Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Footprints - Find the shortest path to the green tile, while not passing through one tile twice.
Tricky Drive - First fix the road then click on the vehicle to start the journey.
Piggy In The Puddle 2 - Push the piggy towards the puddle.
Fractured 3 - Navigate in a world of fractured lines and try to guess what behind you in the next fragment.
Light the Lamps - Link all the electrical charges, alternating the types and close the loop.
Dynamite Blast 3 - Place the charges strategically to blow the bridges and destroy the vehicles.
Mr. Splibox - Use boxes to help you navigate each level successfully.
Blob's Story 2 - Help Blob find his girlfriend.
El Papel - The Mexican stretch needs to navigate the maze and collect as many bonuses as possible.
Sacrifire - Use the minions to bring the cows to the lord
Drawfender Level Pack - Draw structure to defend the guy in the suit against the cannon balls.
Disaster Will Strike 3 - Provoke disaster that will break all the evil eggs in the level.
Wheely 3 - Solve the puzzles and move from level to level to the final scene.
ClickPlay Time 4 - Click on various places and find the clues to solve the puzzle that will reveal the Play button.
Where is 2014 - Click on various objects collect and use them to solve the puzzle.
Monkey Go Happy Elavators 2 - Find all the toys by solving the puzzles. The monkey will be so happy!
ClickPlay Time 3 - Solve puzzle after puzzle in the third iteration of the famous game.
Snail Bob 5 Love Story - Help Bob find the exit in each level
Happydemic - Spread the happiness by touching the smiley shape to the sad ones.
Totems Awakenings 2 - Use various methods to throw the ball and wake the totem.
Wheely 2 - Help the little car save its friend.
Quantum Spectre - Using the mirrors as deflectors, redirect the laser beams to the same color receptor.
Daymare Town 4 - Solve the puzzle by clicking on various objects and combine and use them.
Pretentious Game 3 - Reunite the 2 squares. Move and jump with arrow key or use the mouse.
Daymare Cat - You're lost, but don't be afraid. Explore, find objects, open door and solve the puzzle.
Night Lights - Complete all the levels by solving the puzzles that opens the path to exit.
All We Need Is Brain Level Pack - Drop the brain to lure the zombies to their destruction.
Collapse It 2 - Kill each person on each level by placing your bombs strategically on each structure, then pressing the detonation button in the lower-right corner.
Screw The Nut 3 - Bring the nut to the bolt in this 3rd episode of the this fun physics game.
Sweety Mahjong - Play the ancient game with new tiles.
Assembots - A modern take on a classic puzzle game. You must guide you robots from their work place back home to safety after a long shift at work. Use the robots skills in engineering to bash through wall, blast through rocks, dig down through earth, bridge over ravines an swim through lake
Lost Fluid - After crashlanding on a lonely planet explore caves, space ports, machine rooms and more. Solve puzzles and fight scary monsters.
Live Puzzle - Place the tiles in the correct spot to create the original picture.
The Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder - Investigate the crime solve the mystery, point and click.
Searching For The ELephant - Point and click, find the elephant.
Myosotis Chapter 3 - Solve the puzzle in this point and click adventure.
Click The Bolt - Click the bolt and collect candies.
Cat Around Europe - Remove obstacles so the food rolls to the hungry cat.
Ray and Cooper - Click to get clues on how to find Ray.
Electric Joint - Close the electric circuit, alternating positive with negative charges.
Being One - Click and find clues and objects that will help you escape from the lab.
Killer Escape - Escape from the cell, by finding clues and objects that will help you achieve that.
A Blocky Christmas - A sliding block game where you have the bring each one of them to the right place.
Liquid Measure 3 - Move the container in such a way that no drop of water is spilled. Turn the start button all is set up correctly.
Good Daddy - The daddy will help his son to arrive safely at the exit.
Humbug 2 - Help a thief escape the jail. Use the arrows to play, S to activate various things.
Doors Out Of Office - Dave doesn't want to do any overtime. It's Friday a few minutes before 5pm and he gets lost. Help him find the way out.
Blackjack 3D - Sit down at the blackjack table and challenge other players in multiplayer mode.
Polar Tale - Click to clear the path to warmer places for the polar bear.
Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkey 2 - Click to trigger the event that makes the monkey happy.
Fluffy Steel - Kill all the zombies in each level to reveal the portal to next. Move with arrow keys.
Fire's Revenge - Guide the fireball to the flag by removing stone barriers and making it jump (press space) when necessary. Burn as many wooden planks as you can along the way.
Kaboomz 4 - Pop all the balloons before they escape off screen. Each level is a puzzle that you have to solve in a minimum of shots.
Twelve O - Using the mouse make all the clocks to show 12:00
Shape Fold - Using the mouse fold the fragments around the hinges to create the required shape.
Zombie Exterminator Level Pack - Click on various object in the right sequence that trigger the zombies destruction.
Land Of Mines - Objective: get rid of all the monsters in each stage. Place the bomb in a strategic place.
Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 - Click and drag the train to its station delivering all the wagons to the right place.
Pour the Fish - Dig through the dirt using the mouse and move objects to guide the water to the fish, filling up bottles along the way.
Best Friends Forever 3 - Help the 3 friends escape from the cave. Switch the control from one to another using the spacebar.
Skate Park Ride - Create a skateboard track from the pieces given at each level.
What's Unneccesay - Only one of the objects given cannot fit in the crate. Pile all the others inside.
Shape Fit - Using the mouse fit all the shapes to cover the pattern given in each level.
Dibbles Pro Pack - More levels in the series of the suicidal creatures.
Fat Slice 2 - Cut slices of the platform without hitting the balls or the solid barrier. You also can't cut to separate the balls. Use the mouse to cut.
Dibbles 3 Desert Despair - Use the mouse to select from the available commands and place command stones on the level. The first Dibble to encounter the command will pick it up and when the opportunity arises, he'll carry it out - even if it means sacrificing his life
The Fog Fall 4 - Click to explore the creepy world, find, pick up objects that can be used in various circumstances alone or combined. Solve the mystery.
Break The Egg - Click on various objects to make the eggs fall and hatch and let the chickens out.
Perspective - Move with arrows and reach the exit door. Press X to change perspective when nothing seems to work otherwise.
Ultimate Assassin 3 Level Pack - Be an ultimate assassin in this stealth game. In every level, your mission is to kill the target and leave the place without getting killed by the guards. You have 2 special abilities: speed and invisibility. You have to think fast and use the environment to succeed.
Mummy Blaster - Place strategically the dynamite pack and blast it to destroy all mummies.
Car Ferry - Drop object to create a bridge for the car to get on to the ferry.
Cover Orange Players Pack 3 - Cover the orange by strategically dropping the given objects to protect it from the deadly rain
Sequester - Help the brother of the dead girl solve the puzzle and navigate the nightmare. Use the arrow keys to move, jump and enter doors.
Glide - Using the mouse shoot the colored circle over the same color star in order to complete the level.
Wake Up The Box 4 - More puzzles in the fourth installment of the series. To wake up the box draw objects that will push the box off the platform.
Rolling Home - In the physics puzzle you have to help the ball to reach his home safe. Activate the objects in each level in the right sequence to get the job done.
Vehicles Level Pack - Push the bad cars off the platform and park the good ones on the right spot. Click on the car to start and stop it.
Dusk 2 - A sequel to the original Dusk. A lonely square on a mysterious journey, must use its time traveling ability to solve complex puzzles and mazes. Run, jump with arrow keys and rewind the time with S.
Chance A Lot - Point and click to solve the puzzles and lead the king to victory.
Disaster Will Strike - Using various natural disaster crush the dinosaur eggs.
Pretentious - Move the blue square to meet the purple one.
Slipe - Slide the tiles using the mouse to connect the arrows.
Cabbage Maniac - Although usually the rabbits don't eat cabbage, this one does. Help him get the cabbage.
Pigs Will Fly - A multi-cursor puzzle game, the sequel to the Flash game Pigs Can Fly for the web played by millions! Guide the pig to the rainbow potion bottle so he can grow wings and fly away.
Magic Safari - Modify the road using various tools in order to create a path for the safari vehicle to pass.
Wooden Roll - Click and make all wooden rolls rotate the full 360 degrees. You might need to use the clamp and other objects to achieve that.
Hot Car Slider - Slide the tiles and solve the puzzles.
Lonely Penguin - A puzzle platformer about penguin who travels through different levels to reach his love. Do not touch pink penguin until you have touched white block to cool down.
Nelly - A fun magical adventure with Nelly as she tries to catch a charming butterfly. Use arrow keys to move and space to interact.
Memohuntress - A point and click adventure game about a girls who ran away from home and is now trying to get back. Help her find clues using arrow keys and the mouse.
Atomic Puzzle 2 - Clear each level by removing the atoms in the correct order.
Sneaky Sniper 3 - Test your skills as a sniper and marksman yet once more, as the third game in the Sneaky Sniper series is finally released.
Fairway Solitaire - This game combines solitaire with golf to create a solitaire experience unlike any other.
Shrink It 2 - Shrink various objects by clicking on them in order to bring the blue octagon to touch the star.
Ninja Frog - Use the mouse to set the direction of the jump. collect all the gems to open the exit of each level.
Mushboom Level Pack - Blast the mushroom off the platform using various bombs.
Little Romeo and Juliet - Find all differences between the 2 pictures in the shortest time. Clicking on the wrong detail will decrease your score.
Mr Bree Returning Home - Help Mr Bree recover his memory and get home.
The Suspense - Move in space with arrow keys. Also you can move in time using the numeric keys 1,2,3 and find a way to avoid spikes and other obstacles.
Spiters Annihilation - Use various methods of destroying all spiters.
Blockoomz - Blow the blocks by clicking on them, but don't let the stars fall off the platform. Do that in as few clicks as possible.
Crash The Robot Explosive Edition - Place the bomb in the right place and then press start. The explosion will cause the destruction of the robot.
Mushroom Passion - Help the squirrel get all the mushrooms hidden in the heap before it starts to rain.
Make My Way - Fit the blocks in the right spaces to level up the path for the truck to reach the end of the level.
Number Ninjas - Each level has an equation that needs to be solved, shown in red at top left corner. Find the correct weapon and defeat other numbers.
Sliding Cubes - Slide the colored groups of cubes to fill completely the white dotted area
Star Drops - Help the star to safety by removing shapes under it.
Clockwork Maze - Rotate the maze platform, trigger devices and help the character arrive to the exit.
Green Survives Only When Red Dies - Control both characters with arrow keys. Get the red one killed in order to open the exit of each level for the green one.
Wake Up The Box 3 - Solve the puzzles and combine the objects to create a way to wake up the box.
Isoball X1 - Use the parts available to build a path for the ball to drop into the hole. Click on the part to rotate and drag it in place.
Boom Bugs - Drag the exploding bugs in a strategic place that will cause to destroy the spiders.
Binga 2 - Solve the puzzle of each level to advance to the next one.
Invertion - You have only one desire: escape. Discover unique game mechanics while you progress through the obstacles an evil AI put in your way.
Imperfect Balance - Use mouse to pick up and drop shapes. A and D to rotate the shape. Try to make all the colored blocks fall off the platform.
Robots Can't Think - If the robots can't think you have to do that for it. Find the best way to find the exit in each level in this puzzle/platformer game.
Zipzip: Secret Dimension - Find the way to the exit on each level. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Move or rotate objects with the mouse
Spaceman Max - Remove the objects to allow Max fall safely on the ground and avoid the spikes.
Ouka - One rule for the entire game: click on the flower blossom symbol to continue.
Monsters in Bunnyland - Help the monsters to find their way back home. Push and pull obstacles and collect the stars in each level. Change control from one monster to the other using space.
Rolling Tires 3 - Click to eliminate platforms and create a path for the tire to get to the truck
The Lost Statues of Gold - Drop the gold coin and make it touch all the columns to turn them to gold, using various directional arrows.
Mad Bomb 2 - Destroy the zombie using the bomb. You control the bomb moves with arrow keys. Ignite the bomb and then close on the zombies to blow them up.
3 Slices - Cut the red blocks using maximum 3 cuts and remove at least the required percentage of it
Breakout - Avoid the guards and get out of the prison. Move with arrow keys, space to interact with objects.
Let It Rain - Lift or lower objects using balloons to bring the raindrops to the clouds and rain on the plants.
Reincarnation The Final Hour - Point and click puzzle game. Look for clues, the final objective is to kill everyone in the game.
Alien Crash - Avoid obstacles and gaps and reach the exit, using various objects.
Blockage 2 - Roll the blocks into their corresponding color places.
Halloween Hidden Object - Find and click on the objects listed in the lower part of the screen. Find them all before the time runs out.
Monkey Go Happy Marathon - Solve the puzzle on each level by clicking on various objects and make the sad monkey happy
Waterfalls 3 - Drag and drop the directional arrows to guide the flux into the different receptacle.
Piggy Wiggy - Create links between various objects on the screen to help guide the pigs to the acorns in each level.
Vehicles 2 - Push the bad cars off the platform and park the good ones on the right spot. Click on the car to start and stop it.
Pumpkin Remover 3 - Click to remove all the rotten pumpkins
Binga - Solve a series of puzzle with mouse clicks.
Truckloader 3 - Using the magnetic arm load crates in the correct position on the truck
Brilliant Crystals - Shoot 3 or more like-colors to release the energy. Clear the crystal up to the outer edge to reveal the position of a brilliant crystal.
Hit Logic Level Pack - Knock out all the red checkers in the least amount of moves possible. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Cut And Kill Halloween - Cut the wooden object using the mouse and kill all the monsters
Nuts And Bolts - Have the robots check the construction of the tall tower. Follow the in-game tutorial.
Georganism - Combine the abilities of various jellies to complete the levels.
You Are A Box - Slide the box with arrows to save the character and help arrive at the exit door.
Kick the Block - Make the bad blocks fall but spare the green ones.
Verminator - Your goal in each stage is to get rid of all the bad rats by placing cheeses strategically.
Sticky and Bouncy Player Pack - Alternatively click to switch various objects from being sticky to bouncy so the red ball arrives at the destination flag.
Rich Mine 2 - Strategically cut ropes to guide the gems to the gnome in each hazard-filled level of this addictive physics-based puzzler.
Factory Balls 4 - Combine the paints and accessories to produce the ball pictured on the box.
Bob The Robber - Help Bob in his crusade to find evidence against Mafia, a bag of money. Move wit harrow keys,
Oh No More Lemmings Returns - Draw lines and erase paths for enough Lemmings to make it to the exit in the time limit. Press Esc to restart.
Dynamite Blast 2 - Place strategically the dynamite and press play, then detonate to destroy the convoy.
Cut and Kill - Cut the wooden objects and sent the round monster to its death while collecting all the stars.
Mad Shapes 2 - Drop the objects and try to collect all same colored shapes. Change an objects' properties by touching the purple power-ups.
The Painter - Shoot paint to highlight the path you have to take to arrive to the exit. Use the mouse to shoot, move with arrow keys (WASD)
Stickshot 2 - Play the role of a rogue hitman and try to kill enemy units before they get to you. Aim and shoot with the mouse, space zoom in and out.
Sticky and Bouncy - Click to switch various objects from being sticky to bouncy so the red ball arrives at the destination flag.
Mummy Annihilation - Drag the mummies across the board to make them collide.
Infestor - As an alien move and jump with arrow keys, press X to take control of the human, C to release yourself from the host.
Eine Und Kleine - Bring the 2 characters to the exit. Switch the control with spacebar. collect all the stars.
Linx - Connect all the same color ends, drawing a path between them. You have a limited number of steps for each level.
Aqua Dudes - Drop the red and blue dudes to get them all in the correct place either above or below the water
Lemmings Return - Draw (and erase) a path for the lemmings to get at the destination. Save at least the minimum number of lemmings for each level.
Safari Time - Click on various objects to clear the zebra's path.
Sieged - Drop various objects on top of the attacking enemies to kill them.
Fly Tangle 3 - Move the flies with the mouse to untangle the lines. Do it fast to get a score higher than zero and unlock the next level.
Neopods - Get each sphere to its pod by dragging, rotating and removing objects. Watch out for spiky anti-bots.
Experimental Shooter - Each level has a very unique set of rules and goals. The name of each level gives you a hint about how to solve it. Use the mouse to shoot.
Mechanical Puzzles - Achieve different objectives by using various mechanisms.
Blipzkrieg - Using the mouse pull the blue dot to the exiting portal.
Colliderix Level Pack - Click on the orange blocks to make them disappear and collide the same colored shapes.
Rubble Trouble New York - Demolish buildings using various tools and earn a certain amount of money.
Tree Of Life - Click to start running the track, collecting all the stars to open the exit. Use various direction arrows.
Stack It Up - Stack blocks on the platforms so that they reach the target height and remain on the screen as balls are shot from different directions.
Rolling Hero 3 - Using the arrow keys roll the platform and get the hero to the exit on each level, avoiding the enemies
Rainbow - Collect all color pots to complete the rainbow and get a colorful world.
Railway Robot's Road Trip - The robot is trying to meet with his robo-girl, but it's not too easy... Help him by switching and rotating the parts of railway.
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality - Guide the monkeys to the exit. Collect all bananas. Shoot to bend space and clear the path
Moshi Cupcakes - Create your own cupcakes.
Pusher - Push blocks and throw the robots off the platform.
Crash Boom Bang - Use the 3 characters to knock the monsters off the platforms.
Physics Cup 3 - Eliminate all the obstacles to score a goal.
Wheelbox The Fallen Star - Solve puzzles and collect fragments of the star as you move and jump with arrow keys.
Way of an Idea 2 - Guide the apple to hit Newton's head. Great ideas are coming out of this.
Feed the Panda - Cut the rope to feed the pandas. Collect the bonuses when you can.
Dusk - Run, jump with arrow keys and rewind the time with S.
Red Remover Player Pack 2 - Click on the pink figures to remove, don't lose the green shapes though.
Rollercoaster Creator 2 - Create a rollercoaster from the figure given, draw the rest, collect the diamonds. When ready press the green arrow to play.
Skinny - An adventure puzzle game. Move Skinny with WAD keys, talk to other characters with spacebar.
Thunder Blocks - Test your brain and reflexes to pass Use mouse to move the firing arm. Click the left mouse button to fire a block. Connect 5 or more blocks to destroy them. Destroy all the blocks connected to the clock in the centre to beat each level.
Shift 2 The Challenge - Find the exit in each level. Move and jump with the arrow keys, rotate space with shift.
Snail Bob 2 - Use various devices to create a safe path for snail Bob to exit.
Dibbles For the Greater Good. - Guide your little heroes through this perilous magical land. They will gladly sacrifice themselves to get their king to safety. Place command stones with your mouse.
Warp - Use the warp to get to the destination in each level. Move and jump with arrow keys.
Elite Sniper 2 - Complete the mission as instructed, survey, shoot and get out.
Feed the Mooks - Feed the Mooks with the same color food to make them disappear.
Mad Shapes - Place in the right place the shapes so they roll and touch the other objects of similar color.
The Adventures of Red - Click around to find objects and clues.
Ultimate Physics Game - Complete 40 levels by removing objects, stacking blocks and using explosives.
Amigo Pancho - Remove all obstacles and help Pancho rise
Doodle God 2 - Play God, combine elements and create new ones.
Inflate Us Bonus Pack - Inflate objects to make them roll to the bottle.
Paper Flood - Make the dummy float by dropping the objects you are given.
Laser Cannon 2 - More monsters to kill with the laser cannon.
Pingu's Quest - Click on Pingu to make him fall on the fish.
Colortraffic Final - Click to direct the traffic to the correct color.
Star Forge - Click on the Forge to produce various weapons, shields and explosives and then spread them around strategically to defend the area.
Transylvania - Click to find clues and help Mr. Potato leave Transylvania.
Vampire Physics - Transform humans into vampires. Click to drop the vampires.
Professional Sniper 3 - Complete the mission: find the target and eliminate it.
Balls Chemical Experiment - Press the button in the correct order with the gun of the same color. Complete the puzzle on each level. To switch the gun shoot the cube with the correct color.
Grunge Balls - Hold your mouse down and drag an arrow to move the balls to the (same symbol) toilet.
Morpho Ball - Reunite the two balls. Move, increase/decrease size with arrow keys.
Subtle Energy - Place the eye to deflect the energy towards the chakra. The eye is on the lower bar.
Clowning Around - Cut the chain and collect the clown heads in the barrels. Sometimes you have to separate them by color.
Mir and Ror - Mirror, get it? Move the two characters with arrow keys, collect the gems and arrive at the same color portal.
Roly Poly Eliminator - Click to remove platforms and eliminate the roly pollies.
Huje Way - Objective: get all the hujos in the house. They will follow the mouse pointer. Create a path and press the play (green arrow).
Hitstick 6 - The assassination game involves exploring and picking up objects and eliminating your targets.
Fun Da Vinci - Find ways to get all cannonballs into the urn.
Purple Invaders - Remove all purple shapes, save the green one. Click on the purple (without the tongue hanging out) or blue shapes.
Expand It - Click on objects to expand it above the dotted line.
Layer Maze 2 - Navigate the multi-layered mazes to collect keys and get to the exit. Press A to delve deep and Z to return to the next upper layer
Photon Zone - Drop the colored photon in to the maze and reach same color circle.
Color Cleaner - A nice puzzler. Clean all blocks in a limited number of clicks. clicks eliminate all same color blocks that are in contact.
Hedghog Vik - Solve all the puzzles one by one use mouse to drag various object, launch projectiles and arrow keys to rotate them
Cover Orange PP 2 - The player pack 2 version. Cover the oranges against the deadly rain, dropping the given objects.
Hedgehood - Move the magnets to deflect the trajectory of the arrow and take away all the apples.
Crash The Robot - Place the bomb in the right place and then press start. The explosion will cause the destruction of the robot.
Energy Physics - Drop object and close the electric circuit to electrocute the guy in the suit. Save your friends though.
Choo Choo Puzzles - Guide the red line along the tracks to the exit. Use the mouse to move.
The Legend of the Golden Robot - Take on the role of Indigo Steve in this epic adventure. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest. Use the mouse to guide Steve.
Rolling Hero - Using the arrow keys roll the platform and get the hero to the exit on each level, avoiding the enemies.
Blocky - Get the block to the destination using the arrow keys to move and X and Z to rotate it. Change color to have access on those colored blocks. Blue will transport to another spot, yellow will turn you upside down. Close gaps and turn off electric fields.
Fast Sniper 2 - The targets are moving. You got one shot to eliminate them. Think fast.
Swift Turn - Using arrow keys to move and jump and activate various switches, complete each level.
Interlocked - Take apart the wooden blocks.When using the Glance Tool (an eye icon is displayed at the bottom left circle) you can rotate the puzzle with the mouse while holding the left mouse button. When using the Pull Tool (a hand icon) click on a piece to pop up the axis selection gizmo
Penguin Fun Fall - Drop the penguins into water by clicking on ice blocks.
Mysteries Of Persia - Match at least 3 of same color gems.
The Flood - Salvation - Place the various objects in strategic places that will cause the character to rise to the surface.
Vroom - Create the path using the elements (ramps, speed up, slow down, return). Final destination the finish line.
Adam and Eve - Click to find a way for Adam to reunite with Eve.
Cut and Shine - Cut using the saw to let the sunflower reach the portal.
Gravity Control - Get the green ball to the exit trap by rotating the space and controlling gravity. Avoid traps. Use side arrow keys to rotate.
Collapse It - Destroy buildings and their occupants using bombs. Place them in well placed points and detonate them.
Traffic Command 2 - Manage the traffic by clicking on the traffic lights. Click on the disabled vehicles to remove them from the street. You have to let a certain number of cars in a given period of time to be successful.
Moo - Get the cow to the milk bottle and fill it up. Use the arrow keys (AD).
The Tricky Tumblers - Fill the amount and the color of the liquid required for each level.
Aequilibrium 3 - Click to remove the orange shapes while maintaining the balance.
Ornament Key - Assemble the given symbols to unlock the gates.
Physics Cup 2 - Click to remove blocks and players and get the ball to the goal.
Click Play 3 - New puzzles in this 3rd installment of ClickPlay. The PLAY button is hiding. Click around solve the puzzle.
Fit It 2 - Fit the required number of objects in the shape. Rotate them with the arrow keys to fit better.
Sticks - Draw sticks that will bring the money to Bob.
Tealy and Orangey - Using the arrow keys get both balls at the exit.
Lofty Tower 2 - Raise the tower by dragging the shapes to create a stable tower. Use the arrow keys to rotate the shape.
People On My Lawn - Place magnets on the playing field that will attract and repel your rockets. Kill all of the astronauts to complete each level.
The Gravity Tangram - Drag, rotate and drop the patterns to fill the dotted-outline. Don't let them fall off the platform.
Monster Mover - Direct all good monsters to the portal but prevent the bad ones get there. Click on various objects.
Chicken House - A game of physics puzzles. Click to break objects that will destroy the chickens and the eggs.
Endeavor - Find the secret, the treasure. Move with arrow keys, jump with X, gain powers.
Fish Need Water - Get the fish into the water. Use the mouse to create objects to help do that.
Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack - An amazing puzzle game. Don't waste the liquid. Use mouse to drag and drop the connectors and pots. Spacebar to start liquid.
Shift Freedom - The new Shift has a ton of puzzles. Move with arrow keys and spacebar...just press and see what happens.
Kamikaze Blocks - Shoot all the blocks off the platform with a limited number of shots.
Insidia - Find the toolboxes to repair the ship and leave the dark planet. Move with the arrow keys.
Topsy Turvy - Turn the world around as you go, get to the flag, avoid spikes. Use arrow keys to move.
DuBlox - Talking about addictive games? Try this: roll the DuBlox from the green to the red tiles. Use arrow keys to move the blocks.
Tuboids - Remove all tuboids in the time given by click on the one that connects 2 or 3 of the same color.
Hide Caesar 2 Players Pack - The best puzzles created by players. Hide the golden coin from the deadly rain and remove the black one.
Isoball 3 - Create a path for the ball to drop into the hole. Drag the shapes and click to rotate them.
Starlight Christmas - Use your mouse to turn the stars until an image that makes sense appears.
Magnetic Rush - Try to get both magnets into the targets by making them attract or repulse each other. Up arrow to attract magnets Down arrow to repulse them.
Nimball Rewind - Complete the level moving with arrow keys. If you make any mistake rewind with spacebar.
Goodbye Sadness - The happy face needs to touch all the sad faces and make them happy too. Click or ctrl+click to complete the mission.
Milo Physics - Intelligently drop the objects and use them to collect all the stars with the ball in this challenging physics based puzzle and skill game. There are 36 levels and 2 bonus levels for the most skillful players.
Prizma Puzzle 3 - New prizma puzzles. Advance toward the finish, collect as many stars as you can, but calculate your moves and energy level.
Snail Bob - Bob needs a new home using the mouse activate the tools to help him get it.
Raving Rabbids Travel in Time - Using the mouse aim and throw explosive toilet paper rolls to eliminate the cavemen before the time runs out.
Liquid Measure 2 - Route water to the pots to fill them all. Move the pieces to the right place to control the flow. New items are available: overflow pots, water splitters, pots and tanks of many sizes. Mouse to drag and drop, space to start/stop water.
Trap the Tiger - Click on the buttons to block the access of the tiger.
Railroad Shunting Puzzle - Route the locomotive and the wagons to their designated location. Use the mouse to move the locomotive, couple and detach flip the switches.
Blow Things up - Strategically place the bombs on the screen with the goal of knocking off the bad guys without taking out the good guys.
Nuclear Ragdoll - Objective: shoot a ragdoll at the red sign using the cannon. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
All We Need Is Brain - Place the brain to lure the zombies and destroy them. Use the mouse.
Maneuver - Eliminate all tiles in this great puzzle game. Space bar - Reset level. Ctrl - Key shortcut to return to level select. M - Pause or play current song. Click or P key - Pause menu. Arrow keys - Move around on platforms.
Yin Finds Yang Extra Pack - Remove blocks and let the Yin collide with Yang
Laser Cannon - Kill the monsters with your laser cannon.
Frozen Imps - Help the imps fall into the fire by unfreezing blocks of the same color. Use the mouse to set direction and force.
Missing Mechanism - Physics puzzle game with a contraption basic idea. Add objects to create a working mechanism.
Platformation - Reach the exit door. You might need to collect the key first. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Z will create a platform. There's a limited number of platforms per level.
Rescue On Cocoa Farm - Click on chocolate objects to save the animals and return them to the barn.
Funny Man - Funny Man needs to find the path to the exit. Help him build it, drag objects and move with the arrow keys.
The Light Temple - The Fireboy and Watergirl need to stick together to find the way to exit of each level. Use WAD for the girl, and arrow keys for the boy. Avoid traps, collect gems.
Huje Tower 2 - Build structures with the little Hujos and guide the required number to exit. Figure out how to do that.
Home Sheep Home 2 - Bring the sheep to the exit. Move them with arrow keys (WASD). Switch control from one to another with the numeric keys or by clicking with the mouse.
Morbid 2: The Cure - In the times of plague, something is hidden in the darkness. Click the mouse to solve the puzzle.
Sniper Assassin Final - Ben is dead. Shawn wants revenge, but he needs to shoot a bunch of people first. Read your mission assignments carefully; save your lead for people who deserve it.
Morbid Chapter 1 - The Black Death stalks the land, but is it a plague, or something more sinister? Use the Mouse to find and use items to help you escape.
Nanopath - Machines have taken over.Create (delete, edit, insert) your shortest path to exit, avoid obstacles and other machines' paths.
The Trader Of Stories Bell's Heart - Take control of Myosotis, a trader of tales,who's on her way to a place called The Cradle. Use your mouse to interact with objects and people and to help you navigate your way through the game.
Firefighter Cannon - Eliminate all fires with your water cannon. Complete each level in the least amount of shots to get a higher score.
Wake Up the Box 2 - Wake up some boxes by placing the objects supplied to create the desired effect.
Hidden Souvenirs - Travel around the world and discover the hidden objects on London's streets, outside the Metropolitain of Paris and under the Japanese cherry trees! Remember, time runs really fast and too many clicks will bring you unfortunate events.
Madness Premeditation - Plan the attack routes (move with arrows/WAS), mark attack nodes (clicking with the mouse) and then press action. You might need to tweak your moves...
Bridge Tactics - Place the dynamite and detonate it at the right moment to kill and destroy the bridge.
Front 2 Back - Objective: to get to the exit by jumping on and around platforms, rotating the screen and by shifting from the foreground to the background and back again. You can shift between fore and backgrounds at any time. You can only shift if there is an empty spot available.
Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy - Rupert is a courier, who has a package to deliver to Earl Grey, who lives in the spooky mansion on the hill. Click on things to interact, and click on objects in your inventory to use them.
Visible 3 - Find your way to the exit of each level. There are traps or steps hidden in the reflection. Move and jump with arrow keys (WASD)
Electric Box 2 - Physics (made simple) and fun. Connect various remote circuits using turbines, solar cells and others.
Shine Wars - Bump the Sun into the Moon to turn the night into day and vice versa using the various tools available
Crate Crash - Apply an impulse near the crates to make them explode. Try to do that in as little click as possible.
Aequilibrium 2 - Click to remove all red objects but keep the balance.
Bubble Quod 2 - Free yourself from the bubble. Move and jump with the arrow keys, space bar to switch the character.
Ragdoll Spree - Pop the balloons by shooting ragdolls towards them. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Lost Head - Help the lost head reunite with the hand-like body. Click on various objects to make them shrink or grow.
Quick Switch - Hover the mouse over a platform to make it solid. Collect all stars to open the portal.
Light Up 2 - Click to remove balls and clear the path for the lit ball to light up the others.
Recoil 1.3 Noobs - Using arrow keys get the spring to the exit of each level.
Go Home Ball 2 - Use various objects and tool to create a path for the ball to return home.
Kaleidoscope Series 1 - Click to rotate the shapes and match their adjoining sides.
Build the Bridge - Drag and drop the objects to create a safe path for the train. The left arrow starts the train. Use the mouse to move the view.
Kerixep Plus - More puzzles. Start hovering the pointer from the green square and light up all others in one continuous move without passing twice over the same square.
Of Crates and Creatures - Move crates, move lasers so the bugs doesn't get anything. Use arrow keys or WASD.
E7 - Find the bomb targeting the Earth. Move with arrow keys. Down arrow will press the ground down and it will launch in the air
Stop the Leak - Plug the hole and stop the spillage by clicking on various wooden objects.
Hide Caesar 2 - Cover Caesar with the various supplied object to defend it from the deadly rain.
The Other Side - Find the exit, move and jump with arrow keys (WASD)
Color Theory - Walk towards the exit (the white blob) and change color by touching the "+" sign. Move and jump with arrow keys.
Furfur and Nublo - Furfur and Nublo must cooperate in order to reach the exit. Move them with arrow keys and spacebar to switch from one to another.
The Illusionist Dream - Find the key. A to transform into an animal in proximity, S to return to your self.
Slicerix New Dimension - Slice the wood with the mouse and collide the same color objects.
Darkness 2 - You're in dark and got to find the way to the next level. Move with arrows or WASD, and shoot paint balls with the mouse to outline the path.
Ink Ball - A physics puzzle game. Place objects to guide the ink balls towards the inkpot. Control the game with the mouse.
Screw the Nut 2 - Screw it, the sequel. The nut gets to the screw if you click in the correct sequence on objects to make them disappear.
The Death of a Warlord - A cool sniper game,Shoot the stickmen as per instruction in the mission briefing.
Draw Ball 2 - Use lines, portals and powerups to get the ball to the goal in this challenging physics game
IQ Ball - The spiky ball needs to touch the target sign (white and red). Point with the mouse and use try to get close.
Sunny Boom - Drag the all the objects on the left side and clear the way for the sun to fall.
Icosien - Redraw the gray shape with a single forward mouse move without going twice through the same path. Click 2 times to start over.
Ragdoll Cannon 3 - Somehow you got to shot the ragdoll and touch the shape labeled "HERE" in order to advance to the next level
Galaxy Jumper - Move your mouse to aim, left click or spacebar to jump. Collect coins to unlock levels and get all the keys to open the exit.
Easy Joe - Joe the rabbit wants to see the world. Click on objects that will lead Joe to the exit of each level.
Airport Madness 3 - Click on each airplane and decide if you let it land (or circle around more in the air). Click on the planes on the ground and direct them to the runaway and avoid crashes.
Blast Up - A click of the mouse provokes a blast that moves the ball towards the pins that you need to knock over in order to finish the level. There are all kinds of obstacles that you need to avoid.
Over Web - Get the spider into the web. Move it with arrow keys, mouse left button draws a web that can help the spider achieve its goal.
Sniper Freedom - Help your client's son escape from the prison without killing anyone and without triggering the alarm.
Red and Blue Balls 3 - Again the blue and red balls adventures means finding the exit to each level. They can do that only if they cooperate. Move with arrow keys, jump with space and Z to switch control from one ball to another
Take It Down XP - More levels in this game of physics. Click on elements to make them disappear. The worker should never touch the ground.
Dr. Sweetvalley's Machine - The machine is broken. Pilot a probe with arrow keys (or the arrows at the right/down) and collect all parts scattered across numerous levels.
Escape the Toy Factory - Dr. Minstrel caught you and locked you in the toy factory. You have to escape before he's back. Find clues, explore.
Rotate and Roll - Rotate the structure with the side arrow keys and make the balls collide with the big bubble. Avoid the spiky balls
Light Bot 2 - Objective: bring the robot in the blue area and light them up. More programming options than in the original game, functions and other goodies.
Construction Fall - Use the balls to break the construction below the dotted line. Using the mouse set the strength and direction of the hit by clicking once and again to shoot.
Light Bot - Program your robot to get in the blue area and light up by dragging commands (arrows, turn signs, jumps) in the main method panel
Penguin Escape - Help the penguin escape from the tropics. Click on 3 or more blocks to make them disappear.
Heart of Tota - You're looking for a rare artifact "Heart of Tota". Explore the island (by clicking with the mouse) and collect objects that will help you solve the puzzle. Also get as many coins as possible
Catch the Moon - A game of planet hopping to arrive at the crescent moon. Move with side arrow keys and jump with space, collect stars. Take into account the gravity force and black holes.
Aequilibrium - A physics puzzle. Click on the red object but don't lose your balance!
Greenator - Collide the blue balls with the yellow ones to create green. Click on various wooden objects to make them disappear.
Traverse - Move your ship with arrow keys on this puzzle board to arrive at the exit (pulsating white blob) in as little time as possible.
Rescue a Chicken - Click on straw objects to make them disappear and lead the chickens to the nest.
Layer Maze - Find the ball's way out of the maze. Use arrow keys to move. Use A and Z keys to move deeper into the next layer and back.
Figure Fix - Balance the wooden objects in this physics based puzzler. Drag objects to stack them up and rotate them with the spacebar.
Let It Glow - Create a chain from the energy source, transmitter and the light bulb. Dashed line circles represent the electric field spread area. Click on various object to make them disappear.
Wake the Royalty - The Level Pack - By combining the available objects you can wake up HM. Use your imagination, drag the objects where you want them placed.
Take it Down - A demolition game. Click on various elements to bring down the building to the required height. Don't touch nearby buildings. The worker on top of the building has to stay off the ground.
Shrink It: Falling - A new shrink it, objective: let the smiling face fall. Click on objects (to shrink them), or click while holding the spacebar to make them grow.
Screw The Nut - A fine physics puzzle game. Click on objects and screw the nut to the bolt.
Warp Shot - Throw the white orb (with the mouse) through the portals and get it to the final destination. The menu works the same way.
Connect It - The goal is to connect the wires. Drag and drop the gears to achieve the objective.
Daymare Town 3 - I'm totally hooked on this series. The first two episodes leave you wanting more, and this one fulfills. Explore and click for clues.
Slip and Slide Plus - More slip & slides, new puzzles and different game skins and a level editor. Move with the arrows collect the coins and get the key to advance to the next level.
Line Ball - A fun puzzle game. Draw a line to guide the little ball to the destination. Switch the gravity force direction by clicking with the mouse.
Bad Birds - The birds need get to the exit. Use the skills from the action panel and apply them to one of the birds by clicking on them.
Daymare Town 2 - Was the first Daymare not mysterious enough for you? Here's the second installment.
Cover Orange Players Pack - Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain. Use the mouse to cover it with the various objects available.
Daymare Town - This is not a puzzle it is a downright mystery. Start from the yard and find out what the hell is going on. Click on the direction you want to take. Click in lower right to go back.
Light Up - Get the lighted bulb close to the darker bulb to light it up. There is a limited number of clicks allowed per level.
Forty Two - Collect exactly 42 stars in each level to advance to the next one. Arrow keys or WASD to move and jump.
Slip 'n Slide - Move toward the exit, but make sure to collect the key and coins for points.
Jolls - Drop the heads so you collect the children of the same color
Eric the Circle - Get ink and draw ramps and other helpful lines to complete each level. Arrows to move, mouse to draw.
Circles and Squares - Solve the puzzle described in each level. Use the mouse.
The First Olympic Tidy Up - The Greeks got drunk and missed the first Olympics. Somebody has to tidy up: stack the amphoras in order to make them disappear.
Fill Zone - The goal of the game is to change all the squares on the board to the same color. Start from the upper left corner and choose the color of the most adjacent squares.
Pathillogical - Guide the arrow to the yellow circle using arrow keys or WASD. Make a clever use of the blocks and bouncing corners.
Neon Disk 2 - Light up all the disks in this snooker-like puzzle game. Use the mouse to direct the shot.
Home Sheep Home - Use the arrows to solve these funny sheep puzzles.
Space On-Air - Remove the unnecessary lines by clicking on them and still keep the transmitter above the dotted line
Sideways - A smart action/puzzle game in a world that rotates. Arrows to move and jump, D and A rotates left/right, W -rotates 180 degrees.
Gluey - Click large blobs to make them disappear. Score extra bonus if you remove all blobs.
Cover Orange 2 - Just like the original, but with cooler levels. Protect the orange and its friends from the elements.
Isoball 2 - The Isoball sequel, with more puzzles. Create a path out of blocks, ramps and arrows for the ball to lead it to the hole.
Blox - A nice puzzler. Collide all the blocks with each other. Click on the squares to adjust direction, you want them to collide, press "start" when ready.
Blosics 2 - Choose a type of ball then knock over the structure and complete the required number of points. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Wheel of Death - Complete the puzzle by placing ramps, springs and other props.
Splitter - Guide the ball to its target by splitting wooden objects and ropes.
Anti Terrorism Squad - Moving the circuit boards with the mouse find a way to push the timer out and diffuse the bomb before it explodes.
Mahjongg Solitaire - Remove as many pieces (by clicking on pairs) in 3 minutes.
Tetrisnake - A clever combination of Tetris and Snake. Use the arrow keys.
Werebox - Boxes can be turned into balls, and vice versa. Get rid of all the red boxes.
Fluxball - It's Pong with a twist. Create fluxes, or waves, by clicking to control the direction of the ball.
Prizma Puzzle 2 - Get from start node to the finish one in the allotted number of moves
Traffic Police - Clear the traffic avoid crashes. Click on the traffic lights.
Touch - Guide the Red Worm to the destination, and collect the leaves. Click the mouse to create guiding blocks.
Wall Walker - You can rotate your playing space to walk along walls. Reach the blue door in each level.
Poppable Cascade - Pop groups of at least 3 balls. Fun twist: different sized balls and accurate ball physics.
Pictogrid - Move pieces to duplicate the model given.
Heron: Steam Machine - Click on pipe segments to rotate and create a release way for the 4 elements:water, electricity, oil and steam.
Wheel It - Fix the broken clockworks by dragging and dropping the various gears.
Paradox Embrace - A mystical, magical adventure game full of action. Get through the crazy levels.
Red & Blue Balls - Play as 2 balls trapped on an island. Get the gems in each level by working together. Arrows to move, space to switch between balls.
Agent B10 2 - Kill on order; get your missions from HQ
Cargo Bridge - Use your skills in engineering to design bridges. Make them strong enough, but stay within your budget.
Libra - Place the pieces (wood or brick) on the balance. Keep it always in balanced. Follow the tutorial
Way of an Idea - Use the chalk and make the apple hit Einstein's head
physBallz - Click with the mouse and connect as many balls in an uninterrupted chain
Parking Perfection 3 - Follow the instructions and handle the car without crashes
Tuper Tario Tros. - A mix of Tetris and the original Mario game. Complete the levels by switching between the two modes with the spacebar. Use the arrows to move, and S to jump.
Droptris - It's a construction-themed Tetris game. Arrows to rotate and drop.
Blosics - Launch your ball from inside the green circle. Aim it so you knock over the structure in as few tries as possible.
Stones Masters - It's a puzzle adventure game! Defeat your enemy by grouping at least 3 stones with the same symbol.
Toy Blocks Balance - Stack up the blocks in different shapes and maintain balance for a while.
Isoball - Place blocks to build a track that will allow the ball to roll into the hole. Click the pieces to rotate.
Starlight - Use your mouse to turn the stars until an image that makes sense appears.
Continuity - Rearrange the tiles to put them in the order that you need to complete the levels. Use space to switch from tile view to play view.
Christmas Cannon Blast - Santa's shooting elves from his cannon! Launch the elves and get them through the levels to the target.
Side Effect - Place pieces on grid to connect the center to one of the sides with blocks of the same color. The connected blocks will disappear and all sides will change color. Use mouse to select pieces, and space to rotate them.
Screw Effect - Navigate across the blueprint and get the screw where it belongs before time runs out!
Ricochet Kills Players Pack - New levels to the original ricochet game. Kill by ricocheting your bullets against the walls and other objects.
Blackboard - Play as a chalk figure on the board; attack and conquer the enemy. Upgrade your weapons. Move with A,D; attack with J; jump with K, and more.
Dynamite Blast - Blast bridges, towers and vehicles by placing the dynamite in the right places.
Shrink It - Get the smileys to the white square. Click objects to shrink them, click + space to make them bigger.
Small Worlds - There is too much noise in these small worlds. Explore them, and bring the silence...
Ionized - Bounce around on the laser-poline to grab all of the protons (the blue dots), while avoiding the ions (the orange one).
Quadratus 2 - Use arrow keys to move the blue block, get it to the green zone and avoid the red walls.
Minefields 3 - The 3rd of the Minefield, includes a level editor. Place the tools in the field in order to reach the target
Super Balance - Press and hold the mouse to grow an orb. Release the mouse to add new weight. Try to set the same amount of weight on the both sides (the difference must be less than 40 kg).
Newtonian - Arrange gears, wheels, balloons and solve the puzzles.
The Company of Myself - The puzzle of a loner. Arrows to move, space to create a copy of yourself.
Copy Cat - A painter's puzzle - Copy the image on the empty canvas. Use the available tools.
Hexiom Connect - Rearrange the tiles to light up all the color coded connections. Keep track of which tiles you think are in their correct positions by shift-clicking them.
Jumpie 2 - Use the mouse to exert the right amount of force and the correct angle to shoot through the ring
Block Tetris - It's Tetris. But with apartment buildings! And in 3D!
Click Play 2 - The PLAY button is hiding. Click around solve the puzzle.
Big Bank Robbery 2 - You need thinking and skills to rob the banks. Arrows to move, avoid sensor and move fast, time is limited
Kerixep - Cover all of the squares with your mouse, but you can't go back on any of them. Tricky and addictive.
Trapr - Don't let the bird escape. The bird is really clever, or "cleaver" as the authors of the game put it.
Wake up the Box - Nice puzzle--place various object so they can wake up the box
Drop 3 - Pair at least 3 of the falling shapes to make them disappear.
Galactic Colonization - Terraform an uninhabited planet and conquer the enemy, by strategically directing resources
Unlock the Box - Pull or push the blocks with the mouse, and get the box free.
Paradoxion Express - Clear the game board, pick elements from inventory one by one and place them on the gameboard cells. To clear elements from the game board you need to arrange them in different combinations.
Sniper Year Two - The same type of mission as "Year One". Point and shoot. Avoid innocent casualties
Stoneium - Pull the stones and try to match the colors
Flood Fill - Fill in the shapes with one of 4 colors, but don't let any shape of the same color touch sides.
Demolition City 2 - Demolish buildings all over the world. Strategically place different explosives on a building or tower and take it down under the goal line. Tools box hold different types of charges
Full Moon - A puzzle with tricky solutions. Click the objects and figure out how to get what the rabbit wants.
Cover Orange - Straightforward enough: drop objects to cover the orange and protect it from the killer rain.
Test Pilot - Create a vehicle with various types of engines and other weird attachements, then drive it!
A Dralien Day - Use to mouse to click on highlighted objects to solve the puzzle and lead the dragon to safety.
Music Catch 2 - Hover pointer and capture musical notes and collect points. Yellow notes good, red are bad, purple are power.
Bubbleween - Halloween style puzzle. Pair three of the pumpkins and make them disappear
Twirl and Hurl - Click to turn the tiles and reach the exit, without getting eaten
Billiard Blitz 3 - Even more cool pool action.
Picma - Discover the image hidden in the grid based on the numerical clues given.
Wizard's Notebook - Writing words will help bridge the gaps
Obechi - Capture the required number of dots into the rings. Starts real easy, but it gets complicated quickly.
Zyl - Get the ball through the green zone when the walls part. It's about timing, skill, and luck
Stabilize - Drop objects on the platform, but make sure to keep it balanced!
Cowbox - Shoot the boxes but don't let the sheriff touch the ground
Tsunami Wall - When the levee prepared drop and stack objects to protect your house
Neo Tokyo Bash - Get through the levels, fight; move with arrows, jump with space, Z - throw stars, S - activate shadow partner, A - haste mode
Doom 2D - Based on the classic Doom game. Find the exit door and kill everybody along the way. Arrows to move and jump, ctrl to shoot, space to use
Toss the Turtle - Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as far as possible. WASD to control flying turtle, mouse to shoot
Defense - Stop monsters by building defensive towers
Puffball Hunter - Shake the trees, collect the puffballs in barrel, accumulate funds, purchase helping devices.
The Pretender Part One - Bring all the ghosts through the light door one at a time. Move using arrows, powers, space
99 Bricks: The Legend of Gary - A fairytale Tetris using stone blocks. Use the arrows to rotate and move the pieces
Guardian Rock - You are the Guardian Rock. You rise to defend the glorious temple from the nosy archaeologists. Use brute force or the ancient devices spread across the temple. Arrow keys to control the Guardian Rock, 'S' to remove your enemies
Daytraders of the Dead - Great shooting game. Use arrows to navigate, mouse to aim and shoot, spacebar to option.
More Bloons - More balloons to blow up--hit them with your arrow.
Bloons - Shoot the arrow at the right angle and strength
Fragger - Throw the grenade at the right angle
Visible II - Find your way through reflected levels and pass obstacles in the original pic and in its reflection. Arrows to move and jump. The tutorial is recommended for first time players.
Water Werks - Spray water from your hose to get the blobs to safety. Mouse to spray, arrow keys to widen the spray.
Spin the Black Circle - Lead the ball to the portal. Spin the maze and gravity will do the rest.
Demolition City - Place dynamite in the correct place so the building collapses
Glass Block - Destroy as many blue blocks as possible while preserving the pink ones.
The Funny Construction Site - Point and click on different objects around the construction site, combine them to trigger different events.
Bubble Spinner - Match colors to remove balls
Square Team - Get one of the cubes to the exit. Select a cube to move it, jump with the arrow keys.
Family Guy Solitaire - Classic solitaire with a Family Guy theme.
Phage Wars 2 - Create the most powerful virus ever. Look at the readme and play around with the classic Mac OS
Little Wheel - The world of robots. Locate and restart the power generator. Use mouse, pay attention to details.
Stackle - Take blocks from the tower and put them on top, but don't topple the tower!
Civiballs - Use your sword to cut the chains and release the balls and have them reach their appropriate urn.
Survival Lab - Try not to die. Use the arrow keys and figure things out.
Polygonal Fury - Destroy all the polygons. Click to start a chain reaction.