Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Earn To Die - Exodus - One one of the kill the zombies series.
Motor Beast - Race, upgrade, repeat.
Max Fury Death Racer - Flip to get nitro
Moto X3M - Ride the crazy bike
Monsters Wheels 2 - Race and win, upgrade your ride.
Stickman Downhill - Ride the difficult track and arrive safely at destination.
Hill Climb Racing - Improve your car performance by spending money, ear money by racing longer distances.
Extreme Car Madness - Race as long as possible until your fuel runs dry. Upgrade your ride and continue the mad race for as long as you can.
Stickman - Ride the bike with the stickman and don't crash.
Mad Truck Challenge - Race and win.
Off Road Truckers - Compete in the tough races earn money and upgrade your truck.
Dream Car Racing - Build and upgrade your ride, complete all the tracks.
Turbo Drifters - Compete against various adversaries, unlock new cars and upgrades.
Mario Racing Mountain - Mario searching for his beloved Princess. In a car.
Rocky Rider 2 - Drive the truck to the finish line in each level, collecting coins and letters on the way
Military Jeep - Ride the Jeep to destination without crashes.
Apocalypse Transportation - Deliver supplies medical and ammunition to various bases and upgraded your transporter.
Monsters Wheels - Welcome to racing with monster trucks: boost them up to crazy speed, perform stunts, earn money and upgrade your cars.
Stick Boy Bike - Help stikboy in this extreme ride game,you have new challenges in every level and various obstacle to clear.prove you can win under any conditions
Truck Mayhem - Race and win
Mario BMX Champ - Ride with Mario.
Max Dirt Bike 3 - Finish the race in one piece
Monster Truck Fever - Race and win all the 3D races. Upgrade your truck as you earn money.
Red Road Rage - You joined a team of zombie destroyers. There is a cook who prepares meat, a girl shooter who kills the zombies - and you are a driver.
Tractor Trials - Run the track and arrive in one piece at the destionation.
Dead Paradise 2 - The sequel of the racing game Dead Paradise. More cool cars! More exciting missions!
Heat Rush USA - Race across America in this thrilling driving game, inspired by Out Run
Motocross Air - The more complicated stunts you do the more points you get. Win races and unlock new bikes.
American Racing 2 - Control the car with arrow keys, X to boost. Win the races.
Coaster Racer 3 - Race your buggy, bike, and F3 car over crazy floating coaster tracks.
Turbo Rally - Drive like a pro and win the races.
Mario ATV Remix - Race with Mario on the ATV.
Offroad Warrior - Use WASD to move, space to jump and mouse to shoot.
Hulk ATV 4 - Race and stay in one piece. Use arrow keys.
Desktop Racing 2 - Race on the desktop and collect all the stars and hearts.
Cyclomaniacs Epic - Complete the missions and win the races against 30 riders.
Jonny Backflip - Ride your bike as far as you can by upgrading its capabilities.
Renegade Racing - Perform stunts and complete your missions and try to win all the races.
Bike Trial 3 - Ride a trial motorcycle over a variety of obstacles. Try to get through all levels without falling off the motorbike.
Crazy Stunts - Finish the race in one piece while collecting hearts.
Made In Mafia - My first dirty job! Racing and action fans can sate their need for speed.
Dead Paradise - Drive your car through the destroyed city to kill all the enemies and survive as long as you can.
Formula Driver 3 - A 3D racing game, featuring all 20 tracks from the 2012 Formula One season.
American Racing - Compete in various racing event and earn money, which you can use to upgrade your ride.
Truck Wars - Finish third or better.
Sahara Biker - Sahara Biker is a complex bike game with multiple levels and bikes to ride after you unlock them from the game.
F1 Ride - Race a Formula 1 supercar around the track and compete with other F1 drivers. Use the arrow keys to control the car.
Trike Racing 3D - Compete with other riders in this cool 3D racing game.
NY Car Parking - Park the car in the designated spot fast and without too many collisions.
3D Police Monster Trucks - A cool 3D racing game with Police Monster Trucks. Drive on tracks in Las Vegas, New York, Rome and Paris. Race on all the tracks or pick a single track to set the fastest time. Use the arrow keys to drive.
Mario Kart 2 - Race with Mario in a shopping cart.
Wicked Rider - Ride the bike on the roller-coaster track and win
Driving School GT - Drive the car fast and don't provoke accidents
Airplane Road - 3D airplane flying game. Fly an old airplane around the track and compete with other pilots.
Monster Race 3D - Drive the monster truck and win the race. Use control key to nitro.
Notebook Trial - A bike racing game on a pencil drawn track.
3D Taxi Racing - A 3D taxi racing game with cool tracks and different game types. Start driving in an amazing 3D race game, beat the opponents and win the races. Unlock new tracks in the career mode.
Run Robo Run - As robot running to escape from the factory, collect the powerups and avoid explosives.
Skate Park Ride - Create a skateboard track from the pieces given at each level.
Drift Runners 3D - Race, drift and win in this cool racing game.
Big Racer - Drive the rig and win the race in this 3D racing game.
Asian Driver Mayhem - A fun game for those who love speed, can react fast and dodge obstacles. Accelerate, you only have one minute to reach the finish line, it is not an easy job, but you will have to do your best, otherwise you can not access the next level. Also pay attention to the Progress bar a
Dirty Wheeler - Ride your bike on the uneven terrain and don't crash.
Underground Racing King - Drive through 12 levels, and compete with some very tough guys, with better tuned cars then yours. As you work your way up in the levels, the amount of money that can be won, will rise too.
Desktop Racing - Navigate the treacherous terrain of a busy office in this crazy racing game! Collect stars and perform stunts along the way to score extra points and earn trophies. Arrows to move, space to jump, Z to turbo.
Urban Mayhem Racing - Choose and ride your awesome monster truck in this action racing game! Make sure that your choice is the best! As you win each race you may change your truck, or add more features to have a better, faster version of your initial monster truck.
Rally Masters - Choose your truck and drive over mountains and other obstacles. Try to beat your opponents to get higher score. Use arrow keys to drive and balance the truck.
Le Mans 24 Racing - Drive the super racer car in the endurance racing event.
Overdrive Fury - Take a part in a car race and try to beat all your opponents in nine different tracks. Use arrow keys to drive. Finish the race first to unlock next track.
American Muscle Car Parking - Park the muscle car without crashes in the designated spot.
Sonic Moto Adventure - Help Sonic collect the golden rings, ride safely through all levels to win.
Graveyard Racers - Crush the zombies in your path and try to escape from the scary cemetery.
Stunt Crazy Challenge Pack 2 - Drive the car like a maniac and destroy the city and collect all the reels.
Police Monster Truck - Drive and crush all vehicles and objects in your path. Monitor your life level.
Mad Doctors - Drive the truck and crush everything in your path.
Speed Friends - Compete against other cars. Win the race to unlock new tracks.
Risky Rider 5 - Ride and perform stunts to score points and upgrade your bike.
Canyon Valley Rally - Race your jeep through the dangerous canyons and be first to the finish line. Use arrow keys.
Brave Boy - Ride your tricycle through the levels without tipping over. Upgrade your ride and use the water gun to get rid of the dogs.
Formula Racer 2012 - Win races and upgrade your car as you go. Move and steer with arrow keys, space to turbo.
Dirt Racers - Race tough and win use the arrow keys and space to break. Watch the damage gauge.
GTO Drift - Guide the race car using the magnet. Collect the stars and reach the finish line without crashes. Upgrade your car when you earn money.
Moon Police - Deliver the cargo with your police truck to the destination without tipping over and loosing any items. Collect all powerups.
Moto X Madness 2 - Ride your bike and perform the craziest stunts you dare.
Rich Cars 2 - Shoot your way to the finish line while being chased by the police.
Train Mania - Load the cargo in the wagon and transport it to the destination.
Urban Microracers - Race the little cars and win the races.
911 Police Truck - Pickup the trailer and drive this police truck to the police station to deliver the items. Race as quickly as you can with this funny car to score the maximum points.
ATV Offroad Lightning - Grab the throttle and go as fast as you can to score huge points with massive air. Use your nitro at just the right time and go even bigger.
Police Truck - Drive this police truck from the police station to the laboratory on the other side of the town. Transport the cargo, captured aliens, in boxes. Drive as quick as you can with this pickup truck, but do not lose them.
Ion Drift Epsilon - Drive and stay on track in your hovercraft.
Shoot 'em Zombies - Drive your truck over the hills blasting all the zombies that get in your way
Box10 ATV 4 - Ride your ATV over the difficult track and don't crash.
Neon Race 2 - This is a fast paced reflex driving game. Drive your vehicle in the cyber world and try to finish the tracks as fast as possible. Change your bike color to stand on colored lines, collect bonus points and perform crazy flips.
Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing - Become the Hot Rod champ of the world, over 24 levels, and 12 different cars. You have loads of upgrades, and can customize your car wheel size and suspension settings, to ride how you like it
Junkyard Stunts - Ride the bike in the junkyard and avoid faceplants.
Motorcycle Fun - Finish the race without tipping over.
Bomb Transport - Drive the truck, and don't lose the bombs and deliver them to destination.
Monster Truck Trip 2 - Customize your Monster Truck and race through desert and over cars and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced.
Super Drift 3D - Classic arcade style 3D racer, inspired by Ridge Racer, Outrun 2 and Initial D - with challenging drift mechanics. Remember to counter steer. Arrow Keys to steer. C to change camera. Space to reset car.
4v4 ATV Offroad - Drive your ATV over hills and valleys and arrive fast and undamaged
Speedway Challenge - Race around the track as you earn money to buy new cars
Stickman Freeride - Ride the bike with arrow keys, jump with space. Upgrade your bike. To start click on map and choose the level.
Burst Racer 2 - A cool racing game. Play the single mode or multiplayer (up to 4 players). Drive cars, tanks, trucks, boats, planes and formula 1 cars.
Jet Velocity 2 - Race ships across futuristic race tracks and unlock new ships!
Money Truck - Load the money, the gems and other values, deliver them to the bank fast.
18 Wheeler - Put your truck driving skills to the test. How quick can you park the 18 wheeler.
Cargo Fire Truck - Drive with this cool firefighter cargo truck and deliver the fire fighter items as quickly as you can.
Christmas BMX - Santa rides the BMX to deliver gifts and must do stunts to earn points.
Solid Rider - Ride the bike and score more points by performing stunts.
Uphill Rush 4 - Race all types of vehicles and upgrade whenever you have enough funds.
Flipped - Arrow keys for movement. Collect extra points, reverse the controls when the gravity does. And one last advice: have fun!
Earn To Die - Buy a car and earn cash to upgrade it. Ride all the way to the chopper to succeed.
Freeway Fury 2 - Speed on the freeway and then jump from vehicle to vehicle. Arrow to steer and hold Z and arrow to jump.
4X4 Monster 2 - Jump in your monster truck and drive over mountains, cars and other dangerous obstacles while keeping your big truck balanced. Complete each level in the shortest time for higher score.
Monster Truck 3D Reloaded - Drive the track and avoid gaps and obstacles.
Candy Delivery - Load the truck with candy and delivery at destination.
Halloween Motorbike - Ride the very unstable Halloween bike, doing stunts to get points.
Viking Delivery - Load the viking weapons on the back of your truck and take them back to base.
Urban Rally - Drive your truck to the destination over the urban obstacles.
Five Trucks - Race, win money and upgrade your truck to win more races.
Dune Dash - Drive the car over the dunes without crashes.
Kill 'Em Zombies - Drive the car with arrow keys and run over zombies, space to change direction.
Mario Motocross Mania - Ride the bike with Mario and collect coins
A Small Car 2 - Complete every race in the shortest time possible.
3D Rally Fever - Race against other cars win and upgrade you vehicle.
Temple Rider - Drive your car through the platforms and loops in this fun futuristic racing game.
Hot Bikes - Ride you bike over the obstacles using arrow keys. To start the game upgrade your bike and select the map with the races.
Crazy Topy - Ride Topy with arrow keys, jump with space shoot with the mouse. Overcome all obstacles and upgrade.
Just Shut Up And Drive - It's fun to drive fast. Earn points for every opponent you overtake and eventually win the races.
3D Furious Driver - Choose your setting and drive and win the 3D races.
Night Racer - Ride the bike through the night. Use the arrow keys to move and tilt the bike.
Mario Tractor 2 - Collect coins and deliver them to the destination.
Mario Kart Racing - Ride Mario's kart with arrow keys and collect all the coins.
Notebook Drift - Choose your car and drive it using magnets. Collect all the stars.
Cyclomaniacs 2 - 20 riders and bikes to unlock, 26 tracks, 70 achievements, and 20 bike horns. Arrow keys to control the bike, X or spacebar to bunny hop, B to use your horn (if you have one)
Police Dummies - A crash dummy police officer races his ATV through dangerous planets. Collect gems for scores and shopping. Do stunts to fill up nitro. Nitro Z, spacebar to jump.
3D Neon Race - Ride your neon bike in the 3D track. Use arrow keys, space to nitro.
ATV Destroyer - Demolish houses, smash cars and collect explosive bottles as you all the levels.
Pepsi Max - Drive the Pepsi truck and do stunts to gain more points.
Super Drift 3D - Classic arcade style 3D racer, inspired by Ridge Racer, Outrun 2 and Initial D - with challenging drift mechanics. Arrow keys to steer, C to change camera.
Lethal Racing 2 - Race your vehicle through various levels to try and beat the time limit to win! Collect coins for extra points and upgrade your truck at the end of the level.
The Soul Driver - Flee the police force and reach the Mexico frontier. Buy upgrades, smash police cars, avoid obstacles. Arrows to move, F accelerate, D brake, space to boost.
Metal Wartale - Drive your car as you blast boxes and robots. Upgrade car and guns whenever possible.
Uphill Rush 2 - Ride the bike and win the race to unlock new cups and difficulty modes.
Motocros - Ride the difficult track and arrive unhurt at destination.
Trucksformers - Drive the transformer monster truck on the dangerous track. Arrive in one piece.
Coaster Racer 2 - Ride the bike or drive the racing car on the 3D track.
Moto Trial Fest 2 - Ride the bike on the uneven terrain without crashes.
Desert Rage - Ride the bike without crashes and collect the bonuses.
Mario ATV - Ride the ATV and collect the stars.
Monster Truck Xtreme - Ride the truck and complete the extreme track.
Soviet Bike - Ride the bike with the Russian girl.
Homer Motorbike - Ride the bike as Homer and collect sixpacks of Duff.
Grand Prix Go - Use your skills to control the car on the track and win.
Sonic Truck - Collect the golden rings and transport your cargo to the destination.
Off Road Madness 3 - Drive the track on various tracks and don't crash.
Pizza Truck - Load the truck and deliver the pizzas to the destination.
Truck Mania 2 - Pick your big rig and race through these dangerous levels without losing your load. Pull tractors, haul cars and other unstable loads to the finish line to unlock new trucks and levels.
Micro Bike Master - Ride the bike over the office supplies.
3D Quad Bike Racing - Drift and barge your way to the finish line as you challenge your fellow quad racers for the ultimate victory!
Skull Driver - You have to perform a certain number of backflips with the truck to pass the level.
Dirt Bike Sahara Challenge - Ride the Bike on the dunes of Sahara using arrow keys.
Piperiders - Use arrow keys to accelerate and turn. Go for as long as you can.
Super Mario Truck - Drive with arrow keys. Load the truck and deliver all packages.
Hillblazer - Ride with arrow keys and perform stunts.
Taxi Rush - Steer with side arrow keys. up and down to control speed, spacebar to jump.
Bulldozer Mania - Move and control the blade with the arrow keys.
Moto Drive - Ride the bike with arrow keys.
Neon Drive - Complete the race without crashes.
Formula Racer - Win races and unlock new features. Drive with arrow keys and spacebar to turbo.
Flood Runner 3 Armageddon - Run and jump using the arrow keys or the mouse. Don't let the Armageddon catch you.
Judgement Day Bike - In a bleak future ride your bike catch and detonate the grenades.
Glacier Rally - Grab the coins with the snowmobile. Use the arrow keys to move and balance.
Ice Age Rampage - Use the arrow keys to move and balance and shoot snow balls with spacebar
Cycle Commando - Ride fast without crashes, do stunts, collect bonuses. Use arrow keys.
Coast Runners - A game of racing speedboats, controlled by arrow keys.
Mario Motorbike 2 - Ride the bike with arrow keys collect coins and perform stunts.
Rex Racer - Collect eggs and get a speed boost from the cavemen.
Ben 10 Motorbike - Ride the bikes on roofs. Do acrobatics, don't crash.
Zoo Truck - Load the truck and carefully deliver the cargo. Use the arrow keys.
RPG Rider - Move and tilt forwards and backwards arrow keys.
Bicycle Drag - Bet on each race and win. Use the arrow keys.
Mountain Madness - Ride the bike using the arrow keys.
Vroom - Create the path using the elements (ramps, speed up, slow down, return). Final destination the finish line.
Super Sonic Motorbike - Ride the Sonic bike with arrow keys.
Mini Monster Challenge 2 - Ride the truck and balance it with arrow keys. Switch up and down the gears with Q and E.
Mario Bros Motocross - Use the arrow keys to ride, collect the coins.
Coal Express 4 - Complete the transport to destination without too many lost packages. Move with arrow keys or WASD.
Monster Hummer - Ride the hills with arrow keys and don't crash.
Ice Rider - Ride your bike on ice road and perform stunts. Move and balance with arrow keys.
Mario Ride - Ride the bike with arrow keys, collect stars and coins, don't crash.
Stunt Run - Drive your monster truck and arrive at the flag jumping, flipping, and crashing through ten levels of awesomeness.
Highway Justice - Drive with arrow keys in pursuit of the targets to be destroyed.
Tractor Mania - Deliver the cargo at destination. Use the arrow keys to control it.
Uphill Rush 3 - Run the bike and do stunts. Arrows to accelerate, reverse and lean, spacebar to do jump/stunts
Neon Race - Race like a pro, smash into the red vehicle but avoid the purple ones. Earn cash and upgrade. Drive with arrow keys, X to turbo.
Exit Path - Run, jump and crouch with the arrow keys.
Running Ink - Run the parkour style levels. Move and hold on to the walls with arrow keys, jump with spacebar.
Dirt Bike Championship - Race the bike and try to win against your opponent. Move and balance the bike with arrow keys
Coaster Racer - Race on a roller coaster using the arrow key. N nitro, M freestyle.
Stunt Mania 3 - Press and hold the corresponding key while in air to perform stunts.Be sure to release the key before landing. Left/right arrow to move the bike,up/down to lean, spacebar to turn back.
Taxi Truck - Run the taxi using the arrow keys as fast as possible without crashes
Acrobatic Rider - Arrow keys to move and balance the bike, keys 1 thru 6 for acrobatics.
Stunt Master - Break stuff and bones, hit targets, go airborne. In a movie. Up arrow to move spacebar to do all kind of cool stuff.
FMX Team 2 - Ride and balance the bike with arrow keys. Keys 1 to 6 to perform stunts
Freeway Fury - Speed down the highway and score points by jumping between cars!
Hell Riders - Race your bike with the arrow keys while the flames are trying to engulf you.
Super Mario Cross - Ride the bike, collect coins, do stunts. Move and lean the bike with arrow keys
Evasion Racer - Complete all 6 levels each one has a different challenge. Between levels visit the upgrade store and choose your improvement. Move with arrow keys (WASD), spacebar nitro.
Desert Rider - Move and balance with the arrow keys. Enter to change direction. Game will be saved when you reach save points.
Truck Mania - Bring the cargo to the destination. Use the arrow keys for forward, brake and leaning.
Space Runner - How long can you last running? Avoid obstacles by jumping, rolling or diving, Use the arrow keys.
Mini Monster Challenge - Time trials, beat the clock and win the stars. Arrows to move and tilt back or forwards, space for handbrake, Q and E to gear down or up.
Super Sun Run - Run around the planet avoiding obstacles. Jump them - up arrow, duck under them - down arrow, or just destroy them with the laser beam - space.
Bike Mania Arena - Arrows to move and lean the bike.
Neon Rider - A Tron-inspired multitrack motorcycle riding game. WASD to move and lean.
Fire Truck - Fill the tank with water and run and put the fire out. Arrows or WASD. Aim with mouse and click to spray water.
G Switch - Jump from one direction of the gravitational force to another with the X key.
Neo Rider - Drive through the 3D tunnels and avoid incoming objects and falling off the platform. Use arrow keys to drive.
Winter Rider - Control your bike with arrows to go forward, brake, and lean.
Demolish Truck - Stuff blows up as you try to ride through it. WASD or arrows to move, space for super speed.
Rave Rider - Ride your way through the levels battling treacherous conditions. Collect goodies and upgrade your car. Arrows to move and lean, space to jump, Z for nitro.
Mo Miner - Dig deeper and collect gems, fuel. Enter starts the digger, move with side arrows.
Fly Hard - Fly your ship through the air, collect bonuses, and keep upgrading.
Parking Perfection 2 - Park the car in the designated place without smashing into another one. You only have a limited time. Arrows and space.
The Forest Temple - Control both fire and water, but be careful not to mix them. Complete the levels and have fun!
Cyclomaniacs - Race against different characters, on different bikes. Do tricks, get boosts, have fun.
Hi Roads - Awesome 3D game. Roll the ball along the path with the arrow keys, space to jump. Don't crash into any obstacles!
Bike Champ - Ride through the levels. Do tricks, get points. Arrows to move.
Zombie Taxi 2 - The city is being overrun with zombies. Deliver the VIPs and splatter the zombies.
Test Pilot - Create a vehicle with various types of engines and other weird attachements, then drive it!
King of Drift - Choose your route and compete in the race. Drift your way to victory.
Miami Shark - You are a shark. Eat, destroy, and blow up everything in sight. Arrows to move, ctrl to bite.
Retro Rally - Steer your car with the cursor, pick up gasoline on the way to boost speed. Finish first or second to advance.
Crazy Mustang - Drive fast! Up/Down arrows moves the Mustang, Left/Right arrows control it in the air.
Drunk Rider - Drunk as a skunk but still racing. Arrows: all functions (throttle, brake, lean)
BMreX - T-Rex bike racing! Arrows to move, space to jump, collect all the goodies.
Canabalt - Just keep jumping! See how long you can last. C or X to jump.
Heat Rush - Race is on! Use arrows to control the car
Dolphin Olympics 2 - You are a dolphin, do tricks, get points. Arrow keys to swim.
Finger Frenzy - How fast can you type the alphabet? Try getting below 3 seconds.
Stunt Dirt Bike - Complete the levels on the different off-road vehicles. Arrows to move and lean.
Bombay Taxi - Park the taxi before you run out of time. Arrows to move, space for handbrake.
High Speed Pursuit - Pursue the bad guys in your cop car. Move with arrows, mouse to shoot. 1-3 to change gun, R to reload.
Steampunk Rally - Use the arrows to move forward, backward and lean the vehicle
Stunt Mountain - Use the arrow keys to move and regain the position. Space to stand.
Motocross FMX - Move through the courses with the arrow keys. Do tricks by pressing 1-7.
BMX Tricks - Perform acrobatics and score: pedal F, brake A, turn Up/Down arrows, crouch/jump Space
Stunt Bike Deluxe - Get to the finish as fast as you can; watch out for the obstacles. Arrow keys to move and lean
Shopping Cart Hero - Ride the shopping cart and try to not die. Earn money and upgrade. Use arrows to move and stabilize.
Big Truck Adventures 2 - Deliver the cargo to the checkpoint. Arrows to move, rotate, Shift to boost, Z to break
Four Wheel Madness - Get to the finish line, collect the balls along the way. Arrow keys to move
N2O Rush - Win races without destroying your car. Arrow keys to move, space for N2O.
I Love Traffic - Use the mouse to control traffic lights and make sure no one crashes.
Bike Master - Master the terrain on your dirt bike. Arrow keys to move and balance.
City Racer - Race others around the track. Arrow keys to move.