Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Stick Squad - Complete the missions, earn money, upgrade your weapons, defeat the enemy.
Sift Head Cartels Act 2 - And the adventure continues.
Urbex - Another point and click game. Find clues solve the mystery.
Myosotis Chapter 3 - Solve the puzzle in this point and click adventure.
Sift Renegade 3 - In this third action platformer series we revisit Kiro's past, before his partnership with Vinnie and Shorty, when his brother Keinji was still alive. You will fight as Kiro or Keinji, as you gain new weapons and new combat moves.
Doors Out Of Office - Dave doesn't want to do any overtime. It's Friday a few minutes before 5pm and he gets lost. Help him find the way out.
Flawed Dimesion - Two boys lost in the forest and taken to another dimension are trying to get home.
Polar Tale - Click to clear the path to warmer places for the polar bear.
Flightless - Collect as many gems as possible while exploring the caves. Extend the secret stair when you need to (sp+ctrl)
Jacko In Hell 2 - Jacko needs to summon the great spirit of Halloween. With new challenges and new dangers will he accomplish his darkest mission? Move with arrows (WASD) and use spacebar to interact with objects.
Spellstorm - Fight your way through the rooms and eliminate various creatures. Move with arrows shoot with mouse. Collect cash and other goodies. Upgrade when you have funds.
Best Friends Forever 3 - Help the 3 friends escape from the cave. Switch the control from one to another using the spacebar.
Sift Heads Assault 2 - The sequel to the action shooter brings more missions, weapons and more enemies to eliminate.
The Fog Fall 4 - Click to explore the creepy world, find, pick up objects that can be used in various circumstances alone or combined. Solve the mystery.
Glean - A game of adventure, mining resources and exploring distant planets doing research and building new devices.
Sift Heads Assault - Shoot and destroy all your enemies and stay alive. Visit the upgrade shop, whenever possible.
Sequester - Help the brother of the dead girl solve the puzzle and navigate the nightmare. Use the arrow keys to move, jump and enter doors.
Dusk 2 - A sequel to the original Dusk. A lonely square on a mysterious journey, must use its time traveling ability to solve complex puzzles and mazes. Run, jump with arrow keys and rewind the time with S.
Nelly - A fun magical adventure with Nelly as she tries to catch a charming butterfly. Use arrow keys to move and space to interact.
Memohuntress - A point and click adventure game about a girls who ran away from home and is now trying to get back. Help her find clues using arrow keys and the mouse.
Killbot - Use your psychic powers to escape from the facility. Move with WASD and move objects by click and drag with the mouse.
Pick and Dig 3 - Help the purple hero solve the puzzles. You will have to collect the coins on the way in order to learn new skills and pass the different levels.
Dangerous Treasures - Collect all the artifacts and open the exit of each level. Move and jump with the arrow keys and click to remove blocks.
William and Sly 2 - The gnomes have stolen Williams journal and scattered the pages all over the mountainside! Luckily, he knows a fox who’s willing to help him out. M to mute.
Shadow Regiment - Spearhead a secret war against the White King's tyranny with stealth, cunning and high explosive. Arrows to move, Z,K action key, X,L use power.
Pixel Quest - Explore and find the exit of each level, WASD or arrows. Z to dash.
Cactus McCoy 2 - Run, jump, and punch your way through dangerous caverns and return a stolen gem which turned you into a cactus. Run with arrows, jump with A punch with S
Leila and the Magic Ball - Guide Leila home with the help of her magic ball
Saving the Company - Run and jump and try to find ways to save the company. Use arrow keys to move and jump.
Metal Wartale - Drive your car as you blast boxes and robots. Upgrade car and guns whenever possible.
Wheelbox The Fallen Star - Solve puzzles and collect fragments of the star as you move and jump with arrow keys.
Skinny - An adventure puzzle game. Move Skinny with WAD keys, talk to other characters with spacebar.
The Kid Spectre - Suck up all the ghosts with your plasma gun (press A). Move and jump with arrow keys.
The Adventures of Red - Click around to find objects and clues.
Transylvania - Click to find clues and help Mr. Potato leave Transylvania.
Hitstick 6 - The assassination game involves exploring and picking up objects and eliminating your targets.
Cactus McCoy - Find and return the stolen cursed gem which turned McCoy into a cactus. Move with arrows and A, fight with S.
The Legend of the Golden Robot - Take on the role of Indigo Steve in this epic adventure. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest. Use the mouse to guide Steve.
Sift Heads World Ultimatum - The last chapter of the Sift Head World. Use the mouse to move and interact, spacebar to equip the weapon, R to reload.
Doom Patrol - Move with arrows shoot with the mouse, collect ammunition and life powerups. Explore and finish the mission.
Give Up, Robot 2 - The sequel to his puzzle platformer starring a robot with a grappling hook. As in the first game, you'll use that hook to swing your hero across a series of screens replete with obstacles, bottomless pits, and instant-kill lasers.
The Raven - Using arrow keys control the Raven. Collect memory chips, read video logs, hide in shadows, and stay away from mechanized drones in this platform game.
Endeavor - Find the secret, the treasure. Move with arrow keys, jump with X, gain powers.
Bear Bound - Explore and find the secrets but avoid the blizzard by getting shelter into the burrows.
Shift Freedom - The new Shift has a ton of puzzles. Move with arrow keys and spacebar...just press and see what happens.
Insidia - Find the toolboxes to repair the ship and leave the dark planet. Move with the arrow keys.
Major Masher - Major Masher's goal is to collect soul capsules and assimilate them whilst attacking waves of enemies. Move, jump, crouch with arrow keys, shoot with mouse
Fireboy and Watergirl III - The Fireboy and Watergirl have to work together to complete all levels. Move and jump with arrows (Fire) and WASD the Water.
Lucky Tower - Escape a super dangerous mysterious tower as a clumsy medieval hero longing for eternal glory.
The Trader Of Stories Bell's Heart - Take control of Myosotis, a trader of tales,who's on her way to a place called The Cradle. Use your mouse to interact with objects and people and to help you navigate your way through the game.
Sift Heads World Act 6 - After having their HQ destroyed, Vinnie and his gang try to find the culprit and stop them for good. But the guys will find out that more than one clan is behind this attack! Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro will have to combine their forces and go on the offensive to get to the bottom of
Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy - Rupert is a courier, who has a package to deliver to Earl Grey, who lives in the spooky mansion on the hill. Click on things to interact, and click on objects in your inventory to use them.
Sift Heads World Act 5 - Episode "An Exotic Job"! Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro go in the Amazonian rain forest for a lucrative job but local mercenaries will get in their way. Fight them off.
E7 - Find the bomb targeting the Earth. Move with arrow keys. Down arrow will press the ground down and it will launch in the air
Sift Heads World Act 4 - Shorty goes to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement. Use the mouse to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots, pickup objects and to aim or shoot, spacebar to equip your weapon, R to reload and W, A, S, D keys in anim
Galaxy Jumper - Move your mouse to aim, left click or spacebar to jump. Collect coins to unlock levels and get all the keys to open the exit.
Sniper Freedom - Help your client's son escape from the prison without killing anyone and without triggering the alarm.
Escape the Toy Factory - Dr. Minstrel caught you and locked you in the toy factory. You have to escape before he's back. Find clues, explore.
Draw Story 2 - Draw your own adventure in 4 colors (use the mouse scroll roll or numeric keys). Arrow keys to move, jump and crouch.
3 Foot Ninja The Lost Scrolls - Find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. Move, jump, crouch, flip and block with arrow keys, A,D will swing and jab the sword, S throw stars.
Drow's Fury - Fight and kill the enemies. Collect their souls after defeating them. Pick up items with R, move with arrow keys (WASD), mouse attack, E to switch weapons, spacebar to cast spell.
Galactic Commandos - Infiltrate a commando of 3 and get them inside an alien spacecraft. Move with arrows. Get control over each member by cycling with V key (or keys 1-3). Z to attack, X for extra attack move.
Sift Heads World Act 2 - The Treacherous Return! Play as Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty, lots of weapons, 10 more missions, interactive exploration and so much more
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Just like the original! Press up to jump and do tricks, down to rewind time, and space to attack.
Eukarion Tales - Marcus the Knight - A complex yet fun adventure RPG game. Use the mouse to interact with the game. Fight the creatures, collect weapons, and gain special abilities.
13 More Days in Hell - If you enjoyed the first 13 days in hell, then take this escorted tour of the netherworld and shoot your way through all the lost souls.
Daymare Town 3 - I'm totally hooked on this series. The first two episodes leave you wanting more, and this one fulfills. Explore and click for clues.
Daymare Town 2 - Was the first Daymare not mysterious enough for you? Here's the second installment.
Daymare Town - This is not a puzzle it is a downright mystery. Start from the yard and find out what the hell is going on. Click on the direction you want to take. Click in lower right to go back.
Super Mario Scramble - Finish a level and find the exit. Move with arrows, jump with space.
Neon Disk 2 - Light up all the disks in this snooker-like puzzle game. Use the mouse to direct the shot.
Raze - Play as an alien or human race in campaign or quick match mode. Complete all the action-packed levels.
Helicops - Fly the helicopter over the city and shoot down other choppers and turrets on the rooftops! WASD to move, side arrows to turn, up to shoot.
Military Rescue - Mission: rescue the hostages. Configure the keys or use the default settings.
Paradox Embrace - A mystical, magical adventure game full of action. Get through the crazy levels.
Red & Blue Balls - Play as 2 balls trapped on an island. Get the gems in each level by working together. Arrows to move, space to switch between balls.
Agent B10 2 - Kill on order; get your missions from HQ
Tuper Tario Tros. - A mix of Tetris and the original Mario game. Complete the levels by switching between the two modes with the spacebar. Use the arrows to move, and S to jump.
Scamperghost - A Pacman without the maze. Use the mouse to collect all gold coins. The blue coin will allow you to become the aggressor.
Perfect Balance 2 - Move, rotate and stack the shapes in order to achieve perfect balance
Blackboard - Play as a chalk figure on the board; attack and conquer the enemy. Upgrade your weapons. Move with A,D; attack with J; jump with K, and more.
Hobo Prison Brawl - You're a crazy hobo in prison and you just started a riot. Fight guards and other prisoners. Advance through the levels and collect combo moves.
The Forest Temple - Control both fire and water, but be careful not to mix them. Complete the levels and have fun!
Dale and Peakot - Go on a wild adventure with your best friend, a chicken named Peakot. WASD to move, space to shoot, R to reload.
Small Worlds - There is too much noise in these small worlds. Explore them, and bring the silence...
The Incredibles Save the Day - Based on the Incredibles movie--you get to be a superhero! Arrows to move, space to attack.
Savage Huskies - Eliminate various enemies. Control keys are assigned but you can reassign them.
Mummy Tomb 2 - Navigate the tombs, killing zombie mummies along the way. Arrows to move, space to shoot, L to activate insane shooting mode.
Forever Samurai - An intense fighting game: WASD or arrows, mouse to fight.
Rise of the Pirates - Sail your ship by pointing with your mouse and destroy other ships: fire aiming with the mouse too
Zombie Exploder - Kick zombie ass, but don't get caught in their grips! Punch by moving your mouse, arrows to move.
The Final Legion - Gather friends, utilize their skills to help you defeat the boss.
Zombie Taxi 2 - The city is being overrun with zombies. Deliver the VIPs and splatter the zombies.
Bloodshade - Army of Thieves - Play as a ninja sharpshooter. WASD to move, mouse to arm and launch your bow with arrows.
A Dralien Day - Use to mouse to click on highlighted objects to solve the puzzle and lead the dragon to safety.
Bloodfield - Kill some damn meatheads. WASD to move, mouse to shoot
Miami Shark - You are a shark. Eat, destroy, and blow up everything in sight. Arrows to move, ctrl to bite.
Time Fcuk - It's a weird time-travelling future game--fun! Arrows to move, space to jump, A to switch dimensions
Neo Tokyo Bash - Get through the levels, fight; move with arrows, jump with space, Z - throw stars, S - activate shadow partner, A - haste mode
Global Rescue - Arrows to pilot the Merlin helicopter, Z to drop the chaff (useful in stopping missiles), C to fire, space to drop the winch and rescue hostages
Flash Portal - Open two communicating portals with the gun (use the mouse). They will lead you to your exit.
Troll Rage - You are an angry sad troll--kill and eat. Move with the arrow keys, Z and X to attack, space to vomit.
Doom 2D - Based on the classic Doom game. Find the exit door and kill everybody along the way. Arrows to move and jump, ctrl to shoot, space to use
Defense - Stop monsters by building defensive towers
Endless War - Just keep fighting and killing. WASD to move, click to shoot
Sonic Trip - Simple game based on the original Sonic. Arrows to move, space to jump
The Pretender Part One - Bring all the ghosts through the light door one at a time. Move using arrows, powers, space
Vox Populi Vox Dei (a werewolf thriller) - Simple, fun, and addictive. Advance through the levels. Arrows to move, space to jump
Sheriff Rage - Outlaws took over the town of Paradise and killed the Sheriff. Kill them all
Red Code 2 - Get rid of the aliens. Arrow keys to move, 1-4 for shooting mode.
Guardian Rock - You are the Guardian Rock. You rise to defend the glorious temple from the nosy archaeologists. Use brute force or the ancient devices spread across the temple. Arrow keys to control the Guardian Rock, 'S' to remove your enemies
Red Moon - You and your beloved conspire to take over the kingdom using your powerful samurai skills. Strike at the kings guards using your razor sharp sword as you weave in and out of them. Take the short tutorial for instructions
Daytraders of the Dead - Great shooting game. Use arrows to navigate, mouse to aim and shoot, spacebar to option.
Finding My Heart - Earn your wife's forgiveness. Click on different things to interact with them and get new emotions.
Girlfriend Escape - A girl is locked in a room to keep her from meeting her boyfriend. Help her!
Jungle Assassin - Move with left/right arrows. Different forms of attack with up/down arrows. Space used for stabbing
Star Dominion - Create buildbots in order to mine resources.
Stickman SWAT - You are a SWAT member straight out of the academy. Use the mouse to hide, and shoot.
Ownage Burst - Kill the enemy, hide behind cars. Arrows to move, click to shoot, space to throw grenade
Little Wheel - The world of robots. Locate and restart the power generator. Use mouse, pay attention to details.
Use Boxmen - Create boxmen just like you to help you out with different tasks.
Close Quarter Combat - Kick some ass--close-up. WASD to move; mouse to aim and fire; S to crouch
Sift Heads 5 - Complete each badass mission and go on shooting adventures.
Sniper Assassin 3 - Shoot the bad guys and avoid innocent victims.
Heavy Weapons - Get rid of the aliens. Arrow keys to move, click to shoot.
Infamous - Use your powers for good or bad. Arrow keys to move, space for your power.
Through the Machine - Navigate through the machine and collect the smilies.
Super Mario World Flash 2 - The classic Mario game with a different backdrop. Left/right arrows to move, A to jump, S for special.