Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Ricochet Kills Space - Kill zombies in space.
Dawn of the Sniper - Protect the humans. Upgrade your weapon.
Earn To Die - Exodus - One one of the kill the zombies series.
Max Fury Death Racer - Flip to get nitro
Mad Day -
Stick Squad 2 - Complete mission after mission while upgrading your weapons.
Blob Thrower 2 - Reunite the yellow blow by shooting black blobs.
Sentry Knight 2 - Defend the fort wave after wave, upgrade weapons and defenses.
Bloody Harry - The bloody chef battle against zombies
Stick Squad - Complete the missions, earn money, upgrade your weapons, defeat the enemy.
Galaxy Siege 2 - Add modules to your starship and conquer all the planets in the Galaxy
Laser Cannon 3 Level Pack - Shoot all the monsters in each level.
Drawfender Level Pack - Draw structure to defend the guy in the suit against the cannon balls.
Gate - Create deadly spells from the numbers carried by the attacking monsters and send them using the spacebar.
Ricochet Kills 4 - A new series of levels for the famous shooting game.
Last Line Of Defense 2nd Wave - Defend yourself against the waves of attackers. Upgrade your weapons and defenses.
Magical Glory - Defend your castle by upgrading the defenses and weapons.
Death Lab - Kill the opponents with bullets and grenades
The Three Towers - Stop the bugs' invasion. Control one of the towers with the mouse. Upgrade and repair any of the others by dragging the purchased item.
Frantic Sky - Control you ship and avoid the fire and destroy the enemy. Upgrade your fighter.
Zombinsanity - Clear the space station of zombies.
Siege of Troy 2 - Defend the Troy against the Greek attackers.
Devil's Leap - Destroy all the angels using the red devil shape
Artilery Rush 2 - Using a limited number of projectiles destroy the enemy
Awesome Zombie Exterminators - Upgrade your shield and weapons and destroy all the zombies.
Sift Head Cartels Act 2 - And the adventure continues.
Pirates SOS - Shoot the bottles and free the souls of your fellow pirates.
Laser Cannon 3 - Destroy all the monsters in each level in as little shots as possible.
Mechanical Soldier - Shoot your way to mission completion.
Alien Attack Team - Kill all attacking aliens in each level. Move with WASD and shoot with the mouse.
The Peacekeeper - Shoot with the mouse, release the fire button to crouch. Upgrade your weapons, when you can.
World War 3 - Shoot your way over the continents and eliminate enemy soldiers.
Balloons Vs Zombies 2 - Kill all the zombies in each level
Planet Wars - Move WASD shoot with the mouse. Upgrade often.
Field Forces - Training steps up several gears as you traverse the course and take on the instructors. Use your ammo sparingly and prove to the army that you're the best. W,S,A,D to move Mouse to aim Left click to shoot.
Alien Anarchy - Shoot incoming attackers. Upgrade your weapons and defenses.
Offroad Warrior - Use WASD to move, space to jump and mouse to shoot.
Mass Mayhem Zombies - This bloody expansion to the Mass Mayhem series introduces a kick-ass robot mech! Now you can kill waves and waves of zombies with your favorite weapon or use this killer robot. Both weapons and your robot can be upgraded.
Shotgun Vs Zombie - Move with arrow keys and shoot with X, melee with Z. Upgrade your weapons.
Nuclear Plant 2 - Grow the plant, run the research facility, defend yourself against monster while upgrading your weapons. Simple, isn't it?
Bubble Sky - Shoot colored balls in the color groups to remove them.
Gang Blast 2 - Shoot and remove the bandits off the platforms.
Color Tanks - Enter the arena in a paint shooting battle tank, upgrade it and blast your way to glory
Ricochet Kills 3 Level Pack - Shoot and kill everyone in each level.
Steampunk Tower - Buy weapons and defend the tower of incoming attackers. Upgrade then when you can.
Zombie Carnage - Buy weapons, shoot zombies and collect their brains, survive for five months.
Incoming Again - Defend your position against waves of attack. Upgrade your weapons.
Storm Ops 3 - The castle is under siege and you have to defend it for 25 days.
Synchronoir - Battle the organization to release the light.
Space Siege Warrior - Destroy the enemy base.
Central Alien Agency - Shoot down your attackers while defending and repairing (press down arrow) your crashed ship.
Made In Mafia - My first dirty job! Racing and action fans can sate their need for speed.
Water Buboy - Use the water cannon to extinguish the fires.
Fort Blaster Puzzle - Set the trajectory of the cannonball and destroy the army in the fort.
Last Battle - Shoot the attackers. Upgrade your defenses and weapons.
Quantum Patrol - Control your bot and defend him against attacking enemies.
Balloons Vs. Zombies - Use daggers and balloons to kill all the zombies
Engage - You were hired for combat missions in a research operation on an island full of huge flying creatures.
Artillery Rush - Shoot all the enemy soldiers and destroy their bridges and buildings.
Carveola Files - Contain the zombie outbreak using the resources you have. Place your soldiers strategically and upgrade the weapons when you have funds.
Iron Ladies - Draw a path for the Iron Ladies and reach the exit shooting the enemies and collecting coins for upgrades.
Dark Soul - Survive all 14 levels, get money and visit the shop to upgrade.
Sift Heads Assault 3 - Vinnie's back again for another action packed survival shooter. Try to survive as long as you can. A or D to run, W to jump, Spacebar to pick up items or cover, Press down (S) while running to roll or hold to move objects, Q to change weapons, R to reload.
Destructo Dog 2 - Defeat the army of cats in each level. Move and jump with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse.
Spaceman Vs. Monsters - Your mission is to rescue the team from alien monsters.
Accurate Slapshot Level Pack - Get the puck in the goal using the mouse to set the trajectory.
Spellstorm - Fight your way through the rooms and eliminate various creatures. Move with arrows shoot with mouse. Collect cash and other goodies. Upgrade when you have funds.
Kaboomz 4 - Pop all the balloons before they escape off screen. Each level is a puzzle that you have to solve in a minimum of shots.
The Most Wanted Bandido - Jump over obstacles, fight bandits and become the most notorious bandit!
Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse - Protect your bunker, upgrade your weapons and go on crazy zombie killing spree!
Spaceship - Destroy enemy ship and collect bonuses. Visit the shop for upgrades.
Groom On The Run - Stay unmarried for as long as you can. Jump from platform to platform and avoid obstacles with spacebar. Shoot with control key. Collect coins.
Decision 2 New York - Defend yourself against attacking zombies. Complete all the missions.
Pacific War - Choose your airplane and destroy all enemy naval and air ships. Mouse to shoot the gun and space for torpedoes.
Nuclear Plant - A (very) addictive game of shooting and strategy. Develop skills, defend yourself against monsters and grow the plant.
Awesome Tanks 2 - More complicated missions, better upgrades in this sequel of the tank shooter game.
Sift Heads Assault 2 - The sequel to the action shooter brings more missions, weapons and more enemies to eliminate.
Impale 2 - Shoot the zombie dummies and switch on all the red lights.
Fairytale Annihilation - Defend your helicopter from the attacking fairies. Use the mouse to shoot and arrows to move and jump. Down arrow fixes your helicopter and you can do than between the shootings.
Retriever - Your mission is to retrieve documents from offices, warehouses and shoot the guards and cops who stand in your way.
Mission Freedom - Fly your attack ship and shoot all the enemies, vehicles and buildings.
Endless Wars 5 - New missions, new guns are awaiting you. Move with WASD, shoot with mouse,space alternate attack, F grenade.
Zombie Situation - Kill the zombies as they come at you. Move with arrows, shoot with spacebar. Upgrade your weapon.
Cube Tank Arena - Control your tank with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse and win all fight, destroying the boss on each level. Press spacebar to go to the shop and upgrade.
Death Call - Shoot your targets fast and earn money to upgrade your weapon and health.
The Sniper 2 - Shoot the Nazi soldiers. Use spacebar to toggle between map and zoom view. There is a limited time to clear the area.
Fort Blaster Ahoy - Using the mouse set up the trajectory of the projectiles and destroy all the soldiers.
World Of Mutants 2 Reincarnation - The new WOM comes with new missions and abilities. Destroy all your enemies, upgrade your weapons and defenses.
Star Battle - Blast and shoot your way through various missions and collect the powerballs which activate the teleport at the end of every level. Show what you got and bring it on!
Sift Heads Assault - Shoot and destroy all your enemies and stay alive. Visit the upgrade shop, whenever possible.
King's Game - Shoot cannonballs and destroy the enemy castle.
Notebook Wars 3 - Get ready for the ultimate notebook shooter! you have 40 different planes and 20 upgradable weapons to buy, and a survival mode.
Glide - Using the mouse shoot the colored circle over the same color star in order to complete the level.
Nightmare Runner - Run away from monsters, click to jump, aim the pointer to shoot the monsters in your way. Survive as long as possible.
Angry Pirates - Angry pirates want to dominate the seas. They are using their cannon to sink all their enemies.
Killing Road - Ride the motorcycle and kill all zombies that are attacking you.
Boss Slayer - Control your ship with the mouse or arrow keys. Upgrade it any time you have funds. Destroy the 10 big invading ships in less than 10 days
Billy The Pilot - Use the mouse to move the catapult. Drag and release mouse to shoot Billy in the air. In air use WASD to move your plane if you have enough fuel Use spacebar to boost. You need to purchase the booster first.
Ricochet Kills 3 - Finally the 3rd in the series with more challenges and better graphics.
Dummy Crusher - Using various weapons crush the dummy, collecting bonuses when possible.
Cruel Balls - Shoot the balls with your cannon to destroy the enemies and their forts.
Clear Vision 5 - Make money as a sharp shooter. Complete missions and upgrade your gear.
Tank 2012 - Take charge of a tank and destroy anyone or anything which stands in your way.
Super Shooter - An action space shooter game with a challenging gameplay. Defeat the attacking enemy ships, upgrade your weapons and try to score the different awards.
Bloopers 2 - Shoot the heads into the portals.
Universal Fighter - In Universal Fighter you have to defeat the enemy fleet of attacking space ships. Shoot at them and score points. There are 2 different game modes available. Use the mouse to move and shoot.
Eggstinction - Last dinosaur egg fight the alien invasion. Move WASD, shoot with the mouse.
Kill the Heroes - Kill the Heroes invading your facility. Place defenses, research upgrades, and try different strategies to defeat all the Heroes.
Starmada - Control your ship with the mouse and destroy all incoming warships.
Jungle Wars - Throw grenades to kill all the pirates.
Magic Steel - Jump from platform to platform (X), shoot with C and move with arrow keys.
Truckminator - Hunt and kill hordes of zombies, werewolves and other nasties in your truck. Arrow keys to move, mouse to shoot.
Decision - Join the fight against the zombies. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Dead in 60 Seconds - Shoot all the zombies that stand in your way. Move with arrow, reload with down-arrow (S.
Shoot 'em Zombies - Drive your truck over the hills blasting all the zombies that get in your way
Mario And Sonic Zombie Killer - Help Mario and Sonic defend their position and hold the line against the zombie hordes. Upgrade when you can.
Sneaky Sniper 3 - Test your skills as a sniper and marksman yet once more, as the third game in the Sneaky Sniper series is finally released.
Deadzed - Shoot all the zombies and don't let them damage your defenses. Upgrade your weapons, and defenses, and optimize your teams.
My Dinos and Me - Work together with you and your dinosaurs as you shoot down UFOs and blast through waves of enemies.
Orbital Guard Survival - Shoot down all the asteroids and alien ships.
Dinosaurs and Meteors - Help the dinosaurs avoid extinction and shoot the meteors falling from the sky.
Vanish Rain - Shoot all the zombies, upgrade your weapon
Apple Cannon - Fill the bucket with apples.
Mr. Vengeance Act 2 - Shoot all members of the gang that killed your family.
Cat Cannon - Double click on a cat to load it and set the cannon to destroy the enemies.
Mushroom Passion - Help the squirrel get all the mushrooms hidden in the heap before it starts to rain.
Tequila Zombies - Choose your weapon and kill zombies. Upgrade your weapons as you go. use down arrow to pick up the power ups.
Homer the Flanders Killer 5 - Kill the Flanders. Each level has a character that has to be spared.
Honey Robber - Shoot the bears that steal the honey using the mouse to aim and set the power.
Slient Killer 3 - The 3rd episode of shooting by ricochet game. Eliminate all soldiers in each level in a limited amount of shots.
Brave Kings Players Pack - Destroy the enemy defenses, but don't harm the allies. Choose the weapon for each target. Use the mouse to aim and shoot the projectile.
Bounzy - Shoot all the zombies aiming direct or by ricochet.
Outpost - Complete the mission to clean up all the invaders in the space station.
Canoniac Launcher - Use cannons, weapons, upgrades and bombs to launch yourself as far as you can.
Versus Umbra - Shooting game. Fight against hordes of enemy units. Collect cash and inventium to upgrade gear.
Frozen Candy - Clear up the level from heaps of candies using the cannon. Each level can be completed in different ways, try to find the best one. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Stickout Act 2 - Run, jump and kneel and shoot all your enemies.
Bubble Struggle 3 - Shoot or avoid the bouncing bubbles New levels, new weapons and new powerups. Arrow to move space to shoot.
Random Heroes - Shoot your way through alien invaders in this action platformer! Collect coins and upgrade your weapons to become stronger.
Gibbets 3 - Save the innocent people being hung by shooting the nooses with your bow and arrow.
Zombie Avenue - Shoot at the buildings and then run zombies over with your tank. Get upgrades, empty the buildings.
Bullet Audyssey - Using arrow keys doge the enemy fire by little (bullets that graze your aura give energy to your ship. Holding X enters your ship in bullet-time mode.
Dummy Never Fails 2 - Shoot the dummy to the target and inflict as little pain as possible. You might need to modify the gravity force direction.
Pixel Hate - Control your pixel ship and fire with the mouse.
Paper Wars - Control the shooter with the mouse, change direction when you go on the other page. Collect coins and power ups.
Astronix - Shoot the enemy and the asteroids. Move the ship with the mouse, it will fire automatically and collect all powerups.
Robots vs Zombies - Kill the zombies with the robot.
Gaddafi Land - As Gaddafi kill all the soldiers encounter and collect all documents. Move and jump with arrows and shoot with spacebar.
SAS Zombie Assault 3 - Fight against the hoards of zombies. upgrade your weapons.
Skull Shot - Shoot the skeleton and get the Halloween objects in as few shots as possible.
Genetic Madness - WAD to move and jump, mouse to shoot. Acquire power by mutations and exterminate all monsters. Upgrade your skills.
Hippies vs. Yuppies - Shoot angry hippies to destroy the yuppies.
Halloween Shooter - Throw ragdoll vampires, witches and mummy's to their final resting place. RIP. Avoid bouncing.
Brilliant Crystals - Shoot 3 or more like-colors to release the energy. Clear the crystal up to the outer edge to reveal the position of a brilliant crystal.
Zombies Ate My Phone - Move with arrow keys and shoot the zombies with the mouse.
Zombie Rumble - Smash the zombie fortification using cannon balls
Mario Hood - Save your friends from hanging shooting arrows to cut the rope
Zombies Last Stand - Defend you position and upgrade your troops and weapons.
Gunner Vario - Kill all attackers and upgrade your weapon between waves.
Ricochet Kills 2 Player Pack - With a limited number of shots kill all the figures either by direct shot or ricochet. Point and shoot with the mouse.
Madness Ambulation - Defend the truck against the attackers, move the mouse to steer and shake the attacker, click to shoot.
Diamond Hollow 2 - Move with arrows, shoot with the mouse, avoid the enemies, reach the exit.
Totems Awakening - Throw the stones and wake up the totems.
Fortress Magnus - Use your fantastical flying castle to defend against waves of mechanical invaders and rescue the princess! Use coins to upgrade your firepower.
Super Sergeant - Your mission is to clean the abandoned warehouse from enemy mercenaries, using various weapons
Sieger Hero Viking Vengeance - Point the mouse and destroy the castle using a limited number of shots. Don't harm the peasants.
Trooper Assassin 2 - Shoot all enemy troopers. Reload with R, space to use the scope.
Dirk Valentine - Use you chain gun to create platforms to walk on in this steam-punk inspired airship platformer.
Zombie Train - Defend the train against the zombies. Upgrade your weapon when enough money. Move with WASD, H to heal, F to repair barricades, R to reload.
Zombocalypse - Kill all zombies attacking, collect weapons and health packs with down arrow. Use weapons with spacebar.
Cannon Chaos 2 - Destroy an endless onslaught of tanks with your base turret.
Nuclear Ragdoll 2 - Launch the ragdolls and send them to touch the target sign in as few shots as possible.
Stickshot 2 - Play the role of a rogue hitman and try to kill enemy units before they get to you. Aim and shoot with the mouse, space zoom in and out.
Eggsplosive - Click on or near the chicken to hit at least the required number of pigs and cow with eggs and giblets.
Zombies Vs Penguins - Kill all the zombies in the level with a limited number of shots.
Sieged - Drop various objects on top of the attacking enemies to kill them.
Zombie Alien Parasites - Side-scrolling shooter with customized ships, weapons, and gadgets! Fight intense bosses in each of the 6 main levels, and unlock 6 additional hidden levels. Arrows move, C shoot, X drop bombs.
Rise Of the Colony - Build a tower and equip it with a cannon to defend against air attack
Super Mario Bombastic - Hit all the Bowser Minions.
Robokill 2 - Explore and complete missions. Move with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse.
Silent Killer - Another shooting by ricochet game, eliminate all soldiers in each level in a limited amount of shots.
Nanobeast - Use the nanobeast to destroy the enemy. Arrow keys to move A,D to shoot, W throw bombs, S use powerups.
Skull Hunter - Shoot arrows and use the environment to crush the skeletons. Unlock and upgrade weapons and gain experience points.
Gentlemen Rats In Outer Space - Choose the angle and force and launch the rats towards the cheese planet.
Experimental Shooter - Each level has a very unique set of rules and goals. The name of each level gives you a hint about how to solve it. Use the mouse to shoot.
Ninja Dogs 2 - Shoot Ninja dogs at the cats to get back the ancient scroll
Color World Origins - Shoot colored balls to paint the shapes in the right color.
Tank Blitz Zero - Move with arrow keys, space to launch rockets, shift to switch weapons.
Mario's Basketball - Score as many points as you can. When you score with a star you get double points.
Brave Kings Level Pack - Take down the enemy kings and knights, using arrows, boulders and bombs. Don't harm the ally. Use the mouse to set direction and force.
Matriarch - Build ships operate the main cannon to kill invading spaceships. Upgrade your weapons, shield and repair damages.
Zombotron - Shoot all zombies in each level. Move with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse, E is the action button.
Robots vs Zombies - A combination of tower defense game with a mobile unit shooting game. Use the funds to purchase defenders and then participate in the shootings.
Soldiers Raid Osama BL - Control the soldiers and find the way to kill Osama
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality - Guide the monkeys to the exit. Collect all bananas. Shoot to bend space and clear the path
Conjure - Use different elements to destroy the enemy wizard's army and castle.
Metal Wartale - Drive your car as you blast boxes and robots. Upgrade car and guns whenever possible.
SHMUP - Shoot them up. Move with arrow keys, shoot with Z
Underground Invasion - Defense shooting game: protect Warcoder City sewers to prevent the invasion of strange creatures. Get cash and improve your skills.
Dude and Zombies - Kill the waves of hungry zombies and repair your car quickly to get out. Move and jump with arrow keys
Pothead Zombies - Shoot all incoming zombies. Upgrade your weapons.
Pirates of Teelonians - Lead your pirates on the Poop Deck to stop the enemy pirates from taking your precious booty and treasure! Deploy new troops and stronger warriors until you have achieved victory
Bazooki A Silent Affair - Blow up the TNT, don't touch the bottle.
Doodle Galaxy Invaders - Shoot down all invaders. You have a limited number of lives
Bonkers Conkers - Launch nuts and deploy their parachutes so that they land on the squirrels in each level. Pick up stars for bonus points.
Nimble Piggy - Use your piggy cannon to shoot at the incoming enemies.
Marmoot - Blow up the enemy marmots in each level by throwing explosive tomatoes at them. Spare your friends.
Thunder Blocks - Test your brain and reflexes to pass Use mouse to move the firing arm. Click the left mouse button to fire a block. Connect 5 or more blocks to destroy them. Destroy all the blocks connected to the clock in the centre to beat each level.
Match Day of the Dead - Zombie footballers are on the rampage! Take careful aim, and see if you can knock them down with just a well-placed football and some wobbly looking buildings.
Kaboomz 2 - Pop balloons using a cannon.
Ultimate Mama's Boy - Fight off the massive waves of aliens that are coming from a lower Astral Plane.
Treasure Cannon - Shoot the treasure bricks and then collect the falling coins.
Metal Slug Zombies Return - Shoot the zombie hordes attacking your home. Upgrade your weapon and repair the house between waves.
Cold Justice - Shoot the enemies directly or by ricochet.
Elite Sniper 2 - Complete the mission as instructed, survey, shoot and get out.
Disco Cannon - Using the cannon shoot disks to the DJ.
Heli Blitz - Shoot down all enemies. Control the helicopter with the mouse. Shoot with the mouse. You might need to redo several times each wave and upgrade your weapons and armor.
Zombie Cage - Shoot all zombies before they destroy the cage and kill you. Between levels upgrade the weapon and repair the cage.
Helicopter Strike Force - Gun down all enemy helicopters, vehicles and barracks.
Trunc N Duck - Aim, set power and shoot all the characters in each level.
Diepix Arena 2 - Shoot your way through all waves of enemies. Move with arrows/WASD and shoot with mouse.
Stork Shot - Shoot storks aiming with the mouse.
Let The Bullets Fly 2 - Kill all the characters in the level. You can be killed too by the ricochet.
Laser Cannon 2 - More monsters to kill with the laser cannon.
Cat-O-Pult - Shoot the cat to the food in as little shots as possible.
Cybershock - A futuristic neo-arcade shooter. Survive 30 waves. Arrow to move, mouse to shoot.
Light Hunter - Move and jump with arrow keys, shoot lights (choose the type from the upper bar)
War of the Words - Type the falling words to destroy them before they reach the planet.
Jelly Cannon - Unite the yellow jelly balls by shooting with the jelly cannon.
Professional Sniper 3 - Complete the mission: find the target and eliminate it.
Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monsters Pack - Shoot using as little cannon balls as possible, remove all monsters.
Mass Mayhem 3 - Move with arrow keys, spacebar to attack.
Max Arrow Archery - Click and hold the button to aim, release to shoot.
Cubium - Use the mouse as a slingshot. Click in the circle and release to launch projectiles.
Super Cops Targets - A shooting game that requires speed and accuracy. Aim and shoot with the mouse, re-load with spacebar.
Pudding Strike - Using the slingshot destroy the enemy's castle
Dawn Of Zombies - Stick people are under attack. Shoot the zombies, upgrade when you have enough money.
Fly Blast - Control your ship and fire with the mouse. Collect coins and upgrade.
Bullet Heaven - Control and shoot with the mouse. Dodge bullets and collect coins to buy upgrades.
Angry Sonic - It's angry season. Shoot Sonic and destroy all constructions and collect the golden rings.
Hitstick 6 - The assassination game involves exploring and picking up objects and eliminating your targets.
Angry Animals - Shoot animals with the rubber band and destroy the aliens.
Shorty - Shoot, shoot, shoot. Move and jump:WASD, shoot with the mouse.
Panzertroopers - Move the tank with arrow keys and aim and shoot with the mouse.
Pirates Time - Destroy all beings and cakes. Click twice to set direction, force and launch the projectile.
Rabbit Sniper - Shoot all rabbits in each level. Careful with the explosive barrels they might kill you.
Hedgehood - Move the magnets to deflect the trajectory of the arrow and take away all the apples.
Ragdoll Salvation - Shoot the arrow at the hanging ragdoll and save it before the time runs out.
Carveola Incident - A task force consisting of mixed allied and former enemy units is sent to investigate a strange sightings near a mysterious deserted trench line. There, Kirley and his men encounter their worst nightmares and are ordered to defend the trench at any cost.
Call of Bieber - Bieber the gunman in a shooting rampage. Move with A/D keys, space to reload. Earn money and spend it to upgrade your gun and on health and stamina packages.
Castle Clout 3 New Age - Destroy all the castles using the trebuchet. Swing and launch with mouse clicks.
Notebook Wars 2 - Shoot all incoming planes. Control your plane and shoot with mouse. Collect coins and bombs. Drop the bombs with spacebar.
Fast Sniper 2 - The targets are moving. You got one shot to eliminate them. Think fast.
Selena Wars - Control the ship and fire with the mouse. Upgrade the ship's armor and weapons.
Ricochet War - Kill all enemies in each level directly or by ricochet. You can be killed too.
Wrath of Evil - Use the archers to defend the gates against the evil attack. Upgrade the weapons when you can.
Destroy the Castle - Destroy castles. Aim, set force and shoot with the mouse.
Hambo - Hambo in Vietham will need to save his friend. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Missing Duckling - Shoot ducklings with the mouse.
Impale - Shoot the dummies and turn the switches off.
Ninja Dogs - Rescue the old master back from the evil black cats. Shoot with mouse, survey the target with arrow keys.
Operation Triplane Norden - Fly the plane (arrow keys) and shoot the enemies with X, Z to drop bombs. You got really to exercise to be able to turn the plane back.
Survive Crisis - Shoot all the enemy soldiers. Aim and shoot with mouse, spacebar to zoom in and out.
Highway Pursuit 2 - Shoot and all and defend your armored vehicle. Upgrade your weapon.
Rise Of The Castle 2 - Shoot all enemies using the mouse. Do upgrades and repairs between the waves of attack.
Mario Zone - Help Mario reach the palace using arrow keys, spacebar to shoot.
Stark Raving Ted - Move and jump with arrows (WAD), shoot with the mouse. Switch the weapon with the numeric keys.
Tactical Assassin 3 - Aim and shoot with your mouse to eliminate targets.
Operation L.O.A.D - Click and drag to move or use arrow keys (WASD) Click to shoot Click self or use Shift to dodge/dash Double-click to enter boost mode to catch up to the rocket Click and hold self to load rockets then click anywhere to launch Swipe enemy to melee.
SkyFire 2 - Choose your warrior control it and shoot with the mouse. Activate magic with the spacebar.
Meteor Invasion - Aim and shooting with the mouse at the falling meteors. Protect the city.
Doom Patrol - Move with arrows shoot with the mouse, collect ammunition and life powerups. Explore and finish the mission.
Operation Fox - Shoot everybody before they kill you. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Fire And Frost - Find all the crystals. Move with arrows, fly with X, fire with C.
Mecharon Survival - The survival version of the game. Move around the base you protect with arrow keys and shoot with the mouse. Collect powerups.
Tesla - Zap the enemy army with the Tesla coil. Manage wisely the charge, and upgrade when you can.
Runman - Move with arrows, shoot with mouse, Q/E toggles weapon. You can also jump on enemies to kill them.
Color World - Shoot a colored projectile and hit the appropriate face to make it smile. Use the mouse to set the direction and force of the shot.
Kamikaze Blocks - Shoot all the blocks off the platform with a limited number of shots.
Inferno Meltdown - Extinguish fires, rescue people. Upgrade your firebot with coins you collect. Arrows to move, jump, space to drop a sprinkler, mouse to spray water.
Super Santa Kicker - Control the reindeer to kick Santa down the chimney in each level. Set the right trajectory and force with the mouse.
Fly Zombie Fly - Balance the zombie and launch with the spacebar. Buy accessories that will propel the zombie to a longer distance (activate them with the numeric keys)
Camelot Smashalot - Catapult livestock in this new game from Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Games!
Crusade 2 - Fire cannon balls, arrows and bombs to kill all of the castle-dwelling monsters. With less shots you will earn medals.
Storm Ops - Shoot all enemies and earn money to upgrade the weapon. Aim and shoot with mouse, R to reload.
Major Masher - Major Masher's goal is to collect soul capsules and assimilate them whilst attacking waves of enemies. Move, jump, crouch with arrow keys, shoot with mouse
Heli Intrusion - Shoot the helis make them rotate to explode. Kill soldiers for bonus
Gingerbread Circus 2 - Pop balloons, shoot bottles, but spare the partner. Be fast and accurate.
GunBlood - Draw your gun as fast as possible and kill your opponent before he kills you. Aim for the head. Survive all nine rounds to win the game.
Mercenaries 2 - Move and jump with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse.
Desert Rifle 2 - Kill all attackers wave after wave. Upgrade your weapons and purchase ammunition, armor and other equipment. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Chaos Bouncie - Click the mouse to shoot a ball. Get the highest score with a limited number of balls. Move the ball with side arrows (AD).
Nuclear Ragdoll - Objective: shoot a ragdoll at the red sign using the cannon. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Black Devilfish - Command your submarine as you take out pirate ships and fortified islands and their cannons.
Blazing Assassin - Fancy yourself as a hot shot assassin? Prove your worth by shooting enough targets to progress. Mouse - Aim / Shoot. R - Reload. Spacebar - Switch Weapon.
Diesel Valkyrie vs Undead Reich - Control Brunhilde, a female steam-punk killing machine, against massive hordes of nazi zombies. Unlock 10+ different weapons and items that help you along the way including Flame Throwers, Shotguns, Mini-guns, Grenades, Turrets, and more.
Skill Archer - Arrive at the exit moving with arrow keys and shoot the orb using the mouse. Avoid the traps.
Saturday Night Bloodfest - Play in practice or survival mode. Move with arrows shoot with the mouse.
Laser Cannon - Kill the monsters with your laser cannon.
Bloody Sunset - Joey's fighting off 25 waves of zombies in a cabin by the cemetery. Can Joey survive? Upgrade whenever possible.
Frozen Imps - Help the imps fall into the fire by unfreezing blocks of the same color. Use the mouse to set direction and force.
Trajectory - Bounce balls off walls and objects to reach the goal. Complete levels using as few balls as you can, as fast as you can. Click and hold the mouse button, then release it to fire a ball. Red blocks explode on impact, and the ball is lost.
In3structo Tank - Use yourself like a missile to destroy the onslaught of the enemy army. Get hit to launch yourself up in the air. Arrow keys to move and space to launch nuke.
Blosics 3 - Shoot balls using the mouse to aim and destroy the walls and score the required number of points (don't touch the red bricks, they will get you negative points)
Sniper Assassin Final - Ben is dead. Shawn wants revenge, but he needs to shoot a bunch of people first. Read your mission assignments carefully; save your lead for people who deserve it.
Gibbets 2 Level Pack - Aim and shoot with the mouse. Save the condemned in as little tries as possible and don't hurt him.
Bunny Flags - Move your armed bunny with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse. Defend the flag.
Firefighter Cannon - Eliminate all fires with your water cannon. Complete each level in the least amount of shots to get a higher score.
Inside My Brain - An arcade shooter game! Use the mouse to navigate your ship through space, gun down the enemies and pick up powerups.
Dead Town - Arrow keys to walk, A to fire S to reload. Kill the undead.
Sift Heads World Act 6 - After having their HQ destroyed, Vinnie and his gang try to find the culprit and stop them for good. But the guys will find out that more than one clan is behind this attack! Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro will have to combine their forces and go on the offensive to get to the bottom of
Steam Droid - Move with arrow keys shoot with the mouse, collect scrap tokens and purchase powerups. Save other steam droids.
Madness Miscreation - Rodrigo Metamorphis must be killed in this shooting game. Mouse to aim and fire.
Madness Premeditation - Plan the attack routes (move with arrows/WAS), mark attack nodes (clicking with the mouse) and then press action. You might need to tweak your moves...
Age Of Defense - Using the mouse throw objects and arrows or shoot at the enemy onslaught.
Madness Hydraulic - Move with arrow keys, A to attack, S to jump, D to swap your weapon. Or you can use the mouse controls.
Reflexion - An awesome game of skills and shootings. Mouse to move, Space to change color. Reflect the bullets back at the enemies use momentum to aim! Shift to fling bombs, control to activate super mode. Go to settings to change to keyboard controls.
World Basketball Championship - Compete against other teams in a championship. Use the mouse to score.
Ragdoll Spree - Pop the balloons by shooting ragdolls towards them. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Gunbot - Find the artifact, save the sister, kill monsters and collect stars and orbs. Move with arrow keys shoot with the mouse.
Ballista - Fire arrows and pop the balloons. Use your mouse to aim, click and hold to power up, release to shoot.
Old Cannon - Destroy the castles in 3 shots, below the level indicated. Point and shoot with the mouse
Gib Fest - Move with arrow keys and shoot with the mouse. E use skill, R to recharge, Q change gun, spacebar use grenade
Sift Heads World Act 5 - Episode "An Exotic Job"! Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro go in the Amazonian rain forest for a lucrative job but local mercenaries will get in their way. Fight them off.
Dummy Never Fails - Community - Shoot the dummy towards the target. Inflict as much pain as possible.
Avalon Siege - Conquer all kindoms in the world with the cannon. Use the mouse to set the trajectory and fire.
Gem Defender - Use the arrow keys to move, jump and duck. Aim and shoot at the enemies using the mouse. Collect money and buy upgrades in the shop. Collect the gems.
Crush the Castle 2 - Destroy and conquer castle after castle. Use the mouse to swing second click to launch.
Sift Heads World Act 4 - Shorty goes to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement. Use the mouse to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots, pickup objects and to aim or shoot, spacebar to equip your weapon, R to reload and W, A, S, D keys in anim
The Death of a Warlord - A cool sniper game,Shoot the stickmen as per instruction in the mission briefing.
Ragdoll Cannon 3 - Somehow you got to shot the ragdoll and touch the shape labeled "HERE" in order to advance to the next level
Dawn of the Celebs 2 - Fight zombies for your employer Stallone with the gun and the knuckle punch. Mouse to fire and aim your gun. Spacebar to punch or slash. 1, 2, or 3 keys to change weapons. R key to reload.
Ricochet Kills 2 - Ricochet is back with more shadowy figures to kill. Choose wisely your shooting angle.
Biomess - Something bad happened at the BioLab. Clean up area of monsters. Move with arrow keys (WASD) and shoot with the mouse. Spacebar reloads.
Blobble Wars - Use strategy, especially in the more difficult modes, conquer the enemy by redirecting blobbles towards them.
Sniper Freedom - Help your client's son escape from the prison without killing anyone and without triggering the alarm.
Flop Shot Minigolf - Click in the circle around the ball to aim, click again as the strength varies to shoot.
Sift Heads World 3 - Revisit Chicago and its dark and sombre areas of the underground crime organization. Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are wanted by the Chicago Police. 13 main missions and 7 secondary missions!
Cannoneer - Kill the enemies with blocks or cannon balls. Don't harm the princess. Move ship with arrow keys. Mouse to aim and shoot the cannon (hold to charge power).
Last Command - The tough soldier must stop the alien invasion. Shoot with the mouse, when funds are available upgrade. Protect civilians and will gain more money. Spacebar to reload.
Reckless - Survive as long as you can. Collect stars, move with arrow keys (WASD) and shoot with the mouse
The Legend of Walther - Use your mouse to aim your crossbow and click to shoot. Evade enemy arrows by moving your crossbow. Capture the fort.
Space Invasion Tower Defense 2 - Protect your space path with weapons placed strategically. Upgrade your skills and buy gems from the skills shop.
Gibbets 2 - The second episode of the game. Use the arrows to shoot at the ropes and free the men condemned to the gallows.
Dummy Never Fails - Shoot the dummy towards the target. Try to cause as little damage as possible.
Kid Launcher - Catapult the chubby kid with a cape chased by the bear, use the mouse to set the direction. Earn money and purchase boosters
Balloon in a Wasteland - An awesome strategy and shooting game. You have to survive the attacks of the creatures, fix the balloon and leave. In the meantime, purchase weapons, repair and health kits and when possible sleep.
Tank Destroyer 2 - A sequel to the original episode, makes the tank much more nimble. Move with arrows (WASD) aim and shoot with the mouse, Spacebar to exit or enter the tank.
Sift Heads World Act 2 - The Treacherous Return! Play as Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty, lots of weapons, 10 more missions, interactive exploration and so much more
Vase Breaker 2 - Help the lizard break all vases. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Castle Fight - A new twist to the castle destroying game: the enemy fights back. You have to destroy their generator, while building a defense for yours. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
13 More Days in Hell - If you enjoyed the first 13 days in hell, then take this escorted tour of the netherworld and shoot your way through all the lost souls.
War with Paper - Protect your base from the incoming troops. Upgrade and repair after each wave. 1-4 switch to various weapons.
Destroy the Village - Direct the bomb, using the arrow keys to the village and destroy it.
Azgard Defense - Play another defense strategy game: place towers that defend against successive waves of land or air attacks.
Blob Tower Defense - Build tower defenses to prevent the enemy from reaching on the other side. Use each tower's capabilities in your advantage to survive as long as possible.
Nob Wars: The Elves - Lead the elf army, summon centaurs (B) and humans (V). Move with arrows, down stops army, Z shoots arrows.
Penguins Attack TD 2 - Place basic towers, fire blobs, chemical sludge and shock towers and ruthlessly destroy penguin waves.
Operation Onslaught - Survive all levels of attack, upgrade weapons. Aim and shoot with mouse, move with WASD
Easter Island TD - A classic tower defense game with a new twist: after upgrade some towers become mobile. Use the volcano to wipe out all the enemies in an emergency.
Da Vinci Cannon - A nice shooting and skills game whose objective is to destroy castles. Adjust the inclination and strength of the cannon in the left lower corner.
Sift Heads World - A mafia game with an excellent storyline, cool characters, and loads of fun. Complete each mission, gather money, and shoot your way to the top.
Enigmata II: Genu's Revenge - Awesome arcade-type game. Destroy the spaceships with your lasers. Arrows to move, mouse to shoot.
Bubble Collapse - Shoot the cannon at groups of at least 2 bubbles of the same color to collapse them. Gather the required number of coins to pass the level
Toy Tank Arena - Inspired by the original tank game. Destroy the other tanks and maneuver around the Lego blocks to find the end. Move with arrows, shoot with mouse.
Para Uber - Destroy the enemy before they can reach the land. Aim and shoot with mouse
Overmode - Battle through 3 levels in 15 different modes. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Arrow keys or WASD to move.
Starmageddon - Destroy the onslaught of ships and collect their money. Choose your controls: mouse or arrows.
Shuriken Showdown - Aim and shoot the spear at tagets. The last one to be hit is the gong. Try using shields and kunai to reach other targets.
Paper Warfare - Destroy the attackers in your cool flying body-suit. Shoot and move with the mouse, switch weapons with space when they become available, increase health by collecting falling packages.
Raze - Play as an alien or human race in campaign or quick match mode. Complete all the action-packed levels.
Kill Gore - No, not Al Gore. Just try to control the rage of the bull! Move with arrows, A - punch, D - shoot, S - jump, F - guard .
Paper Cannon XP - It's the eXtra Package. Just like the original, but more awesome. Launch explosive paper cannon balls and blow up the creatures.
Blosics 2 - Choose a type of ball then knock over the structure and complete the required number of points. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Bubble Struggle II: Rebubbled - Piggy destroys the bubbles with space, moves with arrows.
Slice Fortress Defence - Place your archers, swordsmen, magicians in the fortress. You can delete and upgrade, click on red hearts to extend your lives.
Last Breath Overwhelmed - Shoot the enemies that invaded your world. WASD/arrows to move, mouse/space to shoot
Curveout - Control the paddle with the ball. The more you lose, the harder it gets.
Helicops - Fly the helicopter over the city and shoot down other choppers and turrets on the rooftops! WASD to move, side arrows to turn, up to shoot.
Transcripted - Destroy biological agents, carry the cubes they release and launch them towards the color chain. Arrows to move, mouse to shoot.
Running Blue - Your friends have been kidnapped in this Super Mario-type game. Complete the levels; arrows to move, Ctrl to shoot.
Military Rescue - Mission: rescue the hostages. Configure the keys or use the default settings.
Weapon - Shoot the enemy to defend the 'copter. When you have enough funds you can upgrade weapons the gear.
Vectorus - Navigate to destination, shoot other ships, avoid obstacles. Use the arrows to move, A shoots, hold it to charge for a supershot
Agent B10 2 - Kill on order; get your missions from HQ
Lord of War 2 - Place defending towers and do not let the enemy pass. Upgrade when funds available
Sni[p]r 2 - Sequel to the original. Shoot and defend yourself, upgrade weapons and defenses.
Sandcastle - Choose your weapons before each battle. Use the mouse to set the angle and the force of the shot.
Shoot 'em Up! - Shoot villains. Continuously.
Damn Birds 2 - The revenge of the statue. Shoot the birds!
Christmas Shooter - Use the snowball thrower to shoot the elves.
Back2Back - Action, strategy and shooting in one package. Protect the fortress by building units that shoot, throw flames, etc. Collect orbs for upgrades.
Blosics - Launch your ball from inside the green circle. Aim it so you knock over the structure in as few tries as possible.
Nitroballz - Click, drag and release the ball until you get it into the hole. Collect the yellow balls for bonus points, but avoid the green ones.
13 Days in Hell - Survive the zombie apocalypse. You must shoot precisely, remember to reload ahead of time, and upgrade weapon whenever possible.
Mothership Warfare - Destroy the enemy mothership by changing the force balance. Change the hatch/road with Up/Down arrows. Select current unit with Left/Right. Space to send the unit.
Christmas Cannon Blast - Santa's shooting elves from his cannon! Launch the elves and get them through the levels to the target.
Age of War - Buy and train troops and weapons and protect your cave from the enemy cavemen
The Last Stand - Zombies are attacking and it's your job to stop them. Arrows to move, R to reload, space to switch weapons.
Geometry Shooter - Shoot at falling objects to defend yourself. Use the mouse, space for bigger bullets.
Perfect Balance 2 - Move, rotate and stack the shapes in order to achieve perfect balance
Astrobase Defense - Strategically place your turrets and lasers to defend against incoming spaceships.
Ricochet Kills Players Pack - New levels to the original ricochet game. Kill by ricocheting your bullets against the walls and other objects.
3D SWAT - Move fast, shoot accurately.
Sniper Assassin IV - The 4th in the series; Shawn's wife is dead, he's retired, drinking, and growing a beard. But he's still the best shot in the business, so he's back for more bloody work.
Dale and Peakot - Go on a wild adventure with your best friend, a chicken named Peakot. WASD to move, space to shoot, R to reload.
Sni[p]r - Shoot all the stickmen and tanks and upgrade your guns and defenses. As always headshots are better.
Destroy the Wall 3 - Thrust the ball with the mouse in order to dump the specified number of balls.
Paper Cannon - A paper cannon can be a powerful weapon with the right angle and enough power. Use the mouse for that...
Savage Huskies - Eliminate various enemies. Control keys are assigned but you can reassign them.
Mummy Tomb 2 - Navigate the tombs, killing zombie mummies along the way. Arrows to move, space to shoot, L to activate insane shooting mode.
Battlefield 2 - Take on missions, shoot the enemies, and complete your objectives
Siege Master - Use the catapult to destroy castles and fortifications. Adjust the power and the angle.
Rise of the Pirates - Sail your ship by pointing with your mouse and destroy other ships: fire aiming with the mouse too
Bloons TD 4 - Place your shooting monkeys and have them pop the balloons along the route. Lots of levels of difficulty.
Yo-Ho-Ho Cannon - You're the captain of a ship directing your cannon operators where and how to hit the targets. Mouse to adjust trajectory and shoot.
Zombie Exploder - Kick zombie ass, but don't get caught in their grips! Punch by moving your mouse, arrows to move.
Chicken Rampage - Shoot the chickens with your arrows. Adjust the strength and the trajectory
Palisade Guardian 2: Modern Combat - Even more intense shooting action in this sequel to the original. Includes 6 new types of weapons. Click to fire, space to aim, R to reload, D/F to switch weapon
Sniper Year Two - The same type of mission as "Year One". Point and shoot. Avoid innocent casualties
The Final Legion - Gather friends, utilize their skills to help you defeat the boss.
Flat Moon Cannon - Shoot with the cannon adjusting the trajectory
Bloodshade - Army of Thieves - Play as a ninja sharpshooter. WASD to move, mouse to arm and launch your bow with arrows.
Elona Shooter - Defend the castle, train new skills, customize your weapons, develop your troops. Mouse to aim and shoot. Space bar to reload and 1-6 to switch weapons.
Elite Shooter - Kill the terrorists quickly and accurately, before they kill you.
Bloodfield - Kill some damn meatheads. WASD to move, mouse to shoot
Bubbleween - Halloween style puzzle. Pair three of the pumpkins and make them disappear
Billiard Blitz 3 - Even more cool pool action.
Sniper Defender - Snipe from the tower and protect yourself.
Gibbets - Use the arrows to shoot the ropes and free the men condemned to the gallows
War of Guns - Place your Tankers, Robos and Traps and destroy everything that moves
Steam of War - Strategically move your tanks to conquer territories, increase your army when you have funds
Tank Destroyer - Fight and blow up other tanks. Arrows to move, F to launch rocket, space to place mine
Cowbox - Shoot the boxes but don't let the sheriff touch the ground
Biobots - Strategically place the biobots (that recycle garbage), fight pollution
Artillery Tower - Protect your tower; shoot the attackers and gain money. Mouse to aim and shoot.
Arthropod Armada - Destroy the arthropods under the sea. Arrows to move, space to shoot
Mushroom Cannon 2 - Launch a mushroom into each bucket. Vary the angle and the strengths of the shot with the mouse.
When Penguins Attack - Penguin troops landing on the beach. Place turrets and attack towers to make sure they die.
Global Rescue - Arrows to pilot the Merlin helicopter, Z to drop the chaff (useful in stopping missiles), C to fire, space to drop the winch and rescue hostages
Flash Portal - Open two communicating portals with the gun (use the mouse). They will lead you to your exit.
Doom 2D - Based on the classic Doom game. Find the exit door and kill everybody along the way. Arrows to move and jump, ctrl to shoot, space to use
Battle Gear 2 - Choose your own war, acquire troops, and destroy the enemy stronghold
Crush the Castle 2 - Player's Pack - More castles to crush, more projectiles to unlock. Crush the castles with the trebuchet. Click the mouse twice to launch. Adjust your technique.
Blood Red - A chilling story of graveyard attack. Arrows to move, Up to switch weapon, Down to reload. Aim and shoot with mouse.
Last Shot - Shot your way through the enemy. WASD and keys 1-4 to change weapon
Ricochet Kills - Kill by ricochet, aim and shot with the mouse
Toss the Turtle - Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as far as possible. WASD to control flying turtle, mouse to shoot
Defense - Stop monsters by building defensive towers
Endless War - Just keep fighting and killing. WASD to move, click to shoot
Castle Smasher - Tear down the castle. Aim, hold the left button for power.
Omega Turret Defense - Point and shoot the enemies coming towards you. Upgrade when possible
Ragdoll Cannon - Shoot the ragdoll, hit the target and advance to another level
Sheriff Rage - Outlaws took over the town of Paradise and killed the Sheriff. Kill them all
Sniper Year One - Point and shoot. Avoid innocent casualties
Red Code 2 - Get rid of the aliens. Arrow keys to move, 1-4 for shooting mode.
Stick Wars - Create army backed by miners, defeat enemy. Use arrows (WASD) and mouse to aim and shoot.
Shields of Gemland - Collect gems and stars and upgrade your cannon to survive in this varied and epic adventure.
Daytraders of the Dead - Great shooting game. Use arrows to navigate, mouse to aim and shoot, spacebar to option.
More Bloons - More balloons to blow up--hit them with your arrow.
Bloons - Shoot the arrow at the right angle and strength
Fragger - Throw the grenade at the right angle
Snow Virus - Strategically place weapons and upgrade them to stop the enemy's progress.
Strategic Mayhem - The First Battle - Strategically deploy troops, tanks, and destroyers, add defense towers for your base. Arrows to scroll. Mouse to deploy military assets.
Black Navy War - Form your fleet with the available funds. Destroy the enemy
Exploding Cows - Click on the bulging cows to milk them. Then empy the bucket. When an alien ship comes, press space to switch to shoot.
High Speed Pursuit - Pursue the bad guys in your cop car. Move with arrows, mouse to shoot. 1-3 to change gun, R to reload.
City Invasion - Destroy enemy Headquarters, set up your army. Use arrows to move and mouse to shoot.
Magic Destruction - Protect the gold from the enemies. Use magic and spells.
Vase Breaker - Use your slingshot to break each of the vases.
Totem Destroyer - Click to break the blocks and bring the totem down safely
Plazma Burst - Shoot your way through the levels. Arrows to move, space to jump, mouse to shoot
Stickman SWAT - You are a SWAT member straight out of the academy. Use the mouse to hide, and shoot.
Last Stand 2 - Zombies are attacking and it's your job to stop them. Arrows to move, R to reload, space to switch weapons.
Shadez - The Black Operations - Create Black Ops units with the available funds. Defeat the enemy.
Fighting Hobo - Hobo beats up everybody he meets. A and S to hit, kick and barf.
Ownage Burst - Kill the enemy, hide behind cars. Arrows to move, click to shoot, space to throw grenade
Stick Rage 3 - Kill the opponent. Use arrows to move and jump, A to hit, S to shoot.
One Will Survive - Purchase military building and personnel. Destroy the enemy.
Canyon Defence - Build the ideal defence system by using wisely the available towers. Purchase towers by selecting them and showing where you want them placed.
Close Quarter Combat - Kick some ass--close-up. WASD to move; mouse to aim and fire; S to crouch
Sift Heads 5 - Complete each badass mission and go on shooting adventures.
Bunny Charm - Play as a bunny--shoot your way through the levels and stay alive. Move with arrows/WASD and shoot with mouse
Boxheads - Kill the zombies. Navigate the area with arrows, shoot with space bar
Vector Effect - Avoid enemy ships and shoot them. WASD/arrows to move, mouse to shoot, shift or space to drop bombs
Tanks - Take down the enemy tanks. Arrows to move and rotate the cannon, space to fire
Monster Hunt - Hunt the monsters with your bow and arrow.
The Professional - Shoot like a professional assassin. Mouse to aim and fire, shift to reload (subtracts points).
Storm the House 3 - Don't let them storm the house. Shoot them all. Use the mouse to point and shoot.
Hunted Forever - Find your way to headquarters, retrieve all "machine parts". Upgrade at safehouse. Attemp to not die...
Madness Regent - Kill the weirdos from Nevada, S to jump, A to attack, move with arrow keys.
Autobot Stronghold - Click or drag the autobots into the city map to add your defenders
Warfare 1917 - Win the war in the trenches. Use the icons to deploy and attack.
Starcom - Protect against the space enemies. WASD or arrow keys to move. Mouse to shoot.
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 - Use the mouse to point at targets and destroy the zombies.
Palisade Guardian - Protect the house from the attackers. Mouse to shoot, space to zoom.
Frontline Defense - Place your towers and protection posts to defend against your enemies.
Sniper Assassin 3 - Shoot the bad guys and avoid innocent victims.
Favela Heroes - Hire thugs and have them shoot your enemies.
Crush the Castle - Crush the castles with the trebuchet. Click the mouse 2 times. Adjust your technique.
Medieval Rampage - Destroy your medieval enemies. Arrow keys to move, click to shoot.
Heavy Weapons - Get rid of the aliens. Arrow keys to move, click to shoot.
Infamous - Use your powers for good or bad. Arrow keys to move, space for your power.
Mort the Sniper - Complete your missions and snipe the target.
Ultimate Assassin 2 - Assassinate the guy in the green, but don't get caught by the guards. Arrow keys to move, Z for speed, X for invisibility.
OutZone - Shoot the monsters. Arrow keys to move, X to fire, C for special.