Game Falcon

Chicken Crap Ozini Fat Pita More Friends
Mighty Knight 2 - Fight the evil forces with your sidekick.
Apocalypse Transportation - Deliver supplies medical and ammunition to various bases and upgraded your transporter.
Planet Wars - Move WASD shoot with the mouse. Upgrade often.
Bearbrians - Your village has been destroyed, can you rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior?
Vex - Play this parkour like game avoiding all obstacles.
Humbug 2 - Help a thief escape the jail. Use the arrows to play, S to activate various things.
Flawed Dimesion - Two boys lost in the forest and taken to another dimension are trying to get home.
Siegius Arena - Fight in arena battles and upgrade your gladiator in this Action-RPG about betrayal and revenge.
Destructo Dog 2 - Defeat the army of cats in each level. Move and jump with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse.
Jacko In Hell 2 - Jacko needs to summon the great spirit of Halloween. With new challenges and new dangers will he accomplish his darkest mission? Move with arrows (WASD) and use spacebar to interact with objects.
Decision 2 New York - Defend yourself against attacking zombies. Complete all the missions.
Hobo 6 Hell - Hobo gets in Hell and fights dirty, as usual, against the devils. Use arrow keys to move and A S to fight.
Retriever - Your mission is to retrieve documents from offices, warehouses and shoot the guards and cops who stand in your way.
Sketchman - As you run jump over obstacles and shoot your enemies.
Pirateers - Destroy navy ships, battle pirate ships, rob merchants, visit treasure islands and uncover lost treasure, the Neptune's Eye. Move with arrow keys (WASD, numeric keys select weapons.
Eggstinction - Last dinosaur egg fight the alien invasion. Move WASD, shoot with the mouse.
Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend - A fighting game: battle 5 different armies, cutting enemies in half, decapitating them, impaling them on spears, kicking heads at them. WASD move, jump and dodge. L and K attack.
Dragon Age Journey - Venture into the Deep Roads, to defeat the forces that threaten Orzammar.
Truckminator - Hunt and kill hordes of zombies, werewolves and other nasties in your truck. Arrow keys to move, mouse to shoot.
Decision - Join the fight against the zombies. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Agent Turnright - Click on the character to take turns, jump or dodge. Don't be fooled to insert coins at the beginning of the game.
Greedy Ghouls - Defend yourself and your money tree while completing 30 tasks to succeed. WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, E to shop.
Dragon Quest - Explore a deadly castle in this physics/platformer hybrid. Move with arrows, jump with X, attack with C. Wait don't click play until the game is 100% loaded.
Run 2 Live Great Escape - Run, duck, and jump over obstacles to get as far as you can. Upgrade your skills constantly.
Lava Climber - Your goal is to reach the end of the level before the rising lava catches you.
Mr. Vengeance Act 2 - Shoot all members of the gang that killed your family.
Caveman Climb - Club dinos and climb over their bones, but don't end up dino dinner! Use the dodo bird as an airlift when there are rockslides or if you're stuck in a rift.
Outpost - Complete the mission to clean up all the invaders in the space station.
Armed With Wings Culmination - Pursue the elusive Vandheer Lorde by controlling the shadowy protagonist with the arrow keys. Swing your sword with the A key, tapping 3 more times in succession for a chain attack. Continuous strikes build combo points and fill the bars to enable your special attack (S,D,W keys)
Freeway Fury 2 - Speed on the freeway and then jump from vehicle to vehicle. Arrow to steer and hold Z and arrow to jump.
Focus - Find the exit in each level avoid all traps. Move with arrows and focus with A key.
Absorption - Absorb and eliminate the objects using the gun. Move towards the exit of each level.
SAS Zombie Assault 3 - Fight against the hoards of zombies. upgrade your weapons.
Cactus McCoy 2 - Run, jump, and punch your way through dangerous caverns and return a stolen gem which turned you into a cactus. Run with arrows, jump with A punch with S
Micro Soccer Football - Win the match scoring as many goals as possible. Move and jump with arrow keys. Down-arrow to change the active player
Madness Ambulation - Defend the truck against the attackers, move the mouse to steer and shake the attacker, click to shoot.
Super Sergeant - Your mission is to clean the abandoned warehouse from enemy mercenaries, using various weapons
Zombocalypse - Kill all zombies attacking, collect weapons and health packs with down arrow. Use weapons with spacebar.
Robokill 2 - Explore and complete missions. Move with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse.
Battle Beavers - The story of a beaver named Bold on a mission to defeat Rangor the Terrible. Lots of enemies to fight, equipment to unlock, stats to upgrade, special moves to find and more. Arrows to move, A attack,S heavy attack, D defend, 1-6 special attacks (must be unlocked first).
Steamlands - The objective is to get to the right of the level. In your way will be enemy tanks. Destroy opponents and steal their armour or guns and get paid so you can buy upgrades.
Cat In A Cape - Despite the name the character looks so much like a monkey and behaves so much like Mario.
Zombotron - Shoot all zombies in each level. Move with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse, E is the action button.
The Soul Driver - Flee the police force and reach the Mexico frontier. Buy upgrades, smash police cars, avoid obstacles. Arrows to move, F accelerate, D brake, space to boost.
Go go Agent Zero - Run and shoot the enemies, throw grenades, ride a jetski and drive fast cars.
Zombie Crypt - Help the 2 arrive at the destination. Control one with arrow keys the other with WASD.
Defend The Village 2 - Drag and throw the enemies around until they die. Don't let them attack your village.
Chisel 2 - Press spacebar to drill the planet. Up and down arrows to jump in the air and land on top of enemies. Cut the planet to the required size.
Fart King Bros - The two brothers sent to retrieve the totems can fly by farting. Control one with WAD and the other with arrow keys. Press repeatedly the farting key to go up higher.
Flood Runner 3 Armageddon - Run and jump using the arrow keys or the mouse. Don't let the Armageddon catch you.
Super Mario World - Start the game by clicking on the upper right corner X, then do what Mario usually does using arrow keys.
Sky Island - Jump from one sky island to another collect all gold coins and stars. At times you need to change your perspective: click and drag on the screen.
Call of Bieber - Bieber the gunman in a shooting rampage. Move with A/D keys, space to reload. Earn money and spend it to upgrade your gun and on health and stamina packages.
Cactus McCoy - Find and return the stolen cursed gem which turned McCoy into a cactus. Move with arrows and A, fight with S.
Necrorun - Ride with the Lord of Death, jump with X attack with the mouse click.
Meaty Boner - Fight with A and throw the skull with S. Move and jump with arrow keys.
House Of Lost Souls - Jump from platform to platform and try all doors. Use arrows (WASD. Get coins and avoid ghosts.
Stark Raving Ted - Move and jump with arrows (WAD), shoot with the mouse. Switch the weapon with the numeric keys.
Sift Heads World Ultimatum - The last chapter of the Sift Head World. Use the mouse to move and interact, spacebar to equip the weapon, R to reload.
Monster Truck Demolisher - Move and balance with arrow keys, spacebar to jump
Ninja Hamster Vs. Robots. - Use the mouse to attack the sushi robot. Upgrade when you have enough funds.
Doom Patrol - Move with arrows shoot with the mouse, collect ammunition and life powerups. Explore and finish the mission.
Fire And Frost - Find all the crystals. Move with arrows, fly with X, fire with C.
Snowboard Rush - Collect gold coins to purchase items and stunts. Hold up/down keys to speed up. Keys 1-5 to perform stuns.
Assassin Sigma - A classic fighting platformer where the warrior has to fight all the monsters. Move and jump with arrow keys. A to attack.
Arm Of Revenge - Choose your own control preferences. Move and jump with arrow keys fight with Z,X and C.
Bad Ice Cream - Break the ice blocks, collect fruits and avoid being flattened by the enemies! You can also create blocks. Move with arrow keys, break and create blocks of ice with spacebar.
Bear Bound - Explore and find the secrets but avoid the blizzard by getting shelter into the burrows.
Christmas Runner - Run for as long as you can, avoiding obstacles. Click to jump, spacebar to roll. Upgrade your running, jumping skills
Scrap Metal Heroes - Customize your own robot army and rise to become world champion! Build battle robots out of nearly 200 different parts.Select robot types with number keys and then click on the arrow buttons to send them out.
Gravity Guy - Reverse the polarity of the world to manipulate your surroundings to reach the end. Spacebar or mouse click to flip gravity
Major Masher - Major Masher's goal is to collect soul capsules and assimilate them whilst attacking waves of enemies. Move, jump, crouch with arrow keys, shoot with mouse
Hobo 4 Total War - Arrow keys to move the hobo and ASD to fight puke and kick. This time the hobo fights with the army
Mercenaries 2 - Move and jump with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse.
Paper Venture - Guide the little guy to the exit door. Use the mouse to control the block.
Black Devilfish - Command your submarine as you take out pirate ships and fortified islands and their cannons.
Diesel Valkyrie vs Undead Reich - Control Brunhilde, a female steam-punk killing machine, against massive hordes of nazi zombies. Unlock 10+ different weapons and items that help you along the way including Flame Throwers, Shotguns, Mini-guns, Grenades, Turrets, and more.
Momentum Master 2 - Use the momentum to propel your spider around the world. Swing: Left Mouse Button. Detach: Release Left Mouse Button. Go Up: X or Up Key. Go Down: Z or Down Key.
Lucky Tower - Escape a super dangerous mysterious tower as a clumsy medieval hero longing for eternal glory.
The Light Temple - The Fireboy and Watergirl need to stick together to find the way to exit of each level. Use WAD for the girl, and arrow keys for the boy. Avoid traps, collect gems.
Super Mario: Ghost Island - Move with arrows, jump and select with spacebar
In3structo Tank - Use yourself like a missile to destroy the onslaught of the enemy army. Get hit to launch yourself up in the air. Arrow keys to move and space to launch nuke.
Bunny Flags - Move your armed bunny with arrow keys, shoot with the mouse. Defend the flag.
Front 2 Back - Objective: to get to the exit by jumping on and around platforms, rotating the screen and by shifting from the foreground to the background and back again. You can shift between fore and backgrounds at any time. You can only shift if there is an empty spot available.
Gunbot - Find the artifact, save the sister, kill monsters and collect stars and orbs. Move with arrow keys shoot with the mouse.
Monster Truck Attack - Grab trucks and throw them against the ground and grab the stars before they reach your base.
Air Transporter - Get the load and place it on the designated spot. Use arrow keys to move the copter, S and W to release the rope and X to hinge/unhinge.
Penguin War - Click on the panel to send penguins to conquer the enemy. The money is limited though.
Gib Fest - Move with arrow keys and shoot with the mouse. E use skill, R to recharge, Q change gun, spacebar use grenade
Upstream Kayak - Up arrow to use the paddle, spacebar to jump, tricks keys 1 thru 4, side arrows to rotate kayak.
Scarlet Horizon - Control the plane with the mouse and drop bombs to destroy the buildings
Give Up, Robot! - Move and jump with arrow keys.Z/A to fire the grappling hook, up/down to adjust the height and then left/right to swing.
One Step Back - Get your character to the exit without running into your other selves. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Sometimes is better to go two steps forward and one step back.
Duck Life 2 - Train your duck and compete in races in order to become the world champion.
Stunt Master - Break stuff and bones, hit targets, go airborne. In a movie. Up arrow to move spacebar to do all kind of cool stuff.
The Illusionist Dream - Find the key. A to transform into an animal in proximity, S to return to your self.
Sift Heads World Act 4 - Shorty goes to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement. Use the mouse to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots, pickup objects and to aim or shoot, spacebar to equip your weapon, R to reload and W, A, S, D keys in anim
Polar Bear Payback - As a polar bear fight the invaders of the Arctic. Move with arrow keys, S to maul (or to use the various weapons), S to bite. Hold S to suck on the skulls of your enemies to regain a little health. Tap S to spit them out.
Critter Escape - Help the escaped critter find the exit. Avoid the guards. Move with arrow keys
Galaxy Jumper - Move your mouse to aim, left click or spacebar to jump. Collect coins to unlock levels and get all the keys to open the exit.
Airport Madness 3 - Click on each airplane and decide if you let it land (or circle around more in the air). Click on the planes on the ground and direct them to the runaway and avoid crashes.
Biomess - Something bad happened at the BioLab. Clean up area of monsters. Move with arrow keys (WASD) and shoot with the mouse. Spacebar reloads.
Red and Blue Balls 3 - Again the blue and red balls adventures means finding the exit to each level. They can do that only if they cooperate. Move with arrow keys, jump with space and Z to switch control from one ball to another
Hell Riders - Race your bike with the arrow keys while the flames are trying to engulf you.
Super Mario Cross - Ride the bike, collect coins, do stunts. Move and lean the bike with arrow keys
Quick Sand - Quick to exit before the sand fills the cave. Move and jump and jump higher with arrows.
Sift Heads World 3 - Revisit Chicago and its dark and sombre areas of the underground crime organization. Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are wanted by the Chicago Police. 13 main missions and 7 secondary missions!
Draw Story 2 - Draw your own adventure in 4 colors (use the mouse scroll roll or numeric keys). Arrow keys to move, jump and crouch.
3 Foot Ninja The Lost Scrolls - Find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. Move, jump, crouch, flip and block with arrow keys, A,D will swing and jab the sword, S throw stars.
Drow's Fury - Fight and kill the enemies. Collect their souls after defeating them. Pick up items with R, move with arrow keys (WASD), mouse attack, E to switch weapons, spacebar to cast spell.
Icy Tower - Jump up as fast as you can. Arrow to move and space to jump. Make high jumps in quick succession to activate the combo mode.
Gem Grab - Get the huge gem to the exit to complete the level. Use the mouse to grab objects, A and D to rotate.
Tank Destroyer 2 - A sequel to the original episode, makes the tank much more nimble. Move with arrows (WASD) aim and shoot with the mouse, Spacebar to exit or enter the tank.
Sift Heads World Act 2 - The Treacherous Return! Play as Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty, lots of weapons, 10 more missions, interactive exploration and so much more
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Just like the original! Press up to jump and do tricks, down to rewind time, and space to attack.
13 More Days in Hell - If you enjoyed the first 13 days in hell, then take this escorted tour of the netherworld and shoot your way through all the lost souls.
Hobo 3: Wanted - The hobo escaped from prison again with the same foul disposition. Move him with arrow keys, A to punch, S to kick.
Bad Birds - The birds need get to the exit. Use the skills from the action panel and apply them to one of the birds by clicking on them.
Operation Onslaught - Survive all levels of attack, upgrade weapons. Aim and shoot with mouse, move with WASD
Slip 'n Slide - Move toward the exit, but make sure to collect the key and coins for points.
Bobulous - Cpt. Bobulous eats all the smaller enemies and grows bigger! Control him with the mouse.
Super Mario Scramble - Finish a level and find the exit. Move with arrows, jump with space.
The Gravity Hook HD - From the creators of Canabalt: click on gravity hooks to get as high as you can. Beware of the exploding ones.
Atom Heart - Ride the bike, kill some zombies, and have fun. Arrow keys to move and tilt the bike.
Neon Disk 2 - Light up all the disks in this snooker-like puzzle game. Use the mouse to direct the shot.
Raze - Play as an alien or human race in campaign or quick match mode. Complete all the action-packed levels.
Sideways - A smart action/puzzle game in a world that rotates. Arrows to move and jump, D and A rotates left/right, W -rotates 180 degrees.
Kill Gore - No, not Al Gore. Just try to control the rage of the bull! Move with arrows, A - punch, D - shoot, S - jump, F - guard .
Penguin Diner 2 - It's hard being a waiter. Try it: place customers at tables, take order, bring the order, take money and clean, all in a limited time.
Ski Maniacs - Ski your way to victory with different characters in different environments. Unlock more levels. Arrows to move and lean.
Fire Truck - Fill the tank with water and run and put the fire out. Arrows or WASD. Aim with mouse and click to spray water.
Bubble Struggle II: Rebubbled - Piggy destroys the bubbles with space, moves with arrows.
Slice Fortress Defence - Place your archers, swordsmen, magicians in the fortress. You can delete and upgrade, click on red hearts to extend your lives.
Werebox - Boxes can be turned into balls, and vice versa. Get rid of all the red boxes.
Winter Rider - Control your bike with arrows to go forward, brake, and lean.
Last Breath Overwhelmed - Shoot the enemies that invaded your world. WASD/arrows to move, mouse/space to shoot
Reclamation - Reclaim space from the worms and bugs by guiding your ship with arrows. Avoid bumping into the creatures.
Helicops - Fly the helicopter over the city and shoot down other choppers and turrets on the rooftops! WASD to move, side arrows to turn, up to shoot.
Transcripted - Destroy biological agents, carry the cubes they release and launch them towards the color chain. Arrows to move, mouse to shoot.
Running Blue - Your friends have been kidnapped in this Super Mario-type game. Complete the levels; arrows to move, Ctrl to shoot.
Wall Walker - You can rotate your playing space to walk along walls. Reach the blue door in each level.
Military Rescue - Mission: rescue the hostages. Configure the keys or use the default settings.
Vectorus - Navigate to destination, shoot other ships, avoid obstacles. Use the arrows to move, A shoots, hold it to charge for a supershot
Paradox Embrace - A mystical, magical adventure game full of action. Get through the crazy levels.
Red & Blue Balls - Play as 2 balls trapped on an island. Get the gems in each level by working together. Arrows to move, space to switch between balls.
Rave Rider - Ride your way through the levels battling treacherous conditions. Collect goodies and upgrade your car. Arrows to move and lean, space to jump, Z for nitro.
Mo Miner - Dig deeper and collect gems, fuel. Enter starts the digger, move with side arrows.
Civilization Wars - Similar to a game of Risk; create civilizations, then conquer and expand them.
Fly Hard - Fly your ship through the air, collect bonuses, and keep upgrading.
Airport Madness 2 - Manage flights at a busy airport. Click on each plane and choose the appropriate action.
Circle - Get the prize by jumping from center circle. Avoid being hit. Arrow to move and jump. It takes skills!
Parking Perfection 3 - Follow the instructions and handle the car without crashes
Tuper Tario Tros. - A mix of Tetris and the original Mario game. Complete the levels by switching between the two modes with the spacebar. Use the arrows to move, and S to jump.
Scamperghost - A Pacman without the maze. Use the mouse to collect all gold coins. The blue coin will allow you to become the aggressor.
Parking Perfection 2 - Park the car in the designated place without smashing into another one. You only have a limited time. Arrows and space.
Back2Back - Action, strategy and shooting in one package. Protect the fortress by building units that shoot, throw flames, etc. Collect orbs for upgrades.
Mothership Warfare - Destroy the enemy mothership by changing the force balance. Change the hatch/road with Up/Down arrows. Select current unit with Left/Right. Space to send the unit.
Hit the Road 2 - Manage the traffic lights so there are no crashes.
Age of War - Buy and train troops and weapons and protect your cave from the enemy cavemen
The Last Stand - Zombies are attacking and it's your job to stop them. Arrows to move, R to reload, space to switch weapons.
Perfect Balance 2 - Move, rotate and stack the shapes in order to achieve perfect balance
Screw Effect - Navigate across the blueprint and get the screw where it belongs before time runs out!
Blackboard - Play as a chalk figure on the board; attack and conquer the enemy. Upgrade your weapons. Move with A,D; attack with J; jump with K, and more.
Hobo Prison Brawl - You're a crazy hobo in prison and you just started a riot. Fight guards and other prisoners. Advance through the levels and collect combo moves.
Taz Football - Score touchdowns, avoid or jump on defenders' heads. Arrows to move, space to jump.
Sniper Assassin IV - The 4th in the series; Shawn's wife is dead, he's retired, drinking, and growing a beard. But he's still the best shot in the business, so he's back for more bloody work.
The Forest Temple - Control both fire and water, but be careful not to mix them. Complete the levels and have fun!
Shun 2 - Use to mouse to maneuver and avoid everything that flies for as long as possible. Get new skills in the process.
Dale and Peakot - Go on a wild adventure with your best friend, a chicken named Peakot. WASD to move, space to shoot, R to reload.
The Incredibles Save the Day - Based on the Incredibles movie--you get to be a superhero! Arrows to move, space to attack.
Ionized - Bounce around on the laser-poline to grab all of the protons (the blue dots), while avoiding the ions (the orange one).
Savage Huskies - Eliminate various enemies. Control keys are assigned but you can reassign them.
Battlefield 2 - Take on missions, shoot the enemies, and complete your objectives
Park My Plane - Use the arrows to park the planes to their designated terminals, and then bring them back on the runway for takeoff
Forever Samurai - An intense fighting game: WASD or arrows, mouse to fight.
Ragnarok - Build your hero and test your endurance by defeating as many enemies as you can.
Rise of the Pirates - Sail your ship by pointing with your mouse and destroy other ships: fire aiming with the mouse too
Hi Roads - Awesome 3D game. Roll the ball along the path with the arrow keys, space to jump. Don't crash into any obstacles!
Big Bank Robbery 2 - You need thinking and skills to rob the banks. Arrows to move, avoid sensor and move fast, time is limited
Zombie Exploder - Kick zombie ass, but don't get caught in their grips! Punch by moving your mouse, arrows to move.
The Final Legion - Gather friends, utilize their skills to help you defeat the boss.
RedEye 1031 - Your plane starts going down somewhere over the midwest. Swing your mask and fight off the creatures.
Bloodshade - Army of Thieves - Play as a ninja sharpshooter. WASD to move, mouse to arm and launch your bow with arrows.
Bloodfield - Kill some damn meatheads. WASD to move, mouse to shoot
Steam of War - Strategically move your tanks to conquer territories, increase your army when you have funds
Tetris'd - The stick man must dodge the falling shapes. It's a survival game.
Cosmic Crush 2 - Point your planet towards smaller objects. Engulf them to grow as big as you can.
Tank Destroyer - Fight and blow up other tanks. Arrows to move, F to launch rocket, space to place mine
Sonny 2 - Action-packed adventure fighting game. All you need is the mouse. The rest of the instructions are in the game.
Neo Tokyo Bash - Get through the levels, fight; move with arrows, jump with space, Z - throw stars, S - activate shadow partner, A - haste mode
Beach Catfight - Fight with the pugil sticks and knock off your sexy oponent. Arrows to attack, space to dodge
Global Rescue - Arrows to pilot the Merlin helicopter, Z to drop the chaff (useful in stopping missiles), C to fire, space to drop the winch and rescue hostages
Flash Portal - Open two communicating portals with the gun (use the mouse). They will lead you to your exit.
Troll Rage - You are an angry sad troll--kill and eat. Move with the arrow keys, Z and X to attack, space to vomit.
Battle Gear 2 - Choose your own war, acquire troops, and destroy the enemy stronghold
Blood Red - A chilling story of graveyard attack. Arrows to move, Up to switch weapon, Down to reload. Aim and shoot with mouse.
Portal Defenders - Beat the weirdos with your wooden spoon--kickass! Arrows to move, A to attack, D drop the grenade, S to jump
Last Shot - Shot your way through the enemy. WASD and keys 1-4 to change weapon
Secure the Deck - Use arrow keys to fly the Seahawk. Use down arrow to slide, Space to release. Get all boarding crew members into position.
Endless War - Just keep fighting and killing. WASD to move, click to shoot
Vox Populi Vox Dei (a werewolf thriller) - Simple, fun, and addictive. Advance through the levels. Arrows to move, space to jump
Sheriff Rage - Outlaws took over the town of Paradise and killed the Sheriff. Kill them all
The Wheels of Salvation - Jump from wheel to wheel and make it to the top. Click to jump, arrows to move along the wheel.
Red Code 2 - Get rid of the aliens. Arrow keys to move, 1-4 for shooting mode.
Stick Wars - Create army backed by miners, defeat enemy. Use arrows (WASD) and mouse to aim and shoot.
Red Moon - You and your beloved conspire to take over the kingdom using your powerful samurai skills. Strike at the kings guards using your razor sharp sword as you weave in and out of them. Take the short tutorial for instructions
Black Navy War - Form your fleet with the available funds. Destroy the enemy
Bridge Craft - Help build the bridges for the little creatures
Girlfriend Escape - A girl is locked in a room to keep her from meeting her boyfriend. Help her!
High Speed Pursuit - Pursue the bad guys in your cop car. Move with arrows, mouse to shoot. 1-3 to change gun, R to reload.
City Invasion - Destroy enemy Headquarters, set up your army. Use arrows to move and mouse to shoot.
Magic Destruction - Protect the gold from the enemies. Use magic and spells.
Jungle Assassin - Move with left/right arrows. Different forms of attack with up/down arrows. Space used for stabbing
Plazma Burst - Shoot your way through the levels. Arrows to move, space to jump, mouse to shoot
Stickman SWAT - You are a SWAT member straight out of the academy. Use the mouse to hide, and shoot.
Last Stand 2 - Zombies are attacking and it's your job to stop them. Arrows to move, R to reload, space to switch weapons.
Shadez - The Black Operations - Create Black Ops units with the available funds. Defeat the enemy.
Fighting Hobo - Hobo beats up everybody he meets. A and S to hit, kick and barf.
Ownage Burst - Kill the enemy, hide behind cars. Arrows to move, click to shoot, space to throw grenade
Stick Rage 3 - Kill the opponent. Use arrows to move and jump, A to hit, S to shoot.
One Will Survive - Purchase military building and personnel. Destroy the enemy.
Canyon Defence - Build the ideal defence system by using wisely the available towers. Purchase towers by selecting them and showing where you want them placed.
Little Wheel - The world of robots. Locate and restart the power generator. Use mouse, pay attention to details.
Use Boxmen - Create boxmen just like you to help you out with different tasks.
World Wars - Similar to the board game, Risk. Eliminate all other armies and take over the map.
Sift Heads 5 - Complete each badass mission and go on shooting adventures.
Boxheads - Kill the zombies. Navigate the area with arrows, shoot with space bar
Hunted Forever - Find your way to headquarters, retrieve all "machine parts". Upgrade at safehouse. Attemp to not die...
Warfare 1917 - Win the war in the trenches. Use the icons to deploy and attack.
Starcom - Protect against the space enemies. WASD or arrow keys to move. Mouse to shoot.
God of War - Play as King Leonidas and defeat the Persians. Arrow keys to move; B,N,M to attack
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 - Use the mouse to point at targets and destroy the zombies.
Palisade Guardian - Protect the house from the attackers. Mouse to shoot, space to zoom.
Frontline Defense - Place your towers and protection posts to defend against your enemies.
Sniper Assassin 3 - Shoot the bad guys and avoid innocent victims.
Favela Heroes - Hire thugs and have them shoot your enemies.
Medieval Rampage - Destroy your medieval enemies. Arrow keys to move, click to shoot.
Heavy Weapons - Get rid of the aliens. Arrow keys to move, click to shoot.
Infamous - Use your powers for good or bad. Arrow keys to move, space for your power.
Bike Master - Master the terrain on your dirt bike. Arrow keys to move and balance.
Ultimate Assassin 2 - Assassinate the guy in the green, but don't get caught by the guards. Arrow keys to move, Z for speed, X for invisibility.
City Racer - Race others around the track. Arrow keys to move.