level, avoiding the enemies
Cat God vs. Sun King - As the Cat God prevent the puny mortals build a temple for the Sun King
Go go Agent Zero - Run and shoot the enemies, throw grenades, ride a jetski and drive fast cars.
Run From the Sun - Click to send the rocket from planet to planet away from the Sun storm. The rocket can only jump a limited distance.
Dude and Zombies - Kill the waves of hungry zombies and repair your car quickly to get out. Move and jump with arrow keys
Uphill Rush 2 - Ride the bike and win the race to unlock new cups and difficulty modes.
Wheelbox The Fallen Star - Solve puzzles and collect fragments of the star as you move and jump with arrow keys.
Penguin Overlords - Send you army of penguins to eliminated the invading turtles. Upgrade and increase your army as you play.
Motocros - Ride the difficult track and arrive unhurt at destination.
Trucksformers - Drive the transformer monster truck on the dangerous track. Arrive in one piece.
Coaster Racer 2 - Ride the bike or drive the racing car on the 3D track.
Squario 2 - Similar with a Mario game, run with arrow keys, jump with Z, stomp on enemies.
Moto Trial Fest 2 - Ride the bike on the uneven terrain without crashes.
Rejoin - Rejoin the old demon with his lost soul parts. Run and jump wit harrow keys, use portals, avoid spikes.
Xonix 3D - Using arrow keys cut fragments of the platform until you win. Avoid enemies, collect bonuses.
Monster Truck Xtreme - Ride the truck and complete the extreme track.
Material Mole 2 - Deliver the load and find new tricks and hidden paths.
Soviet Bike - Ride the bike with the Russian girl.
Mario Tractor - Ride the tractor with arrow keys. collect coins.
Homer Motorbike - Ride the bike as Homer and collect sixpacks of Duff.
Addictive Balance - Stack all the objects in balance in each level.
Valet Parking - Park the cars in the designated spaces, without crashes. Use arrow keys to move the attendant and the car.
Shift 2 The Challenge - Find the exit in each level. Move and jump with the arrow keys, rotate space with shift.
Grand Prix Go - Use your skills to control the car on the track and win.
Sonic Truck - Collect the golden rings and transport your cargo to the destination.
Pizza Truck - Load the truck and deliver the pizzas to the destination.
Truck Mania 2 - Pick your big rig and race through these dangerous levels without losing your load. Pull tractors, haul cars and other unstable loads to the finish line to unlock new trucks and levels.
Micro Bike Master - Ride the bike over the office supplies.
Traffic Command 3 - Manage the traffic without accidents.
3D Quad Bike Racing - Drift and barge your way to the finish line as you challenge your fellow quad racers for the ultimate victory!
Skull Driver - You have to perform a certain number of backflips with the truck to pass the level.
Reverse Parking - Park in reverse and control the car in tight spaces using arrow keys.
Heli Blitz - Shoot down all enemies. Control the helicopter with the mouse. Shoot with the mouse. You might need to redo several times each wave and upgrade your weapons and armor.
Mad Shapes - Place in the right place the shapes so they roll and touch the other objects of similar color.
Dirt Bike Sahara Challenge - Ride the Bike on the dunes of Sahara using arrow keys.
Helicopter Strike Force - Gun down all enemy helicopters, vehicles and barracks.
Piperiders - Use arrow keys to accelerate and turn. Go for as long as you can.
Death Worm - Guide the worm with arrow keys to explode vehicles and kill.
Checkpoint - A fun platform game. Move and duck with arrow keys. Jump with spacebar.
Super Mario Truck - Drive with arrow keys. Load the truck and deliver all packages.
Ultimate Physics Game - Complete 40 levels by removing objects, stacking blocks and using explosives.
Hillblazer - Ride with arrow keys and perform stunts.
Diepix Arena 2 - Shoot your way through all waves of enemies. Move with arrows/WASD and shoot with mouse.
Soviet Rocket Giraffe - Launch the giraffe head and guide it with arrow keys for as long as you can
Maya Boom - Place the bombs with the mouse,then press spacebar to detonate.
Defend The Village 2 - Drag and throw the enemies around until they die. Don't let them attack your village.
Let The Bullets Fly 2 - Kill all the characters in the level. You can be killed too by the ricochet.
Rollball The Ultimate Sportpack - Control the ball with the arrow keys, space to jump. Don't let it fall off the track.
Super Mario Moto - Ride the bike and collect the coins.
Taxi Rush - Steer with side arrow keys. up and down to control speed, spacebar to jump.
Truck Loader 2 - Load the boxes in to the truck using the magnet. Move the loader with arrow keys.
War of the Words - Type the falling words to destroy them before they reach the planet.
Jelly Cannon - Unite the yellow jelly balls by shooting with the jelly cannon.
360 - Rotate the platforms with arrow keys, get the key and the chest. Avoid the bombs.
DN8 - Control the ship with the mouse. It fires automatically.
Run 2 - A 3D running game. Avoid obstacles with arrow keys, jump with spacebar.
Balls Chemical Experiment - Press the button in the correct order with the gun of the same color. Complete the puzzle on each level. To switch the gun shoot the cube with the correct color.
Grunge Balls - Hold your mouse down and drag an arrow to move the balls to the (same symbol) toilet.
Star Stunt Biker - Ride the bike with the arrow keys.
Chisel 2 - Press spacebar to drill the planet. Up and down arrows to jump in the air and land on top of enemies. Cut the planet to the required size.
Bulldozer Mania - Move and control the blade with the arrow keys.
Cubium - Use the mouse as a slingshot. Click in the circle and release to launch projectiles.
Moto Drive - Ride the bike with arrow keys.
Neon Drive - Complete the race without crashes.
Doodle Jumping - Jump from tree to tree without falling.
Clowning Around - Cut the chain and collect the clown heads in the barrels. Sometimes you have to separate them by color.
Multitask 2 - How good are you at multitasking? Test yourself.
Easter Truck - Deliver the Easter stuff to the destination. Drive and balance with arrow keys.
Pigs Can Fly - Using various colored cursors drag the pig to the potion.
Drop Dead 3 - Inflict as much damage as possible on the dummy bear in a limited number of mouse pulls.
Formula Racer - Win races and unlock new features. Drive with arrow keys and spacebar to turbo.
Box Clever Level Pack - Move and jump the blue blob to find the its pair. Avoid the green bubbles, the spikes and the red stuff.
Bart On Skate - Use arrow keys to move, brake and balance. Spacebar to jump.
Judgement Day Bike - In a bleak future ride your bike catch and detonate the grenades.
Splitter Pals - Split the wooden objects to make the character drop to the brown ball and collect all stars. You have a limited number of cuts.
Angry Animals - Shoot animals with the rubber band and destroy the aliens.
Glacier Rally - Grab the coins with the snowmobile. Use the arrow keys to move and balance.
Red Dragon Rampage - Control the dragon with the mouse. Click to attack or to grab. Defend daddy dragon. Upgrade your powers.
Panzertroopers - Move the tank with arrow keys and aim and shoot with the mouse.
Ice Age Rampage - Use the arrow keys to move and balance and shoot snow balls with spacebar
Sky Island - Jump from one sky island to another collect all gold coins and stars. At times you need to change your perspective: click and drag on the screen.
Color Cleaner - A nice puzzler. Clean all blocks in a limited number of clicks. clicks eliminate all same color blocks that are in contact.
Cycle Commando - Ride fast without crashes, do stunts, collect bonuses. Use arrow keys.
Hedghog Vik - Solve all the puzzles one by one use mouse to drag various object, launch projectiles and arrow keys to rotate them
Ragdoll Salvation - Shoot the arrow at the hanging ragdoll and save it before the time runs out.
iStunt 2 - Side arrow keys to control the skier. Collect the speed boosts and stars.
Zyl 2 - The second installment of the famous Zyl. More puzzles that require better reflexes. Click to drop the ball in the hole.
Coast Runners - A game of racing speedboats, controlled by arrow keys.
Castle Clout 3 New Age - Destroy all the castles using the trebuchet. Swing and launch with mouse clicks.
Ultimate Doodle Man - Swing the doodle man and grapple the cliffs and advance for as long as you can. Click to grapple.
Mario Motorbike 2 - Ride the bike with arrow keys collect coins and perform stunts.
Rex Racer - Collect eggs and get a speed boost from the cavemen.
Rolling Hero - Using the arrow keys roll the platform and get the hero to the exit on each level, avoiding the enemies.
Ben 10 Motorbike - Ride the bikes on roofs. Do acrobatics, don't crash.
Necrorun - Ride with the Lord of Death, jump with X attack with the mouse click.
Fast Sniper 2 - The targets are moving. You got one shot to eliminate them. Think fast.
Selena Wars - Control the ship and fire with the mouse. Upgrade the ship's armor and weapons.
Go Go Sunshine - Start the game with spacebar. Jump the sun from cloud to cloud but don't let it fall in the water.
Zoo Truck - Load the truck and carefully deliver the cargo. Use the arrow keys.
Ricochet War - Kill all enemies in each level directly or by ricochet. You can be killed too.
Mario Star Scramble 2 - Start the game with arrow keys and spacebar. Collect the coins and jump on top of the enemies.
RPG Rider - Move and tilt forwards and backwards arrow keys.
Wrath of Evil - Use the archers to defend the gates against the evil attack. Upgrade the weapons when you can.
Lifeguard Rescue - Rescue the drowning kids and bring them to the lifeguard tower. Watch out for sharks and boats. Swim with arrow keys.
Bicycle Drag - Bet on each race and win. Use the arrow keys.
Swift Turn - Using arrow keys to move and jump and activate various switches, complete each level.
Ninja Dogs - Rescue the old master back from the evil black cats. Shoot with mouse, survey the target with arrow keys.
Operation Triplane Norden - Fly the plane (arrow keys) and shoot the enemies with X, Z to drop bombs. You got really to exercise to be able to turn the plane back.
Mario Zone - Help Mario reach the palace using arrow keys, spacebar to shoot.
Sift Heads World Ultimatum - The last chapter of the Sift Head World. Use the mouse to move and interact, spacebar to equip the weapon, R to reload.
Tactical Assassin 3 - Aim and shoot with your mouse to eliminate targets.
Monster Truck Demolisher - Move and balance with arrow keys, spacebar to jump
Ninja Hamster Vs. Robots. - Use the mouse to attack the sushi robot. Upgrade when you have enough funds.
Mario Zeppelin - Pilot the zeppelin with with the arrow keys, collect coins.
Operation L.O.A.D - Click and drag to move or use arrow keys (WASD) Click to shoot Click self or use Shift to dodge/dash Double-click to enter boost mode to catch up to the rocket Click and hold self to load rockets then click anywhere to launch Swipe enemy to melee.
SkyFire 2 - Choose your warrior control it and shoot with the mouse. Activate magic with the spacebar.
Super Sonic Motorbike - Ride the Sonic bike with arrow keys.
Gravity Control - Get the green ball to the exit trap by rotating the space and controlling gravity. Avoid traps. Use side arrow keys to rotate.
Mini Monster Challenge 2 - Ride the truck and balance it with arrow keys. Switch up and down the gears with Q and E.
Blend Rider - Move and lean with arrow keys.
Mario Bros Motocross - Use the arrow keys to ride, collect the coins.
Traffic Command 2 - Manage the traffic by clicking on the traffic lights. Click on the disabled vehicles to remove them from the street. You have to let a certain number of cars in a given period of time to be successful.
Perfect Balance 3 Last Trials - Place all given objects in perfect balance and don't touch any of the bombs.
Coal Express 4 - Complete the transport to destination without too many lost packages. Move with arrow keys or WASD.
Aequilibrium 3 - Click to remove the orange shapes while maintaining the balance.
Operation Fox - Shoot everybody before they kill you. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Monster Hummer - Ride the hills with arrow keys and don't crash.
Snowboard Rush - Collect gold coins to purchase items and stunts. Hold up/down keys to speed up. Keys 1-5 to perform stuns.
Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal - The robot unicorn will jump and double-jump with Z key and use X for the dash of death.
Ice Rider - Ride your bike on ice road and perform stunts. Move and balance with arrow keys.
Flood - Plug the flood and save at least the minimum required percentage of land on each level. Move with arrow keys, place sand bags with space.
Mecharon Survival - The survival version of the game. Move around the base you protect with arrow keys and shoot with the mouse. Collect powerups.
Ninja Game - Reach the portal on each level by jumping, clinging on obstacles and avoiding traps.
Mario Ride - Ride the bike with arrow keys, collect stars and coins, don't crash.
Tealy and Orangey - Using the arrow keys get both balls at the exit.
Man In Gap - Get the stick man in the gap before the jaws close. Move with arrow keys.
Lofty Tower 2 - Raise the tower by dragging the shapes to create a stable tower. Use the arrow keys to rotate the shape.
Bad Ice Cream - Break the ice blocks, collect fruits and avoid being flattened by the enemies! You can also create blocks. Move with arrow keys, break and create blocks of ice with spacebar.
Stunt Run - Drive your monster truck and arrive at the flag jumping, flipping, and crashing through ten levels of awesomeness.
Highway Justice - Drive with arrow keys in pursuit of the targets to be destroyed.
The Gravity Tangram - Drag, rotate and drop the patterns to fill the dotted-outline. Don't let them fall off the platform.
Give Up, Robot 2 - The sequel to his puzzle platformer starring a robot with a grappling hook. As in the first game, you'll use that hook to swing your hero across a series of screens replete with obstacles, bottomless pits, and instant-kill lasers.
Meteor Wars - Steer the drill towards the falling meteors and destroy them.
Christmas Runner - Run for as long as you can, avoiding obstacles. Click to jump, spacebar to roll. Upgrade your running, jumping skills
Color World - Shoot a colored projectile and hit the appropriate face to make it smile. Use the mouse to set the direction and force of the shot.
Kamikaze Blocks - Shoot all the blocks off the platform with a limited number of shots.
Topsy Turvy - Turn the world around as you go, get to the flag, avoid spikes. Use arrow keys to move.
Tractor Mania - Deliver the cargo at destination. Use the arrow keys to control it.
Inferno Meltdown - Extinguish fires, rescue people. Upgrade your firebot with coins you collect. Arrows to move, jump, space to drop a sprinkler, mouse to spray water.
Super Santa Kicker - Control the reindeer to kick Santa down the chimney in each level. Set the right trajectory and force with the mouse.
DuBlox - Talking about addictive games? Try this: roll the DuBlox from the green to the red tiles. Use arrow keys to move the blocks.
Paper Train - Control railway traffic without crashes. Stop, start and switch tracks by clicking at intersections.
Rewind - Control space and time to collect all the magic gems and escape from the prison. Move and jump with arrow keys, spacebar rewinds the time.
Agility - Connect the two chips using the arrow keys, avoiding the obstacles.
Fly Zombie Fly - Balance the zombie and launch with the spacebar. Buy accessories that will propel the zombie to a longer distance (activate them with the numeric keys)
Dash Or Crash - Manage the traffic safely. Click on vehicles to speed them up, slow down or stop them.
Traffic Command - Manage the traffic by clicking to flip the color of the lights. Keep the drivers happy and the traffic flowing without accidents.
Uphill Rush 3 - Run the bike and do stunts. Arrows to accelerate, reverse and lean, spacebar to do jump/stunts
Gravity Guy - Reverse the polarity of the world to manipulate your surroundings to reach the end. Spacebar or mouse click to flip gravity
Storm Ops - Shoot all enemies and earn money to upgrade the weapon. Aim and shoot with mouse, R to reload.
Magnetic Rush - Try to get both magnets into the targets by making them attract or repulse each other. Up arrow to attract magnets Down arrow to repulse them.
Neon Race - Race like a pro, smash into the red vehicle but avoid the purple ones. Earn cash and upgrade. Drive with arrow keys, X to turbo.
Nimball Rewind - Complete the level moving with arrow keys. If you make any mistake rewind with spacebar.
Meaningless Violence - Battle angry villagers, orcs, giants, and zombies through 16 levels of meaningless violence! You can buy new weapons, armor and special attacks.
Ever Rising Water - Catch the objects falling and unload them with the click of the mouse when there are at least 3 of a matching color. Change the color of the boat with the numeric keys.
Gingerbread Circus 2 - Pop balloons, shoot bottles, but spare the partner. Be fast and accurate.
GunBlood - Draw your gun as fast as possible and kill your opponent before he kills you. Aim for the head. Survive all nine rounds to win the game.
Fireboy and Watergirl III - The Fireboy and Watergirl have to work together to complete all levels. Move and jump with arrows (Fire) and WASD the Water.
K.O.L.M - You're a broken robot. Fix yourself up to please Mother.Do as you're told.You don't want to let her down, and you can't even jump yet.
Mercenaries 2 - Move and jump with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse.
Paper Venture - Guide the little guy to the exit door. Use the mouse to control the block.
Raving Rabbids Travel in Time - Using the mouse aim and throw explosive toilet paper rolls to eliminate the cavemen before the time runs out.
Desert Rifle 2 - Kill all attackers wave after wave. Upgrade your weapons and purchase ammunition, armor and other equipment. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Chaos Bouncie - Click the mouse to shoot a ball. Get the highest score with a limited number of balls. Move the ball with side arrows (AD).
Drop Dead 2 - Use the mouse to fling the ragdoll and other objects. The more damage you cause the more points you get. Replay the levels for bigger score and to unlock things.
Black Devilfish - Command your submarine as you take out pirate ships and fortified islands and their cannons.
Blazing Assassin - Fancy yourself as a hot shot assassin? Prove your worth by shooting enough targets to progress. Mouse - Aim / Shoot. R - Reload. Spacebar - Switch Weapon.
Skill Archer - Arrive at the exit moving with arrow keys and shoot the orb using the mouse. Avoid the traps.
Saturday Night Bloodfest - Play in practice or survival mode. Move with arrows shoot with the mouse.
Truck Load - Use the arrow keys to move the box in the designated place.
Momentum Master 2 - Use the momentum to propel your spider around the world. Swing: Left Mouse Button. Detach: Release Left Mouse Button. Go Up: X or Up Key. Go Down: Z or Down Key.
Platformation - Reach the exit door. You might need to collect the key first. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Z will create a platform. There's a limited number of platforms per level.
Exit Path - Run, jump and crouch with the arrow keys.
Funny Man - Funny Man needs to find the path to the exit. Help him build it, drag objects and move with the arrow keys.
Running Ink - Run the parkour style levels. Move and hold on to the walls with arrow keys, jump with spacebar.
Trajectory - Bounce balls off walls and objects to reach the goal. Complete levels using as few balls as you can, as fast as you can. Click and hold the mouse button, then release it to fire a ball. Red blocks explode on impact, and the ball is lost.
Alien Thief - Steal cows with the light beam (space or mouse click), collect stars to complete the level. Use the keyboard controls or the mouse.
Blosics 3 - Shoot balls using the mouse to aim and destroy the walls and score the required number of points (don't touch the red bricks, they will get you negative points)
Dirt Bike Championship - Race the bike and try to win against your opponent. Move and balance the bike with arrow keys
Coaster Racer - Race on a roller coaster using the arrow key. N nitro, M freestyle.
Trafficator - Manage the traffic, click to stop cars from running over people and don't create traffic jams.
Stunt Mania 3 - Press and hold the corresponding key while in air to perform stunts.Be sure to release the key before landing. Left/right arrow to move the bike,up/down to lean, spacebar to turn back.
Gibbets 2 Level Pack - Aim and shoot with the mouse. Save the condemned in as little tries as possible and don't hurt him.
Firefighter Cannon - Eliminate all fires with your water cannon. Complete each level in the least amount of shots to get a higher score.
Vegas Traffic Mayhem - Click to control traffic lights. Manage the traffic without accidents.
Steam Droid - Move with arrow keys shoot with the mouse, collect scrap tokens and purchase powerups. Save other steam droids.
Reflexion - An awesome game of skills and shootings. Mouse to move, Space to change color. Reflect the bullets back at the enemies use momentum to aim! Shift to fling bombs, control to activate super mode. Go to settings to change to keyboard controls.
Visible 3 - Find your way to the exit of each level. There are traps or steps hidden in the reflection. Move and jump with arrow keys (WASD)
World Basketball Championship - Compete against other teams in a championship. Use the mouse to score.
Neon Rider World - Ride the bike on the color of the path. WASD to move and balance, arrow keys to change the color of the bike to match the road.
Aequilibrium 2 - Click to remove all red objects but keep the balance.
Hanger - Go as far as you can using the spider-like rope. Use arrow keys to swing and to vary the length of the rope. Spacebar to release re-attache the rope.
Bubble Quod 2 - Free yourself from the bubble. Move and jump with the arrow keys, space bar to switch the character.
Acrobatic Rider - Arrow keys to move and balance the bike, keys 1 thru 6 for acrobatics.
Quick Switch - Hover the mouse over a platform to make it solid. Collect all stars to open the portal.
Monster Truck Attack - Grab trucks and throw them against the ground and grab the stars before they reach your base.
Ballista - Fire arrows and pop the balloons. Use your mouse to aim, click and hold to power up, release to shoot.
Air Transporter - Get the load and place it on the designated spot. Use arrow keys to move the copter, S and W to release the rope and X to hinge/unhinge.
Car Chaos - Avoid crashes by clicking on various cars to make them go faster, slow down or stop.
Running Man 2 - Run and jump using arrow keys across the deadly arena full of obstacles and monsters and collect as much coins as you can
Recoil 1.3 Noobs - Using arrow keys get the spring to the exit of each level.
Drag the Box Two - Control the green box with the mouse, trying to stay onscreen while avoiding obstacles. Grab the blue powerups and click to activate the bonus. Do tricks and combos.
Bike Champ 2 - Use the arrow keys to move and balance the bike. Be the champ!
Build the Bridge - Drag and drop the objects to create a safe path for the train. The left arrow starts the train. Use the mouse to move the view.
Upstream Kayak - Up arrow to use the paddle, spacebar to jump, tricks keys 1 thru 4, side arrows to rotate kayak.
Of Crates and Creatures - Move crates, move lasers so the bugs doesn't get anything. Use arrow keys or WASD.
18 Goal Golf - Combine football (soccer) and golf and this is what you get...a football in the hole.
E7 - Find the bomb targeting the Earth. Move with arrow keys. Down arrow will press the ground down and it will launch in the air
Dummy Never Fails - Community - Shoot the dummy towards the target. Inflict as much pain as possible.
Flabby Physics - Collide the ball with the star to complete the level. Use the spacebar to bounce the ball.
Scarlet Horizon - Control the plane with the mouse and drop bombs to destroy the buildings
Give Up, Robot! - Move and jump with arrow keys.Z/A to fire the grappling hook, up/down to adjust the height and then left/right to swing.
Avalon Siege - Conquer all kindoms in the world with the cannon. Use the mouse to set the trajectory and fire.
The Other Side - Find the exit, move and jump with arrow keys (WASD)
Gem Defender - Use the arrow keys to move, jump and duck. Aim and shoot at the enemies using the mouse. Collect money and buy upgrades in the shop. Collect the gems.
Color Theory - Walk towards the exit (the white blob) and change color by touching the "+" sign. Move and jump with arrow keys.
Crush the Castle 2 - Destroy and conquer castle after castle. Use the mouse to swing second click to launch.
Duck Life 2 - Train your duck and compete in races in order to become the world champion.
Epic Coaster - Jump with spacebar and ride the coaster for as long as you can in this Canabalt knockoff (even the music reminds you of it)
Stunt Master - Break stuff and bones, hit targets, go airborne. In a movie. Up arrow to move spacebar to do all kind of cool stuff.
FMX Team 2 - Ride and balance the bike with arrow keys. Keys 1 to 6 to perform stunts
Freeway Fury - Speed down the highway and score points by jumping between cars!
Ancient Alchemy - Turn 3D objects into solid gold. Find numbers one after another as fast as you can before the time runs out. Use arrow keys to rotate the object, or drag it with the mouse
Draw Ball 2 - Use lines, portals and powerups to get the ball to the goal in this challenging physics game
IQ Ball - The spiky ball needs to touch the target sign (white and red). Point with the mouse and use try to get close.
Cosmo Blob - Guide the red blob with the mouse to the exit portal. Stay on the checkered path.
Pipol Smasher - Click on the cars to make them move and again to make them stop. You need to smash the people but spare the poor cars.
Ricochet Kills 2 - Ricochet is back with more shadowy figures to kill. Choose wisely your shooting angle.
Blast Up - A click of the mouse provokes a blast that moves the ball towards the pins that you need to knock over in order to finish the level. There are all kinds of obstacles that you need to avoid.
Beat Streak - You know the game: paper beats rock. Rock beats roll...wait can you play rock with scissors and stone. Click on the winning object to beat whatever the game sends at you.
Dr. Sweetvalley's Machine - The machine is broken. Pilot a probe with arrow keys (or the arrows at the right/down) and collect all parts scattered across numerous levels.
Rise 'n Shine - Click and drag a star to shoot it. Bump into others to wake them up all.
Typing Defense - A game of typing speed and accuracy. Destroy the asteroids by typing their name. Collect upgrades and special weapons.
Hell Riders - Race your bike with the arrow keys while the flames are trying to engulf you.
Rotate and Roll - Rotate the structure with the side arrow keys and make the balls collide with the big bubble. Avoid the spiky balls
Quick Sand - Quick to exit before the sand fills the cave. Move and jump and jump higher with arrows.
Flop Shot Minigolf - Click in the circle around the ball to aim, click again as the strength varies to shoot.
Evasion Racer - Complete all 6 levels each one has a different challenge. Between levels visit the upgrade store and choose your improvement. Move with arrow keys (WASD), spacebar nitro.
Catch the Moon - A game of planet hopping to arrive at the crescent moon. Move with side arrow keys and jump with space, collect stars. Take into account the gravity force and black holes.
Square Ball - Move the paddles with the mouse and press any key to release the ball when you are ready. The goal is to get the ball into the square.
Backyard Sports Sandlotsluggers - Choose your player and start from hitting a homerun.
FOG Golf - Use the arrow keys to view and navigate the golf course. Choose the appropriate club. Press the spacebar to start your swing and press again to select the power.
Chisel - Drill and slice the planet to a smaller size to win. Beware of exploding creatures and deadly contraptions. Use down arrow to drill, and left/right arrows to move. Check the hints with H.
Angular Momentum - Objective: move the ball (using arrow keys) to the destination, use the momentum to pass the obstacles.
Figure Fix - Balance the wooden objects in this physics based puzzler. Drag objects to stack them up and rotate them with the spacebar.
The Legend of Walther - Use your mouse to aim your crossbow and click to shoot. Evade enemy arrows by moving your crossbow. Capture the fort.
Gibbets 2 - The second episode of the game. Use the arrows to shoot at the ropes and free the men condemned to the gallows.
Icy Tower - Jump up as fast as you can. Arrow to move and space to jump. Make high jumps in quick succession to activate the combo mode.
Desert Rider - Move and balance with the arrow keys. Enter to change direction. Game will be saved when you reach save points.
Dummy Never Fails - Shoot the dummy towards the target. Try to cause as little damage as possible.
Truck Mania - Bring the cargo to the destination. Use the arrow keys for forward, brake and leaning.
Paperclip Physics - Drag the paper ball inside the box and hit the objects to make them fall over.
The Flood Runner 2 - Run, the flood is behind you! Jump or double jump with mouse click or spacebar, when the wings bar is green you can fly.
Tank Destroyer 2 - A sequel to the original episode, makes the tank much more nimble. Move with arrows (WASD) aim and shoot with the mouse, Spacebar to exit or enter the tank.
Space Runner - How long can you last running? Avoid obstacles by jumping, rolling or diving, Use the arrow keys.
Destroy the Village - Direct the bomb, using the arrow keys to the village and destroy it.
Sift Heads World - A mafia game with an excellent storyline, cool characters, and loads of fun. Complete each mission, gather money, and shoot your way to the top.
Bobulous - Cpt. Bobulous eats all the smaller enemies and grows bigger! Control him with the mouse.
Overmode - Battle through 3 levels in 15 different modes. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Arrow keys or WASD to move.
The Gravity Hook HD - From the creators of Canabalt: click on gravity hooks to get as high as you can. Beware of the exploding ones.
Turtle Break - Brick breaker with a twist--launch as many balls at a time as you have lives. Mouse to move and launch.
Vector Effect - Avoid enemy ships and shoot them. WASD/arrows to move, mouse to shoot, shift or space to drop bombs